04/20/2016 - Free Unichange Virtual debit cards giveaway

Dear customers,

Innovative P2P exchange platform Unichange is happy to announce the launch of new Unichange promotion.

Starting today Unichange service begins free giveaway of Unichange virtual cards to every customer ordering Unichange plastic card.

In order to get free virtual debit card customer should order any plastic Unichange debit card.

Virtual card will be issued in the same currency as the ordered plastic card.
If customer orders 2 plastic cards (in USD and EUR currencies), 2 virtual cards (in USD and EUR currencies) will be issued to the customer free of charge.

Conditions for plastic Unichange card order:
  • To be able to order Unichange plastic card the customer should have registered account on Unichange and verified cell phone number.
  • For plastic card order the customer should provide the copy of ID and utility bill to confirm own identity and address.
  • For every card order please provide additional active email address (preferably with 2-Factor Authentication).

As soon as your plastic card order is paid for, free virtual card of the same currency will be issued to you.

Check more information about Unichange cards and countries where the card can be ordered here.

Order Unichange card now!

Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
Unichange.me team

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