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I’ll pay cash.” What? “Get it away from me! It’s fun being married, sharing my life with a beautiful woman. Hi…” My buddy… being ex-military, he’s ready for the end of the world, this guy. A therapy rubber band. That you got 838 photos of yourself in your bathroom?

All right? She comes right in. No topic is off-limits - but perhaps we all should be just a little embarrassed. You’re bragging about a man-cave? I’m looking at some of you. And God forbid if you ask for guacamole… oh, my God… the whole store goes into a panic attack. Okay? Are there Indians here?

Something’s wrong in the country.

You hang it on the back of the door. I can’t stand the word. Huh? They had no outlet. Have you seen what’s in the blue shirts at O’Hare? What’s with the…?” She’s, like, “No, we read for two hours.” Two hours?! But that’s why I fell in love with my wife. I’m sitting there, I go, “I-I got to go to the bathroom.” Now I go hide. He was like, “Do they pay you “for this shit at the church?

They’re like, “Oh-oh, I’ll just sleep here.” “No. God, I can’t go back out there. No topic is off-limits - but perhaps we all should be just a little embarrassed. “Justice for Lindsay!

Something was nibbling… on my father’s tomatoes, okay? You’re Sicilian!” Okay, Dad, relax. Guy took his shoe off, four Band-Aids on his foot. Went back to her place, started to watch a movie. I start making the thing, okay? Get some noise going. Just, “steak… “beans… cheese…” gone! So, I handle the cable guy. Took out a bowl of cherries. People are living on the computer. The burglar thinks nobody’s home. I don’t chitchat, all right?

“Why, Papa? . Why?” “‘Cause it eats the intestines, that’s why! The arrow travels at about 300 yards per second. Have you seen people’s… Have you seen people’s feet…? I wish I was on the hit. It took me 23 minutes to get a burrito out of this place, huh? Comedian recalls the day Bin Ladin was taken down (Video) By: Sebastian.

You don’t open anybody else’s refrigerator. The people that work at the airport? Beautiful garden growing up, though; beautiful. Taking a photo of yourself?

I know a lot of people like to go in the midst of people. I never made a sign. Their balls have been detached and thrown in a purse somewhere. When you’re packing it at home, you tell your wife, “We’re never gonna make it with the…” “It’s okay.” “Okay, I’ll pack it, huh?” So heavy, right? He’s stealing valuables. “Go down there, watch the game on Sunday. Okay? You did that in the privacy of your own home. I want to…” “Turn it up. Italian marble. I got three towels. Okay? Okay? You got a guy in your yard, you take care of that. No real medication at the house. Nobody’s working. Or it would spoil. Is that o… is that okay?” Yeah… it’s okay.

“I’ll just sit here like an idiot.

Where at? I-I run into it a lot, the customer service, ’cause I handle, in my house, all the hook-ups… Internet, whatever we need. Get this shit out of the neighborhood.” Right? The operation to kill the world's most wanted terrorist was the result of years of planning and training. Osama bin Laden was killed in a covert raid by a US Navy SEAL team in Pakistan on May 2,… Read More » I can’t breathe, get it off!” And they would just hold me there. 183 degrees.

What does the lawn have to do with a puppy? I got the cape on eBay for 18 grand.”, I live in Los Angeles; I see it on the day-to-day. Soon as you walk into the terminal, they’re tapping each other, “Look at the, look at… They brought bags. The assassination of Osama bin Laden was a significant victory for the U.S. government and the American people at large. I’ve never seen an angrier group of people in my life.

I brought a book. There’s a guy with a medical mask living next door.” She’s, like, “Maybe he has a respiratory problem and that’s why he has the mask.” I go, “Or maybe he’s got 16 bodies in drums, “in formaldehyde, in his basement. Let me try this. “This is the master.” And you’re like, “Oh, okay.” You don’t go in there and go, “Oh, do… this where you fuck? check out the. I can’t hide it, all right?

Your email address will not be published. This looks like…” He’s like, “It’s for the malocchio, the eye.

I-I love this city. I grew up, uh, 25 miles away from here in Arlington Heights. Now, the check-in process at the airport, they don’t want to look at you. It’s got to be the Internet. Oh, God… terrible, terrible food. The damn thing will just come in. Probably the … Coca-Cola in the see-through glass… what are you gonna do? But people always hook the arm over the glass: “I’ll have corn; I’ll have more corn…” Just say, “corn.” It’s not soundproof. Listen, if you got a fucked-up eyeball, and you’re in sales, you gotta tell me that right off the bat, okay? But if you like something weird… You like to, if you’re an adult, you like to dress up as a baby, there’s a Web site for you.

My father didn’t even know where the school was.

I need oil.

“You got me, I got you. She’s always smiling. How does that happen? He’d often ask me, “What grade are you in?

Me? Nov 11, 2017 140 Liked! What is this all about?” And I’d have to explain, “Nah, it’s for the demons, you know? Where do I need to be?” “What eyeball do you think is “gonna start looking at the Samsung? They never bought us a damn thing. I don’t know, is anybody embarrassed anymore? Ten computer hard drives, five computers and more than 100 storage devices were retrieved. Is there any embarrassment? But today, just throw it up in the Google. How does it get the four Band-Aids? My wife is in the positive, okay? You ever get a tour of somebody’s house? There was no napping, growing up. She likes to come out and play. Antidepressants. Beautiful cherries… I just bought them, right? Good, good. I said, “Listen, I’m Italian. I go, “Hey, what’s going on? I’ll come home, and the pizza delivery guy will be in the house, while my wife goes to our secret stash… and pays him. “All right? Forgot account? My wife is like, “What is he doing?” I go, “I don’t know.” Now, I handle that. Directed by John Asher. Advertisement. This is a one-time purchase. He suspects nothing. Okay?

Everything’s loose. We’re gonna put antifreeze on bologna.” What? Tuxedo, cuff links. Huh? We need something, okay?” The priest says, “We don’t pay for Mass.

My buddy’s, uh, ex-military. Let me bring a book to the pool.” So I sit down, I open up my book. It’s like you’re not even… It’s like a robot. I knock on the door, the guy came to the door, had a full medical mask on. They instilled work ethic into me at a young age.

My father, constantly looking for a deal, went to the dentist. Beautiful. Grab it here: I could read for a couple of hours with some meatballs on the table. I got a crown guy.” Crown guy? Don’t you glance down and go, “Shit, I got to cut this before it starts coming through my shoes”? Loves people. Hungry.” And the food they start bringing out? The have nothing. You know, married guys with kids, they’re looking for a prison break, right? Some Arab countries and leaders condemned the actions of the United States. I had to ask her, real cool… this is in the beginning, where you have to be cool with everything… You’re, like, “Listen, you got a bathroom or something like that?” “I don’t know why… you got a bathroom “or something like that, or something? With his inimitable delivery, he burns modern-day society through the lens of his old-world Italian-American upbringing. You’re gonna have to take two pounds out of your bag.” Now, like an idiot, I’ve got to open up my bag in front of 187 people. I’m here to tell you that. SEAL Team Six raided an al-Qaeda compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in May 2011 and killed the world’s most wanted terrorist: Osama bin Laden. Okay? You go right up to the… “I got a two Maniscalco tonight, you got that?” You don’t send your wife.

And what happened to fathers in this country? Most stressful job at Chipotle has to be wrapping these damn things, right?

I never seen anything like this.

I didn’t even think the Jews went down there.

The terrorist leader was not only a major player within al-Qaeda but also a figurehead that attracted supporters and recruits from around the world. We get along… there’s an obvious, you know, thing with the religion. Go out there.” As a husband, you have to handle stuff. No, you’re not.” Her friends, like, open the refrigerator. And her mood changes, she’s like, “Ooh… “I’m sorry. She would put slices of potatoes with a rag… I go, “Don’t we have any Tylenol? Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. Most American families, they’ll call up Orkin. Advertisement. I didn’t even get to taste them. A complete angel. Pride in work. Finally found someone who could deal with me. Just gel, hair spray, cologne. My wife chills me out, all right? She’s doing the ticketing, the boarding passes, and the father’s off to the side, like a dunce, sitting there with his son hanging off his chest in some type of kangaroo sack. I later told her, right? I wish I was on the Bin Laden raid. God bless you. Why are you high-fiving? Right? All the other kids having a ball, meeting friends for life, and here I am, eight years old, over a corpse, with incense.

What are you doing?” “Oh, nah, I can’t do it! All military, neat, hats, machine guns… Have you seen our first line of defense? Five years old, I’m watching 60 Minutes, going, “This is terrible what’s going on in Lebanon, huh, Dad?”. Loves people, she’s from the South. Spanish Jew from the South.

Nobody wants this?” And my mother would say, “Make sure you dip those in coffee.” “Coffee?

He brought his therapy rubber bands.

Jews have no idea what the hell they’re doing in the kitchen. What does that feel like? Jump to. So I’m like, “You know what, let me go relax at the pool.”. I’m starving, right? Least I could do.

“No one’s looking for that, Steven.” But when you’re in your 40s and you… go on a vacation, a lot different than when you’re 20. It’s rancid. “Two houses down, they got a dog.

30 years ago, these people never left the house.

There’s no more gel.

Stay!” “I can’t… “I can’t breathe. All Rights Reserved.

140 Liked! You have tits.” “It’s over, Steven. Just a red horn, dangling. She starts shopping… like it’s Jewel, right? T-The total opposite of me, okay? Half Sicilian, half Italian. Nobody’s working. One box of Band-Aids should last your entire life. I need an eyeball.” But that’s why I got my wife.


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