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Customers' opinions about our service:
Thank you, quickly and efficiently!
Paulo, Portugal
Excellent service! Great support! 5 Stars!
MARIA CARLA, Argentina
AMAZING!! Everything fast and smooth!!!!!
Mohammad Akmal Bin, Malaysia
Unichange.me perfect
Emiliano, Argentina
Very trustworthy.
Akos, Hungary
It took almost a week to bank account withdraw. I understand that it was a day off, etc. But besides that i would do my best to hurry and complete the transaction and it was done only on 3rd day. Please keep the importance of speed in mind and next time I hope it will be faster. Thanks.
First of all thank you for choosing our service! Your order was completed and processed the same business day. Please take into account that the bank transfer can be processed by the bank within bank business hours on bank business days. As your order was processed in the end of Friday (when your BTC was automatically sold) and the next Monday was banking day off, there appreared some delay. From our side we did everything to complete your order as soon as possible, as we are always client-oriented and care for speed. For the next time please bear in mind possible weekends or bank holidays while scheduling your orders to avoid any similar delays.
JEAN, France
Very reliable...
Mascot, Nigeria
Thank you it was nice .the experience was nice
benachir, Morocco
fast service thinks