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She has a habit of calling him "sensei", as he was more of a teacher to her than a father, which annoys him. Mei is shown to be in the same class as Yuzu, but in the manga it doesn't show that they are in the same class until. Suzuran is Mei's senpai and have never met prior to the festival but Suzuran had followed Mei around at school because she could not read her like the other students. Physical Attributes Mei is her senpai and both are part of the student council. However, when her father came back and revealed he didn't want that anymore, Mei was devastated and feels she has nothing left to be living for, as taking care of the school for the sake of her father had been her assumed purpose in life, so she started to distance herself from him. Later on she finds out that Mei is in relationship with Yuzu, and supports their relationship.

[8] Mei later apologized to Sara, saying she was just using her and didn't want to lose her as a friend because of that, Sara said she'd forgive her if she and Yuzu held hands on the way back home, which they did.[9]. Mei Aihara (藍原(あいはら) 芽衣(めい), Aihara Mei?) Anime: B[2]

As a way of getting her to talk, Yuzu brings up the kiss that Mei had with the homeroom teacher(who was also her fiancée), claiming that it must've felt alluring since there was the likelihood that she could get caught for it.

Whilst in school, she dresses formally in uniform with an additional arm-band on her left arm, which identifies her as a part of the student council. This results in Mei hesitating to have sex with Yuzu, tearfully nearly telling Yuzu she loves her had Matsuri not screamed in outrage, and then crying when trying on dresses. She is a very beautiful, intelligent and serious girl who is the student council president and the younger stepsister ofYuzu Aihara. They dated for only a short period of time, but they quickly broke up after Sara found out the connection between Mei and Yuzu. Chapter 1 Regardless, Mei appreciates Himeko's help and wishes she will always remain a dear person to her. https://citrus.fandom.com/wiki/Mei_Aihara/Relationships?oldid=14152. Amber Lee Connors 藍原(あいはら) 芽衣(めい) Status: Yuzu's mother genuinely cares and worries for Mei, and as a result, Mei has taken a liking to her. At first, Mei sees Yuzu only as a nuisance and makes out with her in the hopes of shutting her up and repelling her away, showing her no respect as she defies the school's rules and even refuses to acknowledge her as her sister, yet warms up to her once she cancels her arranged marriage to Amamiya.

When Sho helps her ensure her relationship with Yuzu will go on, Mei is genuinely grateful for his help and glad that she can approve of his ways, though she doesn't want his advices in love, even giving him a glare over it, and appears to be still a bit awkward around him, blushing when her father praises her for her performance in the meeting. However, Yuzu rejecting her offer for sex and not conferring her feelings clearly enough for Mei to understand causes her to completely reject Yuzu and hurt, she tried to have a relationship with Sara but after both confessing their true feelings for each other, she starts dating Yuzu. Purple Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kayo is Mei's Senpai and a fellow member of the school council as well as Mei's second vice president. In the initial setup, Saburo set Mei as an older sister.

Gender: Since than they maintain being friends having a senior junior relationship. She was still fond of him to the point where Yuzu stating how her father should just take over and come back already caused her to smile. Mei is a very beautiful light-skinned young girl with straight, silky mid-back length black hair and purple eyes.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Relationships

When her grandfather expelled Yuzu from the school, she talked to him and convinced him to return her. She states that while she still lusts for Yuzu, she wants to sincerely respond by following the steps from the very beginning and even trusts Yuzu enough to let her tell their friends about it, though she is still far from being willing to disclose intimate parts, as she quickly became angry when Yuzu told too much. Mei notes that the two of them aren't so different. I've previously stated that I think Yuzu wasn't "really" in love with Mei at that point, but as far as your question is concerned, her realization in chapter 3 will do. She is a very beautiful, intelligent and serious girl who is the student council president and the younger stepsister of Yuzu Aihara. Mei comes home just after Yuzu, while in the anime she comes home after Yuzu and Ume get back from grocery shopping. She is understanding of Yuzu and can read her thoughts, like when she discovered her intention to take her back from her grandfather's house, and like when Yuzu was gazing at her body at bath, she knew exactly what she was thinking and took the lead to touch her. When they were younger, they used to play with each other, but after Mei's father left, their relationship became strained, revolving more around cold professionalism, as Mei started to see her as a nuisance rather than a friend, but Yuzu helped them rekindle their friendship. September 13th In response, Mei walks over to Yuzu and pushes her to the ground, forcefull… When Nene just started she had dyed her hair blonde like Yuzu and was confronted by Mei and the other members of the student council and was almost expelled when Mitsuko came to check on the school and forced a special student council election.

After seeing her at the festival with everyone else she immediately noticed that Mei was a different person and confessed her feelings to her when she was "dumped" by Mei, she then became willing to keep Yuzu's and Mei's love a secret and help it blossom. Aihara Mei All rights and credits go to Studio Passione, I do not own anything in this video. https://citrus.fandom.com/wiki/Mei_Aihara?oldid=14031. She's obtained a stern and short-tempered personality from her father's abandonment of her. Height: But... Before marriage, there's dating, and we've only just started. Aliases:

At first, Mei tried to suppress this by hypocritically stating they are sisters and girls but Yuzu's subsequent forceful kiss along with her helping mend her relationship with her father causes her to acknowledge her feelings at last and starts reciprocating Yuzu's romantic feelings to some degree, becoming rather possessive of her due to Matsuri's advances on Yuzu and opening up to her, and feeling guilty when she believes Yuzu is troubled or sad because of her actions.

[5] Mei is the subject of Himeko's affections, but these emotions are not reciprocated. She expresses to Matsuri she's thankful for having met Yuzu. After he was hospitalized, she decides to take on his workload on herself, which, along with her work as the Student Council president, causes severe stress and fatigue . Manga Despite her behavior, on the inside, she is sensitive, lonely, and hides a heart that can be easily hurt.


In the anime, it was given by Shō is called.

Eventually, it is revealed that because of her mother remarrying, Mei was now her stepsister by law.

And in order to respond to her sincerely, I should properly go through the steps from the very beginning. Birthday: [7] they both get along as Yuzu's younger sisters.

On the outside, Mei appears to have a cold and ruthless attitude towards her peers. Hair Color:

As shown in Citrus Plus, Mei has become content and determined to ensure her relationship with Yuzu remains firm. Relationships Family Yuzu Aihara. Yuzu says she's in love with Mei by chapter 3. Mei didn't start to fall in love with Yuzu until some time after Yuzu helped resolve Mei's issues with her father in chapter 8. Her usually hard personality contrasts her emotional side, which manifests often. Friends: Status Japanese:

English: Voiced by

At the airport thanks to Yuzu's encouragement she called him father for the first time. In the manga, Mei's discussing about life before she moved in with Yuzu and Ume takes place at the mall, but in the anime it take's place at home. This leads her to develop and instant dislike of Matsuri, who threatens Mei to leave Yuzu alone. She later confronted Nene to find out why she looked up to Yuzu and apologized afterwards because she felt like she was threatened by her. Initially, Mei tried to fulfill her obligation, as shown in Chapter 36, where Mei left a letter for Yuzu, stating she felt that she had hurt Yuzu, and left the Aihara household to marry her fiancé and run the Aihara family, but ensured her that she was deeply grateful of the time they spent and promised to pray for her happiness, leaving Yuzu an emotional wreck. In addition, instead of letting Yuzu deal with Sayaka knowing of their love or dealing it herself, she instead works together with her to solve it, stating she no longer wants to have to do things herself or let Yuzu do things by her own, showing her improved maturity.

is the deuteragonist of the manga Citrus.

She seems to have a strained relationship with her. https://yuripedia.fandom.com/wiki/Mei_Aihara?oldid=38282. Minami Tsuda


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