09/25/2013 - Sell EgoPay, C-gold, Perfect Money to your Visa or MasterCard

Meet new exchange directions on Unichange.me!

From now on you can cash out the most popular digital currencies to your credit/debit cards!
Complete 3 easy steps and receive funds to your cards in 3-5 business days(usually 48 hours).

To be able to place such orders you need to complete our Service Verification and Card Verification:

According to our merchant's instructions every member who needs exchange to card should upload copy of passport next to the scan of credit/debit card for verification.
If you are already verifed you need to send copy of passport and your card to support@unichange.me e-mail subject: "Sell to card".

It will take 1 business day (usually 3-5 business hours) to add new option to your account. You can hide last 8 numbers of your credit/debit card for security reasons.

Best regards,
Unichange.me team
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