when approaching a railroad crossing you need to treat it the same way you treat other intersections

A. If they both got there at the same time, they'd technically do what cars do – yield to the person on their right, Brady says. While you are not required to come to a complete stop at an uncontrolled intersection in most states, you need to slow down and look out for cross traffic. If you get caught not stopping for pedestrians, or any other traffic, at any stop sign, you face a fine of at least $60 and three demerits. Traffic laws dictate the speed you must travel at, the maneuvers you can make, where you can and cannot drive and how you must drive in certain situations.

Though, the rules listed below apply in most cases: Most states permit turning right under a red traffic light, unless there is a “NO RIGHT TURN ON RED” sign posted at the intersection. Conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians must be avoided at all costs. When obstacles obstruct your view of the sidewalk in either direction, you should come to a full stop prior to the sidewalk to check for pedestrians before proceeding. Can a driver sue a pedestrian who causes an accident? Right-of-way conflicts are less common on roundabouts than they are at other intersections, as all traffic is moving in a counterclockwise direction and there are no left turns. What should you do when you are entering an intersection where you want to turn left with a green light? Safety belts increase your chances of surviving a collision by more than ______________ percent. This type of intersection is very common for rural and residential areas. Question: You and other vehicles approach an uncontrolled intersection. Therefore, what are your attitudes, Which one of the following is a way to focus your attention on driving so that you can recognize a hazard and understand the defense against it, Your risk of being injured or killed in a collision decreases as your defensive driving behaviors increase, Which one of the following is a reasonable defensive driving action, The three stages of a collision include the vehicle crash, the human crash, and the external crash, At the moment of impact in a vehicle collision, unbelted occupants are still traveling at the vehicle's original speed. When there are no traffic signals or road signs to help you determine the right-of-way, exercise cautions and use the following simple rules to determine who has the right-of-way.

Technically, the Buick is supposed to go first. A great deal of information is held in these simple markings.

And pedestrians should be watching for drivers. You must remember that traffic signals do not completely resolve traffic conflicts and you must learn to combine traffic signals and the right-of-way rules to avoid hazardous situations. When turning left, should I pull into the intersection to wait my turn? Depending on the type of intersection you are dealing with, there may also be traffic control devices such as road signs or traffic lights present to keep traffic moving in a safe and coordinated fashion. Flashing red lights at a railroad crossing means you must stop. If you are traveling on a single-lane or two-lane roadway that meets a wider road of three lanes or more, you must yield to all traffic on the broader roadway before proceeding.


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