which of the following statements is true regarding work specialization
Employees from which of the following countries will be least comfortable with this type of a structure. Proctor & Gamble Microsoft, for example, is organized around four customer markets: consumers, large corporations, software developers, and small businesses. B) Legitimate power comes from an individual's unique characteristics. Page Ref: 499 LO: 6 Difficulty: Easy Quest. It encourages usage of cross-hierarchical teams. Which method of maintaining an ethical culture is Pam’s company pursuing? Page Ref: 514 LO: 1 Difficulty: Easy Quest.

The added levels of hierarchy slow down decision making and tend to isolate upper management. 3) For much of the first half of the twentieth century, managers viewed work specialization as _____. The major advantage of a virtual organization is its ________. Category: Concept Learning, 22) When formal authority and control systems are reduced, the ________ provided by a strong culture ensures that everyone is pointed in the same direction. Page Ref: 520 LO: 3 AACSB: Reflective Thinking Difficulty: Hard Quest. D) A technologically advanced society will eliminate all values on the prestige associated with an economic role. Which of the following is not part of The owner of the store acts as its manager and makes all the decisions. The _____ of an B Explanation: B) Blastkrieg assumes that sales personnel are not required to sell computer electronics and hence plans to employ the computerized inventory and self service.

It answers questions such as “To whom do I go if I have a problem?” and “To whom am I responsible?” Page Ref: 483 LO: 1 Difficulty: Easy Quest.

The principle of unity of command helps preserve the concept of an unbroken line of authority. Category: Concept Learning, 59) Company chants are used to ________. formalization, a comprehensive information network, and high participation in Procter & Gamble has separate departments for Tide, Pampers, Charmin, and Pringles. Page Ref: 516 LO: 2 Difficulty: Moderate Quest. A) managers should limit their oversight to a maximum of 12 employees B) managers should oversee 1-4 employees on average C) an individual should be directly responsible to only one supervisor D) an organization should be departmentalized on the basis of functions E) employees should report directly to two supervisors to maintain task balance, C Explanation: C) Chain of command can’t be discussed without also discussing unity of command. Page Ref: 484 LO: 1 AACSB: Reflective Thinking Difficulty: Hard Quest. Standardized operations and high formalization allow decision making to be centralized. Which method of creating a positive organizational culture is Larry utilizing? A dominant culture expresses the core values shared by a majority of the organization’s members. Category: Concept Learning, 40) The strength of product departmentalization in the matrix structure is that it facilitates ________. B Explanation: B) Narrow spans have three major drawbacks. Category: Application Learning, 24) In an organization, top managers make all the decisions, and lower-level managers merely carry out their directives.


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