06/19/2018 - Important changes to FasaPay payment system fees

Dear Unichange clients!

According to information received from FasaPay payment system, starting from June 20th 2018 the maximum fee limit for the transaction will be removed.

Starting from this day the commission will be 0.5% of the amount.
Please note this 0.5% FasaPay payment system fee when placing your exchange order to send/receive FasaPay USD/IDR.

Please pay attention to the notes submitted under the calculator when placing an order on our website:
- When sending FasaPay to us, please check the amount of FasaPay USD/IDR you need to send below the calculator taking into account the FasaPay payment system fee.
- When buying FasaPay USD/IDR on our website, please also check the amount of FasaPay payment system fee below the calculator which is to be deducted from the amount we are sending to you.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Support Team via live chat or ticket.

Best regards,
Unichange.me team

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