why did richard tell locke he had to die
The coffin and body were on board the plane when it crashed back upon the Island. Accompanying the Others, Locke made way to the ruins, where Cooper was being tied to a large pillar. He spared both Ben and Richard when they were being judged because he saw them as people he could deceive into murdering Jacob. Ben just gives him one of those "Ben faces"...it could mean a few things.

Locke is considered the first of the British Empiricists, but is equally important to social contract theory. Enraged, Locke drove to his father's house, but the guard denied him entry.

("The Shape of Things to Come"), After walking the whole day, Locke decided to make camp. He has had a set path and work he needs to fulfill, his death in that hotel room is the island's affirmation that Locke has done everything he needs to do, which is, unfortunately, die in that hotel room. As seen in "The End", when Smokey takes on someone's identity long enough, it begins to believe that it is that person. In his pocket Locke found a map to the cabin, which he immediately followed with Ben and Hurley, successfully. A major theme in Lost has been the feeling of worthlessness and rejection. Jack never fully trusted him again. John is really the sacrifice that the Island demanded. Or to say better; he threw MIB there to make him something worse than death because that was everything he knew about the source. ("The Man from Tallahassee") He appeared dead until Jacob approached him and touched his shoulder. This seemed to re-affirm Locke's faith. Richard only thought he was special because he believed he was able to time travel and came into his camp multiple times over the years. Locke's reason for traveling on Oceanic flight 815 did not change.

He made Miles confess that his team was traveling to the Island to find Ben, and Ben revealed in turn that Michael was his spy on the freighter. Meanwhile The Man in Black, still in John's form, had Ben kill Jacob for him.

It is all predetermined destiny. Perhaps its that MIB has no problem with killing people who he knows he cannot manipulate. First seen Calling Randy a "huge douche", Hugo gave him the number of a temp employment agency he owned. Place ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"). There was a Smokey before MIB and mostly likely a smokey after MIB. Once the light is extinguished, Smokey is no more. "Walkabout""Deus Ex Machina""Orientation""Lockdown""Further Instructions""The Man from Tallahassee""The Brig""Cabin Fever""The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham""The Substitute" Despite his father's responsibility for ending him up in a wheelchair, Locke did not have the will to kill him. This is when it gets interesting, because the smoke monster sound is heard, but the Man in Black is in the form of Isabella. Locke witnessed the Nigerian Beechcraft plane crash onto the Island and ran into Ethan, who shot him in the leg. Jack began to beat Locke and was pulled off him by the rest of the survivors. Tustin, California, USA Cooper revealed himself to Locke and asked his son's help in retrieving money from an account. This is, in fact, one reason Locke advocates toleration. ...to return home (2004)...body returned to the Island (2007) When the teacher said John could not do those things, John responded with "Don't tell me what I can't do."

("The Substitute"), Some time later, the Man in Black explained to Jack that he had chosen the body of Locke, because Locke was stupid enough to think he was on the Island for a reason and that he pursued that idea until it got him killed. As the countdown ended and the electromagnetic energy beneath the station began to build up, Locke spoke only three words—"I was wrong"—to Eko, who had made his way into the computer room. Now as said before Jacob and the Man in Black have a bet. Great question and something that has bothered me for a long time. Richard passes the compass (MiB's) on to John Locke. However, when he got there, the travel agent denied him access, because of his paralysis. he is scanning them to see if he can find the "loophole".

His reaction, then, may indicate that he and Jacob are brothers. Speculation without supporting evidence can be deleted. When he got to the top he saw a question mark in the salted ground below. Think of Locke as a very sad pawn in the long story of the island. ("I Do") ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), The compass bearing eventually led the team to the Flame station, where the group met Mikhail Bakunin, who initially claimed to be the last member of DHARMA Initiative, but was soon revealed to one of the Others. Though skeptical, Sayid accompanied him, as did Kate and Danielle. The "we have to go back" moment came long before he read the note. This article or section has been nominated for a, He Turned Into the Smoke Monster because of the Rules, He turned into The Monster because Jacob thought so, Method of Control/Persuasion/Manipulation of others. Assistant manager, department storeOwner, Welcome Home Professional Home InspectionsCommune memberRegional collections supervisor, cardboard manufacturerLeader of the Others


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