Wednesday, January 19

What Are Pro Forma Financial Statements?

Definition: Pro forma financial statements are preliminary financials that reveal the ramifications of proposed transactions as though they really happened. To put it differently, all these are mock-up financials that are utilized by management to gauge what the firm performance would seem like when proposed events really occurred later on.

What Does Pro Forma Financial Statement Mean?

Pro forma financial statements lots like budgeted statements. Direction can gauge what the company activity will be similar to in another phase, conceive a suggested journal entry to record the projected action, and make a listing of financial statements which will reflect the planned events.


Take three-quarter interim financials for instance. These statements simply reflect the business events that occurred between in January and September. At the end of September, however, the direction may be to predict what the conclusion of the year operation outcome will appear like. They quote the fourth quarter’s outcomes dependent on the previous year’s closing quarter and then add this on the 3 quarter interim statements. The outcome is a complete year pro forma statement that reflects the quotes for the complete calendar year.

Management may also easily roster financials over from 1 year to another and change the pro-form as marginally for preparation purposes. By way of instance, management may expect expenses staying the similarly following year, but earnings rising by 20 percent. They could conceive a pro forma statement to reveal the ramifications of the changes on the general benefit of the business simply by rolling the present year’s financials into another year and raising earnings by 20 percent.

As you can see, this is an excellent way for control to organize future actions and alter current procedures to guarantee future operation is best. Many situations an extra column is added into the accounting worksheet for the suggested entrances that go in these mock-up statements.