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Believe it till the story's end.

You can check out their website and see what they have to offer. To each his or her own. A psychic told her to appease the spirits she should continually build and add to her mansion and that's just what she did for 38 years from 1884 to 1922. I bought the book on a sale table because it looked so intriguing; never saw or heard of the movie. Supposedly the mansion is haunted. A talented but eccentric parapsychologist hires a group of psychic mediums, including a teenage autistic savant with telekinesis, in order to wake up the horror in a century-old haunted house.

Good Grief, get a grip! As for Joyce Reardon, Ph.D., I could find no other information about her or her other studies. Im loving the book so far(i saw the movie a few years ago and thought it was good, but now i see that it pales in comparison to the book) and not to be too perverted, but i was upset that after april 1st all the exploits of the 3 charachters were completly left out. A very elaborate one, but a hoax. I looked some stuff out and found out it was all fake. SOMETHING TOLD ME SOMETHING WASN'T RIGHT WITHIN THE FIRST 6 PAGES SO I LOOKED IT UP ON THE WEB. I went on the web site given in the book and still havent found the missing pages which is very dissappointing I also couldn't find the diary of tina coleman. Some friends and I are making a Rose Red RPG (Roleplaying game) A play by post. Hope you all had as much fun reading it as I did!!! Politics. If this book is true, us as humans, and children of a divine power, should not be awed by this book, but greatly saddened that something like this could ever befall upon a person. Reardon is a character in the film) - and by creating a fake website for "Beaumont University" the college were the investigators checking out the house supposedly came from. A group of people with psychic powers are invited to spend the night in a haunted house. but are the pictures real or did someone make them up too, to keep the mystery of this novel going. I can't believe, I was duped!!!!

There are clues that make us think it could be real and then there are the clues that make us think its not real. There are only a few similarities. If only I knew exactly where to go.E-mail me if you can [email protected] hay dis book is fuccing real...wanna bet i went to see dat house in seattle on mah own ehn it sho is realz.!!! It is great stimulation for one's mind. Duhuh users familiar with the web will note there is no "link" to these excerpts from any of the web-published pages. the guy that was talking had a very good point when he said universitys web site addresses have edu not net...also if you go to any other subject like biology or chemistry it takes you directly to the rose red page, coincidently all other pages like housing and admissions are under construction with the approaching school year these parts of the web page would be finished.

We don't care what you sceptics think.

I wont believe it untill i see it. The pictures could have been bought from stock photographers anywhere in the world. You havent even got the name right! For those needing further proof, go to http://www.networksolutions.com/cgi-bin/whois/whoisIf you go to "whois" Stephen King's take on the masterpiece series by Lars von Trier. For everyone who thinks all this is real that's fine and for all those who think it's fake that's fine too. i have been to DiaryofEllenRimbauer.com . DAMN!!!! Si ce manoir existe, tant mieux, qu'il fasse travailler les imaginations, le monde en manque cruellement. iv been in this world for 6 months. I watch it all the time! even after one of the actors stated that before he got the part he was on his last box of mac & cheese. State.

The University does not exsist either. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I too, fell for it and tried to research it. I have seen the movie and i have the book, but no body realy knows if they are real. AT FIRST I THOUGHT THE STORY HAD SOME TRUTH TO IT BUT AS I AM SEARCHING FOR MORE ANSWERS IT WAS A PLOY BY PUBLISHERS AND WRITERS ALONE TO SELL ALOT OF BOOKS AND OTHER MERCHANDISE. Also when visiting sites on Sarah Winchester i have found that Ridely Pearson is the actual writer of The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer and he was writing under the name of Joyce Rearden to make the story seem true. As in, "not real". !wanna bet go to seatle and see it foe yurself!!!

I HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE AND ALSO READ THE BOOK ON ROSE RED. Stop asking what the URL is for the missing pages. What is the storyline? It was very interesting. and the diary is real written by Ellen Rimbauer. This means that the books is written very well, well enough to make us want to believe that the story is true!! I looked for the biography on her,nothing. For only $100,000, it is yours. For those of you who have visited the site, take another visit and let me know if you can find ANY information regarding the university, admissions, programs etc., other than that of "Rose Red" (which I must say is lacking in itself).

How gullible can you people REALLY be?? I read the Whinchester story in that book. What a terrific writer!! As someone said earlier, Spring St. ENDS and that is THAT!

And although it’s very interesting there’s a certain aura about it that just fills overbearing. *Sighs* By Dec 1919 ellen had already found the secret passage that lead to her room and then says in the missing entry "i fear he betrayed me...with and act of voyerism. I will continue to do some research and find out more on this. Good work! i have new info about the missing diary entries. Add the first question. It doesnt mean its fake or a hoax. i haven't heard the lateset thing on ellen rimbauer and her house. as the old sage has said, "be careful what you ask for ...." we know now, through this confirmation, the cause of at least one fatality, and perhaps in the years to follow we shall uncover more. mjg. If you "research" you will find many web sites with text reviewing this case but You must know how to read!!!!!

we have, as a concession, made this, and (a few) other, ...awaken the slumbering beast of rose red. I am in the middle of reading "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer" and I really don't know what to believe. Sorry to pop your balloons or spoil your vacations to Seattle, but if you come up here searching for Rose Red, you're going to be in for a waste of rental car miles and muddy shoes, becuz it's not real. I cant believe that King has sent everyone on the longest wild goose chase of our lives. Guys...go to the link it tells you to in the book...www.beaumontuniversity.net. Rose Red is all that web site is. If it wasn't for those meddling kids. Sadly enough, it worked, b/c the story seemed so complete (with knowlede of Winchester that is) and everything seemed to fit. Did the men have there way with her then the house killed her. A few years ago Steven Spielberg asked Stephen King to write a scary, haunted house story he could film. I FELT STUPID WHEN I FOUND THIS SITE AND STARTED READING THE ENTRIES. I believe there may have been some sort of diary by Ellen Rimbauer but i only believe that the author got a few ideas from it and not that the whole thing is of her and the life she lived. The production company went to great lengths to give the film a "true story" feeling by also publishing a companion book on the subject - "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red" by Joyce Reardon (It was actually written by King. THANK YOU!!!! Hey ok i live in Australia and i've never even been to America that alone Seattle. so is it a true story or what? Come on. I would really appreciate some imput on this topic as I am now doing research on Rose Red for I believe it has to be more than a film as Ellen's diary was found and published. It was that of a young woman marrying a man she believed to of loved and how he betrayed her and the pride within herself most cruelly. i do think it is true,but after reading all these comments i do think it is fictional now but who really knows?

net. I have 100 acres of prime lakeside property in Canada in a previously undiscovered area, where there is no snow and the sun shines 325 days a year. thanks, King placed the fictional Rose Red house at Spring Street and Sixth Avenue near the turn of the century..." and more... "While the concept for "Rose Red" doesn't sound too far from "The Shining," executive producer Mark Carliner says it was inspired by the 1963 Robert Wise film, "The Haunting" (and Shirley Jackson's book), as well as the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Calif. That enormous Victorian mansion was built to the eccentric specifications of superstitious rifle heiress Sarah Winchester in 1884. If you do not belive me search for Sarah Winchester and her Mystery house you will find all you need there.

any way its and excellent book the writer is superb. I am very interested in this subjest the first time I am in anything. I would like to see the edited entries of Ellen Rimbauer from April 1 1917. I think there is no Beaumont University, or a Joyce Reardon. But a work of fiction.

LOL. OK ppl. They don't exist either. I want to tell everyone, that this movie and book are completely fictional. I am looking into the truth about Rimbauers and they look to be a fake also. Okay,now Iam confused.Is this a true story or is it just made up? I live in Miramichi NB. She was the lady of the house. some extra entries not found at the site listed on the book can be found at---, Not what I thought but still helped keep the intrigue going, www.vjbooks.com/interviews/pearson_ridley_interviews2.htm. It teaches a good lesson also if u read between the lines as people would describe it.


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