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Lacey Evans is one of the ladies in NXT right now with a chance to shine in the women’s division. Candice Michelle was one of the most surprising success stories of the women’s division in the 2000s. Stephanie was seen kissing them after her return match against Brie Bella in 2014. Loves to learn and is an amazing student. She and her husband Jared Pobre welcomed their daughter Ava Grace into the world back in 2014. WWE made the decision to extend her contract when purchasing WCW, and Keibler was one of the few talents to get a push when moving over. Some people start goals on Jan 1st but if you’ve fallen off then why not be reborn today! Maryse’s return helped spotlight Miz and bring him to another level as a top star. There are a few mothers on the active WWE roster making the towns every week to participate on shows. #creatingchampions, A post shared by Candice Michelle (@mrs_candice_michelle) on Apr 1, 2018 at 10:00am PDT. The place I want to be... #newmom #momlife #momintraining @freddiemoonbennett, A post shared by Maria Kanellis-Bennett (@mariakanellis) on Apr 15, 2018 at 10:14am PDT.

Eve became a mother in her time away giving birth to a boy named Raeven. WWE split them up and pushed Sable in a major way. There have been many fathers on the WWE roster for years, but mothers have been less of a fixture. #wrestlemania34 #MizAndMrs #noautographsplease, A post shared by Maryse Mizanin (@marysemizanin) on Apr 8, 2018 at 1:55pm PDT.

Sable has children with Lesnar and has a few other kids from a prior marriage long before her entry into the wrestling world. WWE television has already shown us that Miz has witnessed his life change for the better. Naomi noted that she recently lost a family member and she has also been dealing with health issues of her own. Brooke Adams is a unique story of a former WWE women’s wrestling star finding more success outside of the company. The girls got to see their mother get inducted into the Hall of Fame. There are a few mothers on the active WWE roster making the towns every week to participate on shows. While she didn’t give birth to them, Naomi is passionate about her mothering duties when spending time with the kids. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, 10 Worst Sole Survivors In Survivor Series History, She’s A Mom! The duties of being a mother ended up causing her to end her WWE run early. WWE still has a good relationship with Eve as she is currently under a legends contract. Stay tuned for updates on her status. She appeared on the TLC Network’s show Rattled looking at her story of entering motherhood. Candice’s kids were able to see their mother compete one last time. Independent wrestling schedules of shows and conventions also provide a tough schedule to stay ahead of. The looks and personality of Stacy found her success in WCW. Michelle worked on her wrestling skills and became a capable in-ring performer en route to winning the Divas Championship. It was revealed that Tamina is the mother of two daughters named Milaneta and Maleata. (Thanks To my genetics) She also loves her Fijian and Samoan culture and has the biggest heart.

Naomi is one of the top women on the WWE roster today. Triple H and Stephanie have three daughters named Vaughn, Murphy and Aurora. That has changed for the better today. The matches of Mickie gave us some of the best women’s bouts of the 2000s back when it was rare to see the division stand out. Evans has a hectic life at home off the road as a mother. Joey is a writer with a decade of experience writing about sports, entertainment, and pop culture. The Diva Search saw Massaro dominate the fan voting to win a guaranteed contract with WWE. #SetTheExampla #WorkHard #MyMotivation #NeverStopTrying #positivity #MakeAPlan #SetGoals #BeHappy, A post shared by Lacey Evans (@laceyevanswwe) on Mar 15, 2018 at 9:12am PDT. Happy Easter from me and my 3 boys! The return of Maria Kanellis on WWE television was short lived for multiple reasons. Their upcoming reality series Miz and Mrs. will likely give us a glimpse at Maryse’s journey becoming a mother. We will look at the landscape of moms in the wrestling business. 7 Current WWE Stars That Are Mothers (And 8 Former), 5 Wrestlers Alexa Bliss Loves (& 5 She Doesn't), 10 Wrestlers Who Led Stables In Two Promotions, 5 Ways Roman Reigns Is The Better Heel (& 5 Ways Seth Rollins Is), 10 Wrestlers Who Were Given Managers But Still Couldn't Get Over, 5 Wrestlers Shawn Michaels Loves (& 5 He Couldn't Stand), 10 Best SmackDown Superstars Of All Time, Ranked, 10 Wrestlers Who Were Successful With & Without Their Masks, Randy Orton's 10 Most Devastating Punt Kicks, Ranked, 10 NXT Callups You Totally Forgot Happened, 10 Best Belt Designs In Wrestling History, WWE Smackdown: The 10 Best Matches Of The Fox Era, 10 Wrestlers Who Never Won Money In The Bank But Should've, 10 Times Wrestlers Made Lame Gimmick Matches Work, WWE Tag Team Titles: The 10 Best Belt Designs, Ranked, 5 Up And Coming Children Of Wrestling Stars Who Have It (& 5 Who May Not). Michelle officially retired from wrestling last year when coming back for one more match in her hometown of Wisconsin for House of Hardcore. She is doing so great and thriving in school. Brooke recently became a mother in 2016 when she gave birth to her son Jace. Fans were able to take in the relationship between Miz and Maryse on air over the past few years when Maryse returned to WWE as his manager.

Naomi became a stepmother to the two children of Jimmy’s from a prior relationship. 2.5m Followers, 2,794 Following, 1,756 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from WWE Superstar NAOMI (@trinity_fatu) Past interviews have seen Maria say she hopes to return to WWE a few months after giving birth. Ashley Massaro was one of the few mothers to work for the WWE roster in the 2000s.

Eve not being part of the women’s Royal Rumble or Raw 25 special were likely choices made by her rather than WWE.

WWE has introduced new fans to Beth Phoenix in recent years with her Hall of Fame induction and a role doing commentary for various special matches. Ashley requested her release to get off the road and go home when her daughter was dealing with an illness. Me n my gorgeous daughter I love her she makes sad days feel all better I love her so much!!

Pro wrestling is his strongest passion with a lifetime fandom and countless live shows attended.

Adams started training to become a better wrestler when making her debut for the Knockouts division. Beth appeared for WWE once per week to commentate the Mixed Match Challenge, but it is unlikely she’ll ever agree to working three to five shows per week. I never turn down a chance to carry/lift/swing the Littles...for one day they will be too big and/or not want to play with me! Sable had the look and charisma needed to succeed in the Attitude Era. She became a mother giving birth to AkiAnne, Ryumi and Aloha over the past decade. Maria was getting accustomed to becoming a mother as seen with various posts on her social media pages. James gave birth to the couple’s first child Donovan back in 2014. A few injuries in TNA forced her to retire faster than expected due to various lingering injuries. She and her husband had their first child Charlie Rose in 2015. WWE RAW Superstar Naomi took to Twitter today and revealed that she's been away from the ring due to issues in her life. James had a strong career in her time between WWE stints. We will look at the landscape of moms in the wrestling business. Factor in the wear and tear on one’s body from the bumps, and you’ll see why it’s considered such a tough job. Other instances have seen WWE give the new mothers maternity leave while remaining under contract. Christy still appears at wrestling conventions and was at WrestleMania 34 weekend for WrestleCon.

Stacy Keibler is one of the biggest female stars in WWE history despite not being much of an in-ring competitor.

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Can't believe how the time passes so quickly. Her career started thriving as a very entertaining wrestler and arguably the most popular woman during her peak. Massaro even received mainstream opportunities like posing for Playboy and appearing on the Survivor reality show. The most interesting title was becoming part of the writing team as a rare case of a female writer in wrestling. The life of motherhood is essentially how Sable spends her time these days. The acting career didn’t work out for Keibler in the way she expected as most of her roles were b-list gigs.

Can't believe I have a 15yr old teenager who is taller then me. . The background of being a former Marine gives her another dynamic to her presentation. The WWE career of Sable saw her become arguably the first major female star. Hey @mikethemiz, @monroeskymizanin and I are ready to see you kick butts!!!! These are seven WWE stars and eight former WWE stars that are now mothers. Lacey is hoping to become a huge success story in wrestling as one of the few ladies to enter the business as a mother and progress forward. She last worked RAW and Main Event matches in June and July, but she hasn't had a real feud since earlier in the summer. The athleticism and personality of Eve made her a standout talent for WWE. However, we rarely get a glimpse into Tamina’s life compared to the other ladies of WWE. Most weekends will see wrestlers have matches on four different shows in different cities. CRP has become my lil attachment ♥️, A post shared by Christy Hemme (@hemmepowered) on Apr 16, 2018 at 3:42am PDT. There’s no regret for Ashley leaving WWE to take care of her sick child. These are seven WWE stars and eight former WWE stars that are now mothers. Her prior SmackDown Women’s Championship run was impressive as she became the face of the SD women’s division for most of 2017. The Young Bucks, » AEW Full Gear Live Coverage This Saturday, » NJPW Power Struggle Live Coverage This Saturday, Details On Sting Merchandise Pulled From WWE Shop, Kylie Rae No Longer A Professional Wrestler, Photos: WWE Superstars Show Off Their Halloween Costumes, Note On Disappointing Ticket Sales For AEW Full Gear, Backstage News On Unhappiness In WWE Locker Room Over Twitch Ban, Cody Welcomes Three New Members To The Nightmare Family, John Cena Sr.

Their children are huge fans of the product and are often in the crowd for big shows. #PreK #school #1stdayofschool #babyboy #mylove #mylife #mylittleman #thatsmile, A post shared by Mickie James (@themickiejames) on Mar 8, 2018 at 8:45am PST. Even before it happens, Stephanie is a huge reason for the various business success stories for WWE in recent years. Mama is thiiiiiis close to showing you why it’s important to never stop trying, never settle and always work hard.. Shoots On Roman Reigns, Rumors That He Is Joining AEW, Arn Anderson On Which Superstar WWE "May Have Missed The Boat On", WWE Announces 205 Live Move To Friday Nights, RUSH Injury Update, Unionize Wrestling Workshop In London, Impact - Joe Maddon, Bruggadown Barbados, © 2020 Webcapacity Incorporated. Christy Hemme left WWE over a decade ago and has had a few different roles in the wrestling business.

Hemme has become a mother in her time away from WWE.

My MILANETA's birthday weekend has been a fun one for her. Eve Torres became a top female performer for WWE between 2008 and 2013. The end of Torres’ run in WWE came when she requested her release to start her life with husband Rener Gracie as well launch her own self-defense project. The stunning Adams was mostly remembered for being part of the Extreme Expose doing the eye candy dances for the ECW brand. Naomi remains a member of the red brand roster. The most recent high-profile instance of a WWE star becoming a mother for the first time saw Maryse give birth to the first child of her and The Miz.


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