voodoo names for males
[239] The religion is now typically spelled "Vodou". [96] After the period of seclusion in the djèvo, the new initiate is brought out and presented to the congregation; they are now referred to as ounsi lave tèt. "[137] There is often bitter competition between different oungan and manbo. The Roman Catholic Church left for several decades following the Revolution, allowing Vodou to become Haiti's dominant religion. [205] These songs are designed to be invocations to summon a lwa, and contain lyrics that are simple and repetitive. /You do. The character Galeb from Tales of Monkey Island was based on Loa Papa Legba. [63], Papa Legba, also known as Legba, is the first lwa to be saluted during Vodou ceremonies. [203], The drum is perhaps the most sacred item in Vodou. In the south, Kongo influence is called Petwo (Petro).

In many African clans, deities might include Mami Wata, who are gods and goddesses of the waters; Legba, who in some clans is virile and young in contrast to the old man form he takes in Haiti and in many parts of Togo; Gu (or Ogoun), ruling iron and smithcraft; Sakpata, who rules diseases; and many other spirits distinct in their own way to West Africa. [152], The main ceremonial space within the ounfò is known as the peristil or peristyle. Follow us or one of our many popular group boards: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. [37] Ranked below these figures are the ounsi, individuals who make a lifetime commitment to serving the lwa.

She is a source of exposition for Guybrush, and helps him out with matters of the occult. [140] Amid the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus in Haiti during the late twentieth century, health care professionals raised concerns that Vodou was contributing to the spread of the disease, both by sanctioning sexual activity among a range of partners and by having individuals consult oungan and manbo for medical advice rather than doctors. [210] The dances that take place are simple, lacking complex choreography. This extremist view is not considered credible by mainstream Protestants, however conservatives such as Pat Robertson repeat the idea. [296] In the U.S., Vodou has attracted non-Haitians, especially African Americans and migrants from other parts of the Caribbean region. [96] It serves as a lav tét ("head washing") to prepare the initiate for having the lwa enter and reside in their head. Religion, on the other hand, is based on formal organization, myths and dogma in texts, buildings constructed for worship, and a hierarchy of ordained leaders. [87] His consort is Grand Brigitte;[87] she has authority over cemeteries and is regarded as the mother of many of the other Guédé. The patron god of smiths in Haitian and Yoruban Voodoo. [252], The cultural area of the Fon, Ewe, and Yoruba peoples share a common metaphysical conception of a dual cosmological divine principle consisting of Nana Buluku, the God-Creator, and the voduns(s) or God-Actor(s), daughters and sons of the Creator's twin children Mawu (goddess of the moon) and Lisa (god of the sun). [209] The singers are led by a figure known as the hungerikon, whose task it is to sing the first bar of a new song. [127] Prior to being used in a Vodou ritual it needs to be consecrated. [189], The asson is a sacred rattle used in summoning the lwa. [187], Spaces for ritual also appear in the homes of many Vodouists. [7] Papa Legba, Erzulie, Ogun, Ghede and other popular Loa together with the adepts of Voodoo are depicted in Andrei Gusev's 2020 novel Our Wild Sex in Malindi. [78] Loco is the lwa of vegetation, and because he is seen to give healing properties to various plant species is considered the lwa of healing too.


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