zoo deck mtg

If you, e.g., put a Rancor on a River Boa, you get a threat that some decks cannot handle. 4 Savannah Lions 3 Pyroblast

With this in mind, we should keep any hand that has a good curve, while mulliganning all clunky hands. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Wax // Wane is the best card in the 75. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. This new version of zoo was much more creature heavy and put speed pressure on opponents. ------------------------------------------------ 3 Duress 2 Caller of the Claw [1] The deck will often play Naya colors (red, white and green) but will use every color in the color pie at times. It’s an universal answer that solves a lot of problems, messing with your opponent’s plans and obtaining information. Most current Zoo decks will feature Wild Nacatl, followed by the stable Kird Ape or Loam Lion, as well as Tarmogoyf, who is often a 4/5 or 5/6 for 2 mana. 2 Grim Lavamancer 3 Swords to Plowshares
Depending on the build I would aim for something between 18–20 lands. Creatures: 21 2 Forest Having that ability wrapped up in a Bear is just gravy. But that is peanuts compared to Grim Lavamancer. Once in a while he will be a measly 1/1 though, so I wouldn’t recommend a full playset. MAIN DECK (60) Lands: 18 Attention! It played the best of what modern magic had to offer creature wise, backed up with the explosive Tribal Flames.

------------------------------------------------ "Our Mother! The sky was Her hair; the sun, Her face. Zoo did come back, and has remained a constant in the meta game since the cats return. 3 Pyroblast MTG Arena Zone is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. The deck is generating tempo by deploying early threats and tries to “go under” other decks before their more powerful gameplan comes online. Most Zoo decks in Legacy feature a suit of small creatures which get better with lands of neighboring colors in play. Aggro I never want to let go of it again. If you want to go aggro in Premodern but don’t feel like playing Sligh or one of the already established monocolored or tribal based strategies, Zoo just might be the right deck for you! And if you can, you’re probably losing anyways. We are not playing planeswalkers or other card advantage spells, so curving out is paramount to all of our games. Pauper The reason for this was because of Experiment One's ability to replace Nacatl, and the explosive power of Burning-Tree Emissary.

Savannah Lions) or it has to have some sort beneficial ability (e.g. Team Fireball's "Blue Zoo/Countercat/Catfish" deck is probably the best Zoo deck right now. ------------------------------------------------ This page was last edited on 15 April 2020, at 18:53. 4 Gemstone Mine Abundant Growth - cantrip and mana fixing super good, super important. 4 Mogg Fanatic When we want to pull off plays like turn 1 Savannah Lions into turn 2 Jackal Pup and Skyshroud Elite our first land drop has to be a land that produces at least two different kinds of mana. 1 Rith's Grove While black and blue may occasionally show up, they rarely do. The short durability of Gemstone Mine is mitigated by the Lair lands Darigaaz’s Caldera and Rith’s Grove.

Updated July 7, 2020. Ray of Revelation - Bogles is good now so i need a way to interact with enchantments. It speeds up your clock drastically by turning your unimpressive little critters into terrifying monsters. 1 Karplusan Forest Instants and Sorceries: 13 While black and blue may occasionally show up, they rarely do.


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