waves (tame impala meaning)

This is one of my favorite cuts in the film, the sound of this beat rising with the MRI machine is how we get to watch the music syncing with the visuals, right before Tyler’s life is changed forever. It feels like that same balance of beauty and melancholy.

You really start to see Alexis’ spirit coming through in this song—to me, it sounds exactly like a relationship that’s struggling, nearing an end. We actually use several Animal Collective tracks in the film and every one has a personal meaning for me. The lyrics in this song have shifted and taken on a new meaning as I have listened to them over the years. I just kept crying and re-listening.

(Just check out the first line of the script: “Music slowly builds as we pass over pavement in EXTREME SLOW MOTION.”). It felt so meant to be. This song, with Emily finally enjoying this long overdue high after everything she’s gone through, is just so gorgeous to me.

This song also works in tandem with the kids singing “Shut the fuck up” a Waves original that Alexis started improvising in the car when she told me to “Shut the fuck up” giving her directions over the walkie. When I was editing this sequence, I cried uncontrollably for several hours. I’m grateful Chance let us use it—he is the master, and he’s talked about how personal this track is to him. It is so urgent, primal, and scary. It’s just so gorgeous and so undeniable that I knew we absolutely had to use ‘Florida’.”, “But honestly, there’s so much of Frank’s spirit in this movie. This song is a timeless classic from Amy Winehouse, it comes in as we are shifting from Tyler’s perspective, and moving over to Emily’s. One of my favorite shots in the film is Taylor hanging out the car window, mirroring the same sequence with Tyler from earlier in the film. Kelvin had to memorize the lyrics the day of shooting. We also sent Frank a rough cut of the movie with the letter and after months and months of praying we finally heard back, and thankfully he said yes!”, “This is such an incredible song and we use it in a moment that’s very empowering for Emily. With ‘FloriDada’, there’s the obvious thing that it’s Animal Collective making a song about Florida – I live in Florida, I love Florida, and this is very much a Florida movie. How to Begin by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. We wanted to explore how relationships unravel, how two people who love each other can fall into such a sad place. Pop star’s faithful take on rock band’s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” appears on ‘Anti’, Tame Impala's management company has responded to Rihanna's 'Currents' cover and reveals how it came together, Zak Kaczmarek/Getty, Christopher Polk/Getty.

Isaiah Rashad) by SZA, You are but a phoenix among feathersYou're broken by the waves among the seaThey'll let you die, they'll let you wash awayBut you swim as well as you fly.

This film was always meant to be a soundtrack film because of how huge music has been in my life—specifically in high school. I fucking LOVE this song. Body surf, don't sleep, body surf on me Don't stop, I wanna ride that wave All night, I wanna ride that wave Letters from our filmmakers, new trailers, podcasts, merch, and more. We now start to see how the parents are both dealing with their grief. He shows us his vulnerability, and all that he’s been keeping inside. Tame Impala – ‘Be Above It’ “This is one of my favourite tracks and we use, like, every version of it in this film. We chose to combine the studio and live version because the instrumentals were like an overture to the film.

We tried a million other songs and nothing worked. Tame Impala’s management issued a statement in regards to the cover. I love Animal Collective, I love Florida, and I love the energy and chaos in this song. It’s no coincidence that we chose to just use the bridge of this song. While the lyrics of the song take on a heartbreaking meaning later on in the film, they still also feel hopeful. I’ve had a few people question if high schoolers in South Florida would be listening to Animal Collective—I think it’s too easy to say they wouldn’t. It was originally the extended overture, but the music just fit the film, so when I was editing I decided to throw it in.

Trent and Atticus sent me this track when I was going through a hard time, and I started crying as soon as I heard it. The latter was originally indicated to be the lead single from both Rihanna’s eighth LP and West’s own highly-anticipated upcoming album, Waves.

I had to shoot an alternative version with the phone flipped over in case we didn’t get the rights to it.


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