06/26/2017 - Updated card limits for Unverified Unichange.me card holders

Dear Unichange clients!

We wish to notify all Unverified Unichange.me card holders that card limits were changed.

In connection with updates in EU legislation, which came into force 26.06.2017, the maximum possible card funding for the unverified cardholder is restricted to EUR/USD 250 and the max ATM withdrawal for an unverified cardholder is bounded to EUR/USD 100.

Since the directive goes into effect, all users with unverified accounts with balance over 250 EUR/USD will lose the access to their accounts.

You will have to verify your card account inside card issuer system for further usage of the card.
To be able to verify your account and to renew the access to your card account, you are welcome to send required documents to our email.

Verified cardholders can take full advantage of its withdrawal and replenishment opportunities.

New card restrictions are not applied to verified cardholders.

For more details please, do not hesitate contacting our Support team, which can consult you on all your questions.
Best regards,
Unichange.me team

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