was ociee nash a real person

They loved it. People love the negative. Most of the events in the film could be expected. Remember when you could go to a movie, be thoroughly entertained, and laugh with your children about it when you left the theater? You'll walk out with your spirits lifted. Kristen McGary has directed a film with such genuine heart that you instantly feel anguish that a movie like this doesn't come around more often. If it were a person, you would find it cute for about 10 minutes, and then you would flee its presence at all costs, taking the lives of innocent bystanders in your haste. Her Ma died not long ago, and Pa doesn’t rightly know how to raise a girl to become a proper young lady, so he sends her to live with his sister, Mamie (Mare Winningham), in Asheville, N.C. Aunt Mamie is loving but reserved, and is surprised that a young girl would climb trees and wear dungarees and things of that nature. The casting is picture perfect with Keith Carradine as the father whose love for his children brings him to make the difficult choice to send his only daughter to live with her aunt so she can grow up to "be a lady". For her first feature length film Ociee worked tirelessly and provided energy for the entire cast and crew. Sadly, Ociee boards the train to Asheville. It is wonderful to finally have this kind of clean family entertainment available for my 3 and 5 year old girls --- with a great role model like Ociee ---a little tomboy with spunk . This beautiful Movie is a delight from start to finish. Parents have been asking for a Movie like Ociee for years, now that it is here, go see and enjoy it. The acting is uniformly good, as is the quality of the cinematography. If only more films were available in which youngsters, parents and grandparents could all attend together and come out of the theater with lessons in life that could be discussed at length! The scenery was magnificent. I am glad the McGary sisters had the vision to turn this magical story into a movie that everyone can enjoy. (1 hr., 38 min. My 9 year old daughter and I had a great father-daughter date for the premiere of THE ADVENTURES OF OCIEE NASH at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. My son played the gypsy. The movie was fun for both of us. The lines were dumb especially when Ociee Nash met the president and fell down when nobody moved out of her way, then saying a little later to the president her opinion of "hurrying slowly" which the president and everybody there found to be a great idea. That's okay, but parents should give their kids a balanced diet by also taking them to see movies like Ociee Nash that are a little bit closer to the world that they live in, with simpler, thought provoking situations that a child can identify with. It is so adorably precious that you’ll just wanna love it and squeeze it and put it in a sack and throw it in the lake. I took four kids to "Ociee" at a screening here in Los Angeles. It should be irresistible to anyone who has ever wrestled with a sibling, climbed a tree, or been criticized for not being a "proper" young lady or gentleman. “The Dull Life of Ociee Nash” wouldn’t have been a very appealing title, I guess, but it would have been more accurate.

As an adult without children, seeing Ociee made me nostalgic for the family films of my youth, the ones that were wholesome, sweet, and moral. The leading young actress has a terrific screen presence. Great "G" rated film for kids, nice change of pace. And the worst word used in the story was "dern". It was directed by Kristen McGary and written by her and her sister Amy McGary, adapting Milam McGraw Propst’s novel “A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street.” Both McGarys have worked in Hollywood as set decorators and such but have not made a feature film before. We need more Movies like Ociee. Ociee befriends the proper young Elizabeth Murphy, but a trip to the creek and a meeting with young Harry Vanderbilt and the creek boys, finds Ociee and Elizabeth in over their heads. The film is visually lush, more like a big-budget Hollywood production than an indie. The kind of movie Hollywood used to make for kids. We also like the train sequence and the opportunity it provided for discussion after the movie about the time frame during which the movie takes place. I would also feel very comfortable giving it as a gift. Ociee’s true bravery, character and spirit come to the forefront when a fire at the Murphy house threatens the life of young Elizabeth Murphy. when can i buy the video for my girls!! The real Nash never saw any hallucinations, he only heard voices. It is safe for 'kids' of all ages. They were quiet as can be and seemed completely engaged in the story. After all, it's the fancy modern world of 1901, big brother Fred is now a married man, and brother Ben just coaxed her to jump off a moving train. An intelligent family movie that is not condescending. A wonderful independent film without any apologies. Not bad for a movie that actually has some redeeming value to it. Hearing the laughter, the clapping, and even a few sobs, I knew that this film had the secret ingredient that makes people love it...a heart. The dialogue is well written and delivers some important lessons about life. It will remind you (if you are a babyboomer) of the Disney type films we grew up on. Our girls continue to quote lines from the film especially "Hey Mister, Where's your sister?" With Ociee Nash, we were able to get a bit of a history lesson with characters like President McKinley, the Wright Brothers, and Nellie Bly in the story line. It’s all quaint, slice-of-life material, sort of a female version of Huckleberry Finn, but without any underlying theme or purpose. The Adventures of Ociee Nash was both. Would like to see more movies made for the whole family. With Ociee Nash, we were able to get a bit of a history lesson with characters like President McKinley, the Wright Brothers, and Nellie Bly in the story line. The opportunities for women in this era are severely limited. The movie is set in 1898 and focuses on a young girl from a Mississippi farm who is sent to Asheville, NC to live with her aunt to learn how to be a proper young lady. She has been anxiously awaiting the release of the movie on DVD so the rest of the family can see it. We need a lot more entertainment like this coming out of Hollywood . Ociee is the story of a young farm girl, played beautifully by Skylar Day, that bravely travels from Mississippi to Asheville, NC, to live with her Aunt and learn all the "social graces", after the death of her Mother. From sisters, Producer Amy McGary and Director Kristen McGary, comes the classic family film The Adventures of Ociee Nash set in 1898 and starring KEITH CARRADINE as Papa Nash, introducing SKYLER DAY as Ociee Nash, and with MARE WINNINGHAM as Aunt Mamie Nash.

The basic story, featuring a female "Tom Sawyer" type character was a classic tale with a beautiful example of what family really means. The acting in my opinion lacked feeling and character. ..thank you ! They made up their own Ociee adventures. However, Aunt Mamie’s soft heart is revealed when Ociee invites her childhood friend, Mr. Lynch, over for Sunday dinner. The movie is a story about a young girl coming of age around 1900 in the South. We are from Chattanooga, so it was especially fun for us to see the parts of the film made here in our city, and in nearby Atlanta. This is a flat-out wonderful movie, made sympathetically by people who really cared about the characters they portrayed so vividly. They ranged in age from two to ten. It plays the tale straight, without winking to the audience. She gets Ociee into a dress, and then Ociee gets herself into all sorts of adventures! My daughter has frequently said she needs to "find her courage", just like Ociee. The movie, a family-friendly period piece not to be confused with “The Adventures of Pluto Nash,” which was bad for different reasons, is suspect even in its title. No double-edged jokes that the kids don't get, but the adults do. Kudos for a sweet family film! If you have children and do not like the films of today that strip our young children of their innocence, you will love this film! Ociee Nash, Adv of: Amazon.ca: Video. There is no bad language in this film, no violence beyond the level of a typical sibling wrestling match. “The Adventures of Ociee Nash” is 10 pounds of quaint in a five-pound bag. It's a great tale for kids, and will provoke them to think about things that remain important -- the role of women, what's considered proper behavior, daring to take chances and so forth. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and wish everyone I know could see it. I knew they were watching because they would occasionally laugh or comment at something that one of the characters said, indicating that they were actually listening to the dialogue! So many times we take our children to movies and struggle to answer question concerning the movies content. The lead, Sklyer Day is a delight, who finds her voice as the movie progresses.

Ociee Nash was a great role model. The film has a quirkiness reminiscent of "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" It was beautifully shot to depict the times and the gentle nature of all the characters. As a Georgian, I was glad to see Atlanta's beauty through a filmmaker's eyes and as an artist, I was glad to see so many local celebrities mixed in with solid performers like Keith Carradine and Mare Winningham. My husband and I took my eight and ten year old daughters to see this film on a recommendation from our neighbors. The characters are well developed. While it may seem geared to girls, my 10 year old son, was just as enthused about the movie as my 6 year-old daughter. Historical characters peppered throughout the film add humor and education. Interstate travel is by passenger train. The movie, a family-friendly period piece not to be confused with “The Adventures of Pluto Nash,” which was bad for different reasons, is suspect even in its title. I would love to have this movie in my home library. She's a great role model for other little girls, and I bet she's already inspiring little boys to have big crushes. Papa decides it is time to send Ociee to Ashville, N.C. where her Aunt Mamie can teach her to become “a young lady”.

As I grow older, I long for those films that make us, as human beings, dare to search for great adventure. The scenery was a delight: the trains, the countryside, the beautiful turn of the century homes. See it with someone you love. Mare Winningham makes the aunt prickly but never so much that we don't see her humanity shining through. Parents will be entertained as well. A triumphant “Ociee Nash Day” celebration ensues to everyone’s delight. It's nice to find a movie that can be entertaining while at the same time reminding us that character and bravery are timeless qualities. We, in the suburbs of Atlanta, were fortunate to be able to send many friends to to see what I now call an endangered species - the FAMILY FILM. The film itself was kind of interesting though. The gypsy (Anthony Rodriguez) was fantastic and so natural with Oicee.

This movie captured the true spirit of the heroism of a young girl. I highly recommend this film for inter-city folks who do not have the opportunities to see such beauty and a life style that is not very often shown in today's movies. My daughter played Ociee.

No, just kidding.

G, nothing offensive. Trading in dungarees for dresses, Ociee tries her best to adjust, but finds herself compelled to hold onto her spirited heart.

We will recommend the movie, and we'll watch it again. Although written for a younger audience, it certainly appeals to adult movie-goers as well! The plot is a little bit thin in places making a few scenes feel a bit contrived, but overall the plot hangs together nicely and moves along at a good pace. The movie shows how a young person can overcome adversity in their life through courage and love, and that by doing so they can have a positive effect on the lives of the people around them.


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