08/11/2017 - Tether launching on Unichange.me service

Dear customers,

Unichange.me team is happy to inform all our customers that new cryptocurrency was added to our service.

Please, welcome Tether - cryptocurrency asset created on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Tether (USDT) is a unique cryptocurrency which is not as volatile as Bitcoin is, as every cryptocoin is pegged to USD, so its price is stable.

USDT can be used for online transactions and it is equal to USD and is a good alternative to volatile Bitcoin, which price changes rapidly.

Tether is a combination of e-currency with Bitcoin blockchain security.

You are welcome to buy USDT on our service to fund your Bitcoin platform account and to buy Bitcoin once its price is suitable for you.

All you have to do to place an order is to choose direction with Tether and indicate correct details for order processing.

No registration or verification is required.

Orders with USDT wallet funding are completed within 10-15 minutes and funds will appear on your Tether-enable wallet as soon as 6 confirmations are received.

Moreover we have settled the best fees on the market for our USDT enthusiasts.

Easy, fast transactions with stable rate are now available with Unichange.me service.

Best regards,
Unichange.me team

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