Terms and Conditions of Unichange.me

1. Overview

This Agreement governs relations between Unichange.me service (hereinafter referred to as Service) and the client (hereinafter referred to as Customer or User) who uses the services provided by Unichange.me. The Agreement determines the terms of use of Service and describes the rights and obligations of the parties of the Agreement.

Every Customer should read, agree and follow the determined Terms and Conditions.
The use of services rendered by Service means full consent to this Terms and Conditions.

Service reserves the right to change present Terms and Conditions periodically. Amended version of Agreement enters into force from the moment of publication.
Service encourages Customer to frequently review the present version of the Agreement for any changes.
Service may notify Customer about made amendments via News section on the website or via e-mail.
Continued use of the services provided by Unichange.me means full Customer`s consent to the changes made.

2. The subject of the Agreement

The subject of this Agreement is the provision of services of the exchange, purchase and sale of electronic and crypto-currencies. By placing an order on the Unichange.me website, Customer transfers its data to Service for the exchange, purchase or sale of electronic and crypto-currencies.
Service commits the transfer of funds received from User to the payment account specified by Customer in the order, within the time frames indicated on the site.

3. Terms of services provision

3.1 Exchange order can be implemented by placing an order on Unichange.me website only. Exchange order expressed in any other form (not through the order on our website) cannot be processed.

3.2 Electronic payment systems and Banks are exclusively responsible for the monetary funds entrusted to them by Customers. Unichange.me is not a party to the agreement between an Electronic payment system and its Customers.
Mutual rights and duties of the Customer and Electronic payment system and/or a Bank are regulated by the rules and agreements accepted in the corresponding Electronic payment system and/or a Bank.
Unichange.me is by no means responsible for misuse or abuse of the corresponding system and/or a Bank as well as for functional abuse of this system by Customer.

3.3 Third parties are strictly forbidden to participate in the exchange. Funds exchange can be performed only from Customer`s personal account in one payment system to Customer's personal account in another payment system.

3.4 Completed orders cannot be canceled. All payments performed via Unichange.me are final and non-refundable except the cases specified in this Agreement.

3.5 If the amount received from Customer differs from the amount indicated in the order, Service will recalculate order amount according to received funds.
When paying for your order, please send the exact amount indicated in your order.

3.6 E-currency and crypto-currency exchange rates and fees charged for provided services are established by Service.

3.7 Unichange.me service does not provide any confirmation documents for payments made. Customer can always check his order status here or inside his Unichange.me account. Likewise, Customer can contact Unichange.me Support team to receive information regarding his order status.

3.8 Customer can make only one deal a day for one exchange direction. If User makes several repeating orders Unichange.me service will process them alternately one order per day.

3.9 If funds transfer to User's payment account cannot be performed due to the restrictions of this account, Unichange.me can return funds received from Customer or resend them to User's personal account in another payment system.
The exceptions are orders with cryptocurrency that can not be refunded with cryptocurrency. These orders will be refunded via other available options established by Service.

Service reserves the right to process refund via any available to Service option at the moment of customer's request.

It takes 1 business day to process funds refund once the required request from Customer has been received and all necessary details for refund have been provided to the e-mail address of Service.

When making a refund all commission expenses will be deducted from the amount sent to Customer.

3.10 In case there are any delays or funds have not been credited to Customer's payment account through the fault of e-payment systems specified in the order, banks or serving Unichange.me partners-participants, Unichange.me service shall not be liable for any damage caused to User by mistakes, omissions or delays of payments.
Unichange.me is also not responsible for the consequences caused by the financial state of e-payment systems, banks or serving Unichange.me partners-participants. Customer agrees that he needs to contact the payment system Support team from his side. Service assists Customer to the extent of its abilities.

3.11 Payment details which are given to verified Customers for buy orders are private and cannot be transferred to any third party. Customers have no right to disclose payment details received while placing an order.

3.12 The services offered by Unichange.me are not intended for use and are not available in countries where they are illegal. Customer is fully responsible for the local law observance.

3.13 Due to Final Rule of Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) at 31 CFR 1010.100(ff), Unichange.me does not provide services of e-currency exchange to US citizens and residents.

4. Mutual obligations of the parties

4.1 Obligations of Service

4.1.1 Service undertakes to exchange electronic currencies in accordance with the terms of this Agreement at the time specified on the site for a specific exchange direction.

4.1.2 Service is obliged to provide informational support to Users during the use of Service. Support is provided by the relevant department through the Online Chat and ticketing system.
Working hours of Service and Support team are from 06:00 to 15:00 (Monday-Friday) GMT +0.

4.1.3 Service undertakes to provide information on the status of the order only to the Сustomer who placed the order. To clarify the status and details of the order, Customer must contact Service only via the e-mail address that was used to place the order.

4.2 Customer's obligations

4.2.1 User undertakes to provide complete and accurate data for the exchange.
Customer is fully responsible for the correct filling of payment details when placing an order and sending funds.

Unichange.me service is not responsible for the adverse consequences or damage caused to the User as a result of incorrectly specified payment details in the order.

4.2.2 Customer is obliged to provide a valid and up-to-date e-mail address for receiving notifications about his order from Service.

User understands and agrees that if Unichange.me service sends an e-mail notification regarding the order to Customer, but it is not received due to the fact that Customer's e-mail address is incorrect, out-of-date, blocked, or User has not otherwise received the electronic message, Unichange.me service will assume that the message was delivered.

4.2.3 User is obliged to inform Unichange.me Support team if the funds transfer was not performed partially or completely, as well as about the following situations:
- if Customer incorrectly indicated the payment account number or other payment details;
- if Customer can not receive a transfer to the account specified in the order.

In the event of any of the above situations, please report this to the Support team immediately, before the transfer is sent. Once funds are sent to incorrect details, a refund can not be done.

4.2.4 Customer undertakes to provide the documents requested by Service to confirm the fact of the funds transfer to the payment account of Service and to confirm the belonging of the payment account to the Customer.

4.3 Rights of Service

4.3.1 Unichange.me service reserves the right to change exchange rates and commissions for the services provided at its discretion depending on the current situation on the market.

4.3.2 Service can request additional documents to confirm the transfer of funds from Customer's side, as well as to confirm the belonging of the payment account to Customer. Additionally, Service can request other documents to confirm Customer's source of funds.

4.3.3 Service has the right to attract third parties (such as banks or merchants) to fulfill its obligations.

4.3.4 Service may suspend its work for troubleshooting and maintenance of Service for the period necessary to restore the work. Unichange.me undertakes to notify Customers about the suspension of the provision of services on the website in the "News" section.
Unichange.me is not responsible for any damage caused by maintenance.

4.3.5 Service has the right to return the money received from User if:

- the purpose of the bank transfer or the source of funds used for payment transactions is restricted or prohibited by the applicable anti-money laundering policy;
- Customer is trying to send funds to third-party account;
- funds were sent under the different name which does not match to Customer's name;
- the transfer was made by a third party. For example, someone else has sent a bank transfer to the customer's payment account;
- the purpose of payment is not clear.

Unichange.me has the right to refund Customer's funds without mentioning the reason.

4.3.6 Service has the right not to provide services if Customer refuses to provide documents necessary for verification or if the verification of Customer's identity has not been completed. Also, Service has the right to refuse to supply its services if there is a reasonable suspicion that the documents provided for verification are invalid or have been illegally altered, which means forged.

4.3.7 Service has the right to refuse to provide services to any User without mentioning the reason.

4.4 Customer's rights

4.4.1 Customer has the right to receive informational support during the use of Service, as well as to obtain information regarding the status of the placed order.

4.4.2 Customer has the right to have his paid and confirmed order completed within time frames indicated on the Unichange.me website.

4.4.3 Customer has a number of rights in relation to his personal information. These rights are described in the Privacy Policy (link) of Service.

4.4.4 Customer has the right to choose whether to provide the requested documents for verification or not, therefore the Customer has the right to choose whether to use Unichange.me service or not.

5. Partner Program

5.1 All Partners that have referrals has the right to receive bonus according to their current level of bonus rate.

5.2 All Partners are welcome to use advertising materials provided by Service. The materials and partner link can be placed on websites, forums, blogs etc. except:

- mass mailing (spam e-mails);
- sites disseminating materials that directly or indirectly violate the law;
- sites that forcibly open new browser windows/tabs;
- closed-type web pages that require user authorization (social networks, closed forum threads, etc.) to view.

5.3 Partner`s level in Partner Program is calculated according to the total amount of transactions of all Partner`s referrals.
If total amount of transactions is less or equal to $499 the Partner has level "Junior" (10%).
Partners whose referrals` total transaction amount is $499-$4999 are awarded with level "Senior" (15%).
For Partners having more than $5000 amount of transactions acquire "Expert" level (20%).

5.4 Partners have the right to withdraw Partner bonus via any available exchange direction on Unichange.me service.

5.5 Partners can attract as many referrals as possible.

5.6 If Partner creates referrals by himself (accounts registered from the same IP or equipment or orders placed from the same IP address or equipment) he will not be awarded.

5.7 Violation of Partner Program rules may result into cancellation of Partner bonus rate, seizure of reward bonuses and/or account freezing.

5.8 Service reserves the right to change the rules of Partner Program at any time.

6. Unforeseen circumstances

In case of unforeseen circumstances during the processing of Customer's order, the time of the order completion shall be postponed to the appropriate period of the duration of the circumstances preventing the provision of services to User.
These circumstances include:

- malfunctions in the operation of technical equipment or the software of Service;
- system overload;
- failures in the operation of payment systems that are used to transfer funds;
- failures that arise in the process of buying / selling the crypto-currency due to the incorrect operation of the platform;
- natural disaster;
- violation of power supply, failure of Internet connection;
- hacker or virus attack on the Unichange.me system;
- damage or virus attack of the account, etc.

7. Additional conditions

7.1 By using the services provided by Unichange.me, Customer guarantees that he is not involved in fraudulent activities, illegal transactions, money laundering, etc.

7.2 By using the services provided by Unichange.me, Customer confirms that he agrees to receive e-mails containing information about the status of the order, news of the service, as well as advertising information.

Every Customer who receives an e-mail newsletter from Unichange.me can unsubscribe from the mailing list and will not receive similar e-mails from Unichange.me in the future.

7.3 Customer is prohibited from registering more than one account on the website. All duplicate accounts of the same account will be blocked.

7.4 In case of complaints regarding the completion of the order, User can contact the administration of Service by using the e-mail address support [at] unichange [dot] me. In the request, ticket number or order ID of the application must be indicated. The response to the complaint will be sent within a maximum of 2 working days.