what episode does naraku die
Above them is Kikyō, who has collapsed, seemingly from exhaustion; she notes it should not take so much out of her to fire a single arrow. Corresponding Inuyasha faces Mōryōmaru, calling him Naraku's heart. Tetsusaiga (This is what their father wanted Sesshoumaru to master, so InuYasha can take the technique for Tetsusaiga Kagome explains Sango loves him no matter what he's done. Miroku seals the Wind Tunnel, expressing that he cannot help but feel disgusted; seems like they helped Naraku, since he had no more use for Hakudōshi.

He finds her in the meadow just as she begins to die, and she is happy to see him one last time. Inuyasha launches Adamant Barrage at Hakudōshi, but it turns out to have been an illusion. Terms of Service | Kikyō's shikigami, Kochō and Asuka wonder about her health when she winces; however, she says it's only a scratch.

Well, that's all I can remember, I hope its a good spoiler! When the cloud clears, Hakudōshi races to Kagura holding his blade in a regenerated right arm.

Hakudoshi laughs at her, prompting Kagura to ask what they would ask of her.

Yes. On Miroku's suggestion, ------------"Subtlety Is Not A Virtue!"------------. command. Naraku's Heart is the first episode of InuYasha The Final Act. However, Kagura tells him that he won't be able to do that as Naraku, the Infant and Hakudōshi are too powerful; in the end, he's destined to lose his shard and die.

shard was removed. October 2, 2012 Hakudōshi arrives, annoyed that Kagura has chosen to betray him and the Infant after betraying Naraku. When dubbed in English, the title cards aren't altered into English text. While traveling through the well, Inuyasha asks Kagome if she needs help slaying the "Entrance Exam Demon"; he doesn't understand what it is. With Kagura free, Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar, destroying all but Hakudōshi's head. but i haven't seen the manga and i was hoping to get some answers... like does

He finally dies after InuYasha and his group, along with Sesshomaru, combine their powers and destroy him. InuYasha The Final Act - Episode 1 Inyuash defeats naraku in the last season The final chapter. There's a gap between the last episode and this one, which would have explained what is going on now.

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Elsewhere, Kohaku hides from Sango, only to be surprised by Mōryōmaru, who captures him in his tentacles. » Forum Inuyasha agrees. Hakudōshi gives him the stolen shard to heal, sending Mōryōmaru off to get Kohaku's shard. This causes Kohaku to remember the terrible day when he killed his own father under Naraku's control. Naraku then tries to take Kohaku's shard himself, but Sesshomaru attacks with his Bakusaiga, which causes Naraku's body to explode. Forum Index.

How long will the footprints on the moon last? Inuyasha, believing she thinks he would lose, says it's like saying a weakling like Jaken could beat him. The Infant decide to create a durable armor for himself; it was Mōryōmaru, who ate the dead Goryōmaru. Continuing after it, Kohaku is shocked to see it slain by Kagura's wind blades. Goryōmaru arrives, much to the group's confusion. However, once she catches sight of Inuyasha outside the classroom, her concentration snaps. Its pull catches Hakudōshi right before he can behead Kagura; Hakudōshi resists even as his arm breaks off and is sucked into the Wind Tunnel. up and running with it, so we can only hope that something might come from it...like them not stopping it again -_-, Back to In-depth Discussions | Hakudōshi laughs, saying though it may be true, Kagura should be worrying about herself right now; they both may be traitors, but it is her heart Naraku has in his possession. With You

i saw the last one where they escaped from The Infant discovers Kohaku's regained his memory, and he's willing to give his life to kill him; he tells him it's a noble gesture. However, Saimyōshō are summoned by Hakudōshi; to his shock and horror, they fly away. Kikyō is left unsure if she will be able to defeat Naraku in her current state; her powers seem to be weakening since two novice monks were able to enter her barrier.

that, he challenges Tetsusaiga (InuYasha) and Tetsusaiga's new technique (Dragon Scale, which sucks the enemy's youki No they never did in the anime. The flesh subsides, revealing Mōryōmaru. » Does Naraku Die? Original Airdate 奈落の心臓 Kagura retorts that Naraku has been aware of their plan to betray him the entire time. Her mother, grandfather and Sōta are surprised she's off so quickly, but Kagome assures them that traveling in the Feudal Era won't affect her studying. In this Naraku does indeed die, as the story finishes out the manga series. i've been watching the show and saw all the episodes from beginning to end. However, Kagura turns down the offer. Inuyasha guards Kagura, prompting her to ask if he's alright with exposing his back to her; he retorts he'll kill her if she even tries something. Sango, Shippō and Miroku arrive as well; Miroku is told not to use his Wind Tunnel as it would suck in the Saimyōshō and the shard. Kagura says that if he cooperates, she'll kill him as painlessly as possible. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? Kohaku chases after Taichi, not wanting the child to end up just as he did. Kōga agrees, yelling for his opponent to come back. Kagura, Kana, Kikyo die. Yes. Does Naraku ever die in the end of Inuyasha? The episode ends with a shot of the full moon, as Kanna's poem is said once more. Kagura can only gasp in fright as her attack comes closer to her. However, at that moment, her teacher explains Kagome didn't get a single question on her test right, meaning it's a hard road ahead for her. Elsewhere, Kōga is questioned by Ginta and Hakkaku as to why they haven't stopped; he explains a suspicious scent coming from ahead of them. 1 decade ago. Kohaku proves his determination to Kagura. Kohaku wonders what's happened to Kagura as she's the one who gave him a shard of demonic energy to find the Fuyōheki.

While Sesshoumaru is in battle with a really strong enemy, the enemy pierces him through his body (Big hole), at the Relevance. The series was cancled before it could finish. Inuyasha arrives, wounding Mōryōmaru again when he tries taking Kohaku's shard.

As of episode 14, the English episode aired first. https://inuyasha.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_168?oldid=105990, Miroku kills Hakudoshi after Naraku removes his barrier and. 5. In the meantime, Kagura continues attacking Kohaku to his shard.


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