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What is a Profit & Loss Statement?

Definition: A benefit & loss statement, also referred to as an income announcement, is a financial statement that accounts a firm’s earnings and expenditures for any particular time period. To put it differently, the announcement indicates the rewarding of a business for a period of time.

What Does the profit & loss Statement Mean?

What is the definition of benefit and loss statement? The P&L Statement, also referred to as the Income Statement is one of the three primary financial statements, together with the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement. Broadly speaking, the P&L reveals all of the firm’s expenses and income, but those are usually divided into four chief sections: earnings, cost of products or services offered, operating expenses and financial expenditures.

Each one of those sections will comprise many distinct classes but they are sometimes outlined as the preceding to have a summary of the firm’s present profitability. The P&L makes it possible for the analyst the chance to look at the business’s profitability on distinct levels. Many ratios are used to examine a P&L, to evaluate how great the firm’s results really are.

Here’s an illustration.


Atlantic Suppliers LLC is a business that offers scuba diving solutions to tourists from the country of California. The business’s financial year ends December 31 and also the Chief Executive Officer desires the report on this past year’s outcomes to reveal them to prospective investors. The business has some growth projects this season and the CEO would like to examine just how successful the company has been before fixing this type of shareholders. Can the Profit and Loss Statement supply this info?

According to our prior definition, the P&L announcement is a report which reflects the firm’s outcomes for any particular time period. It follows that, so as to comprehend just how profitable the firm was, the bookkeeping department has to create past year’s P&L announcement for its CEO, so that he will show it to prospective investors to convince them concerning investing in the organization’s new ventures.

Summary Definition

Define benefit & loss Statement:P&L signifies an income statement coverage a firm’s earnings and expenses for a time.