what episode madara vs 5 kage
Based on that they stomp EMS Madara. If Torune was able to touch Madara, I believe A should be able to. Or they get atomized by Byakugou-boosted Particle style. Or Obito transfer Kamui intangibility via direct contact. The kage stop the first meteor and, the Akatsuki maybe the rest, but they won't come out unscatted. In the scene where Madara has his hands clapped together to activate his Wood Release technique his gloves are missing, this is likely an error in animation. Naruto stomps though i voted for madara before realising naruto was among the fodder kage (excelt gaara). With Naruto's clone exhausted, Ōnoki decides to tackle both Madara and Mū with the assistance of the remaining Fourth Division. In the scene where the Tsuchikage shouts to the Mizukage and Raikage after the rock golem and the sand shield were erected, the Raikage's mouth is seen moving instead. However, it was corrected in the DVD version. Now, change this to a gauntlet and we can talk more. Welcome to the forums! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Kurotsuchi got beat by Lord Ku and the synthetic humans who Boruto, his friends and an older dying Ohnoki beat. Than the other Kage excluding Gaara. Truthfully I think Madara would at least be able to take out Gaara & Mei (Mizukage) if he fights them simultaneously before going down, but if its a gauntlet he pwns imo. i left naruto in that episode because all the episodes went corrupt, so if anyone could tell me i would really appreciate it. EMS Madara is even stronger and faster than his Edo version so he would stomp the kage even harder than before with his PS. @lilyeezywest: 1. There will be casualties. "Rinnegan Madara" lacks feats, so he shouldn't be discussed. As the clone disperses, they leave him with one word: "win". What are fighters like Hidan and Karin gonna do individually against wood clone Susano'os? And to be able to use Time/Space Ninjutsu to force attacks to pass through him, he needs to be able to react. After those 2 meteors he still had enough chakra for a wood style that covered that entire battlefield, whose to say he couldn't just drop a third meteor instead of all that wood? I’d argue that Juubi Madara or Kaguya would be needed to take out this group. The power of the reanimated Madara Uchiha far exceeds what the Allied Forces expected. VS. Current Kage: Gaara, Chojuro, Kurotsuchi, Darui I said Together they were going to to toe with momoshiki, and together 2 kage beat and sealed kinshiki, Based on Feats Madara stomps, Based on Statements Madara stomps, iirc Shikimaru was going to kill 2 low-tier kage at the summit. The 5 Gokages alone pushed Edo Madara to Perfect Susano’o. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Having received the message from the Kage, the real Naruto and Killer B head to face the imposter Madara. Didn't they hold of momo or something... Kages win, Gaara's defence has gone high enough to react and block attacks from fused momo, Madara godstomps them worse than he did the last Gokage as this Madara is far stronger, EMS Madara is significantly weaker than edo Madara.


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