10/16/2017 - Important changes in Unichange.me cards issue and usage

Dear Unichange.me Cardholders,

Regarding information which was received from our card issuer on the 13th of October, all Cardholders residing outside EEA zone are no longer able to order or use their Unichange.me VISA cards.
All Unichange.me VISA cards issued and used outside EEA had to be blocked from the 15th of October.

According to the communication with our card issuer this decision is final and, unfortunately, it is not a subject to be changed.

On the 13th of October all Unichange.me Cardholders were notified directly about occurred changes via email notification.
Though we understand that instant reaction might not have been undertaken.

From our side we will help Unichange.me Cardholders who have used Unichange.me website to fund their cards to release their positive balances from blocked cards.

If you have used Unichange.me service to fund your Unichange.me card and you have your funds stuck on it you are welcome to contact us privately via orders@unichange.me email.

Your request will be checked and approved within 3-5 business days and required instructions will be provided to you. These times frames are required for investigation and refund processing.

Customer, who have used card issuer to fund their cards directly, you are welcome to contact card issuer to received further information regarding your card balance refund.

Hoping for your understanding and patience.

Unichange.me team is always striving to provide our customers with the best service.

Best regards,
Unichange.me team

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