Wednesday, January 19

What is a Certified Financial Manager (CFM)?

Definition: A Certified Financial Manager is a professional accounting designation for all people who have passed the CFM examination and met with the Institute of Management Accountants requirements. This designation is comparable to certified Licensed accountants, however, using much more of an emphasis on corporate fund compared to real production logistics.

What Does Certified Financial Manager Mean?

The education needs to become a CFA that is rather extensive. Candidates should complete a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or diploma with comparable class work including fiscal and financial theories associated with operating and managing a business such as management, managerial accounting, corporate finance, integrity, and decision-making. They have to also acquire slightly 2 decades of managerial or professional expertise. Besides this formal education needs, applicants need to pass the four-part examination and the communication prerequisites before certification is granted.


Certified financial managers generally turn into executive-level working officers since they know the way bookkeeping and financial decisions influence business procedures and the general aims of the business. By way of instance, they know production programs and also the significance of supply chain management concerning the corporate financing.

Most pros pursue this certificate after finishing another certification such as the CPA designation in a bid to hone their abilities and concentrate in a specific region of finance. Most people that are licensed in financial management will also be certified in different fields of finance and accounting. Significantly, CFA testing has been discontinued in 2007, though busy professionals continue to be able to keep their designation.