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[4][13] While it has been reported that he left Chalmers to focus on his YouTube career,[13] in 2017, Kjellberg clarified that he left because of his lack of interest in his course of study. ", "Pewdiepie's Premium YouTube Show Is Trashy, But Entertaining", "PewDiePie makes $50K donation to ADL sparking cries of a conspiracy from fans", "PewDiePie changes mind on $50K donation to ADL, says it was a mistake", "Gaming Channels With The Most Subscribers: The Top 10 Gaming Channels On YouTube", "Jake Paul, a Reality Villain for the YouTube Generation", "YouTuber PewDiePie posts last video, leaves 102mn subscribers to take a break", "Pewdiepie hits 50m subscribers, claims he'll delete channel today", "PewDiePie Announces He's Taking a Break From YouTube in 2020", "Teens' favorite people to follow on social media in 2020 include fashion icons, established YouTubers, and Charli D'Amelio", "Can Copyright Law Bring Down PewDiePie? And you know what? As of 18 September 2020[update], his channel has received over 26 billion views, ranking as the 19th-most-viewed channel on the platform. PewDiePie's antics are the thin end of the wedge", "PewDiePie thinks 'Death to all Jews' is a joke. [302], In celebration of receiving his 100 million subscribers Play Button in September 2019, Kjellberg announced in a video that he was donating $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an international Jewish non-governmental organisation. PewDiePie Thinks Suggested Videos Are To Blame", "YouTube Statistics for PewDiePie (3–16 February 2017)", "YouTube's biggest star PewDiePie causes controversy with 'Death to all Jews' video", "PewDiePie Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Jokes, but Attacks Media for Taking Them Out of Context", "When did fascism become so cool? Mostly by Jesse Cox and PewDiePie. So she did. [140][141] Kjellberg also made allegations against T-Series using subscribing bots, but failed to prove so, as YouTube claims to have a strong policy against fake-engagement. In April 2013, he made a cameo in an episode of Epic Rap Battles of History, portraying Mikhail Baryshnikov. "We're on the same page that we both don't know yet [how many kids we want]," Marzia said simply. [34][16] This demographic has been more commonly referred to as Generation Z by researchers and popular media. Beast is always 1 step ahead of us 9 year olds: u/BoyerDee: 07:50: Ultimate Clickbait. [119], In April, while still continuing to upload new content onto YouTube, Kjellberg created Netglow, a crowdsourced channel on the livestreaming service Twitch. [132] In December 2018, Vox reported that "E;R" also contained white supremacist messaging. Be the first to share what you think! [37][238] His commentaries have had a positive effect on sales of indie games, with The Washington Post writing that "gamemakers have observed a kind of Oprah effect. [206] Kevin Roose of The New York Times wrote that during the period in which Kjellberg had the most-subscribed channel but prior to his alleged anti-Semitism controversy, "[Kjellberg] was not just the YouTuber with the biggest channel. [157], On 11 April, T-Series started to seek court orders to remove Kjellberg's "diss tracks" from YouTube. [113][114][210] A Wired article covering the controversy referred to him as a "poster boy for white supremacists". The subreddit full of 19y/o fans of Pewdiepie aka Felix Kjellberg, No reposts previously posted to r/PewdiepieSubmsissions. [15] The video has amassed over 14 million video views as of May 2020. Wait really? The Basics collection also features a skincare kit and some household items.

In the video, the future bride answered a fan's question about the wedding location, saying that she preferred to keep it secret.

As a result, he received criticism from online users, including fans of Lovato and others struggling with addiction.

And this morning, PewDiePie and Marzia, who goes by Marzia Pie on Instagram, shared photos from their August 19 wedding.

[227] In 2016, Maker Studios' international chief content officer was cited in The Guardian as comparing "the average parent's bafflement at their teenage children's passion for stars like PewDiePie, KSI, and Zoella to past generations' inability to comprehend punk rock or gangsta rap. "[15] Andrew Wallenstein of Variety heavily criticized Kjellberg, following his channel becoming the most-subscribed on YouTube, describing his videos as "aggressive stupidity" and "psychobabble. called Kjellberg's popularity "insane", writing, that it "strikes me as considerably more curious – I mean, you know who Rihanna is, but would you recognize this kid if he was standing in line behind you at the bank? "FUNNY MONTAGE #4" is another compilation of PewDiePie's gaming content. He just hit record. The meme was posted around the same time Lovato was hospitalized after suffering an opioid overdose. It is both amazingly awful and amazingly funny when a father bikes around with his son in the game Happy Wheels and both get crushed and bloody again and again and PewDiePie improvises absurd comments as the game continues. [146][147] He made light of Pakistani users who subscribed to his channel over T-Series in response to T-Series' removals. [321] The two were introduced to each other through a friend of Bisognin's in 2011, and after establishing an online relationship, Kjellberg flew to Italy to meet her. [297] After the first day, the fundraiser raised over $200,000, after YouTube doubled their goal of $100,000, and at the end of the livestream, they had raised a total of over $1.3 million with help from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

[154] The day after the video's upload, Kjellberg temporarily regained his lead over T-Series as the most subscribed channel. These outlets suggested that Kjellberg's content contained and promoted fascist, white supremacist, and alt-right ideologies. His channel experienced substantial growth in popularity over the next two years and he reached 1 million subscribers in July 2012. [23][49] One of these compilations, "A Funny Montage", was uploaded in June 2013 and spent a considerable amount of time as PewDiePie's most-viewed, with publications citing it as such through 2018. "[214] The BBC suggested that Baidu seemingly removed PewDiePie-related messages on a forum out of caution, but that "a [Baidu] search for his name still returns more than eight million results.

[‡ 6], Kjellberg has been noted by both himself and media outlets as prolific on the platform, having uploaded videos with a high frequency. 1 in #Famechangers Digital Star Ranking", "What People Get Wrong About PewDiePie, YouTube's Biggest Star", "With 50m weekly views, PewDiePie is world's most popular YouTube channel", "PewDiePie: YouTube's biggest star is a profane Swede you've never heard of", "PewDiePie Is the Most Popular YouTube Star in the World.


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