xenoblade 2 chain attack elemental burst

One of the ways to deal a huge amount of damage to your opponent is to inflict an elemental orb on them, then to use a special move of the opposite type on them during your chain attack. The damage done to surrounding orbs is the same as the target orb. Break one orb each for 6 chain attack rounds. Stacking an entire blade combo on one driver art is possible and will increase damage the most, but is the most difficult to pull off (and not realistic to do repeatedly) as you may run out of driver gauge.

If you fill up the meter completely, you launch a full burst attack, which deals an insane an insane amount of bonus damage. If you have 1 leftover orb, then you get 125% added to the Full Burst bonus.

However, the other previously used blades are now stuck in cooldown. The driver that would have gone next / last will have their blade do their Lv2 special in the background. The small additional damage bonus gets reduced. There is a damage ratio on the left that displays "Damage x X%". If a round is extended, a button prompt will be given at the end of the current round. The first orb in a chain attack round will add 1 HP to the gauge and if more orbs are broken in the same round, it will then add 2 HP per orb. This helps certain specials reach damage caps (999,999 damage is the cap per hit). All content is original and under copyright of Switchaboo.com. If you have 2 leftover orbs, then you get 1000% added to the Full Burst 500% bonus. Note: Knowing the orb layout and remaining HP, it is possible to use only the heaviest hitting blades in a chain attack to maximize damage output. Once fusion combo is set, the entire party gets the damage buff and further increases damage when a chain attack is started right afterward. In between chain attack rounds, there is a quick button challenge. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Each round can use up to 3 blades: one from each driver and you choose which blade on the driver to use. Crossette's version does 60%. If you have 3 leftover orbs, then you get 2500% added to the Full Burst 500% bonus. Crystal earrings are an optional accessory that increase party gauge gain.Chain Attacks link together blade specials and are done in rounds. The blade that was last used on the next driver will do their Lv3 special in the background. Bursting these orbs lengthens the chain attack by another round, increases the damage ratio by 200%, recharges all Blades by 50%, and increases the burst meter. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Chain Attack (Nintendo Switch). When an orb sustains 3 HP of damage, it's burst. If you succeed, then you are allowed to use blades again from the previous round AND increase the specials level by 1 (maximum is 3). Breaking additional orbs will reset the 3-turn rule. Element Orb Ender is an aux core / mod that allows the blade to instantly break its weak orb. Certain pouch items such as Lentil Milkshake will increase party gauge gain by 25%.

So in other words, if you have a Water Orb and you hit it with a Fire (2 damage) and an Electricity (1 damage), it will burst. Example #2: 8 orbs are up. In summary, you inflict an elemental orb on your opponent with a combo’d special III move of any type. Minimum possible orbs for Full Burst is 4. If the orb is damaged by any other element, then 1 HP of damage is done. The meter to the upper left of the screen during a chain attack will fill up as you keep on unleashing more and more specials. The first orb in a chain attack round will add 1 HP to the gauge and if more orbs are broken in the same round, it will then add 2 HP per orb. All blades are selectable for all 3 drivers. There is also a small percentage added to the damage ratio; it is not clear how this is calculated but appears to increase based on number of arts / specials / damage done. Full Burst is also another way to end the chain attack; see below. © 2020-21 Switchaboo.com. However, the game will give you a larger damage ratio bonus if you have more leftover orbs. If the blade with Slamdown skill also uses an Element Orb Ender aux core, then it is possible to burst up to 3 orbs at the same time. Each elemental orb has 3 HP. If you fail, then those blades are stuck in cooldown and cannot be selected again. When it comes to Nia’s turn, use Dromarch’s special move (who is a water type – the opposite of Fire), and this elemental can will burst – inflicting massage damage in the chain attack. There are also accessories that increase Break duration and will allow the fusion combo damage buff to last even into Full Burst. Bursting these orbs lengthens the chain attack by another round, increases the damage ratio by 200%, recharges all Blades by 50%, and increases the burst meter.

Any extra orbs destroyed in the same round give 100 points. These can stack across the 3 active drivers. Bringer of Chaos (or harder custom settings) have major chain attack nerfs. If you choose an element that no orbs are weak against, then the game will randomly choose one orb to hit.

You are allowed 1 full round worth of turns after breaking an orb. So, you cannot predict 100% which 3 (or sometimes 2) orbs Slamdown will go after. Launch is too short. Each member attacks in succession with one of their Blades.

Lv4 specials and blade combo enders will pause the driver combo gauge, however. When the meter fills at 300 points Full Burst is activate this can take anywhere from 4-6 orbs. So they can crit and apply the effects in their affinity chart during the attack. However, using an element of the opposite type will count as 2 hits. A common question is that when an opponent has multiple elemental orbs, what order are they attacked in? Smash has a zero time limit and cannot be used for this.Doing a chain attack right after fusion combo may greatly amplify the chain attack.

Orb bursts increase the damage ratio for the chain attack and lets you access the next round of a chain attack. Although Newt would cause more orb damage, it is preferred to use Kos-Mos as she causes much more damage.

The fusion combo lasts until the driver combo gauge runs out, even if the blade combo gauge runs out first. When all 3 levels are filled, Chain Attack is activated by pressing "+".

Or Ice? The bonus increases the more damage is dealt after the enemy was defeated, with diminishing returns. One thing that’s not explained in depth – and is surprisingly difficult to find elsewhere on the internet apart from dedicated forums – is which element type is the opposite of which. It’s usually about 4 orbs within 2 rounds, or 5 orbs within 3 rounds. Actual utility also varies depending on how you're trying to break orbs. If there is no weak orb to target, then 1HP damage is done to the orbs. The answer is: if the orb has the opposite element of your attack, it is attacked. The gauge fills after each broken orb.

Once the gauge is full at 6HP, Full Burst starts. This is a straight multiplier and has the potential to greatly increase damage output. In particular, a thank you to: sdw4527 (about HP of orbs), Suasive2 (for many different tips throughout this article), and Lockdown106 (for correcting terminology). (Excluding the small damage bonus.). Again, breaking orbs will further increase the damage ratio and will get higher with every orb broken. If you have 1 leftover orb, then you get 500% added to the Full Burst 500% bonus.

When your party gauge is ready, press + to use your Chain Attack. Chain attacks are a powerful tool in your arsenal, first encountered and explained when facing Akhos for the first time. If there is a weak orb to target, then 2HP damage will be done to the orbs. If successful again at the next quick button challenge between rounds, then Lv3 specials are used.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. If the orb is damaged by its weak element, then 2 HP of damage is done.

For 2 driver setups, this means you are allowed 2 turns after an orb burst before encountering blades in cooldown. If successful, the blades will then use Lv2 specials during the next round. The specials level will also not advance.


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