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Air Albania is the famous national flag carrier airline of Albania. The words "Special" and "Delivery" streaks through the sun that is in the background leaving a rainbow trail. Viacom Productions (or simply Viacom) was the production company of CBS, they were formed from the pre-1971 CBS Films, in 2006, they split with CBS, forming Viacom Inc. 1st Logo (June 4, 1971-June 1976): "Pinball", "V-iA-COM", "V-iA-COM Pinball", 2nd Logo (June 1976-September 13, 1986): "V of Doom", "Big V", "Zooming V", "Viacom V", "That V", 3rd Logo (1981): "Flashing V", "V of Rainbow", "Viacom V II", 4th Logo (1984-1986): "Special Delivery", "The Viacom Emblem", "Viacom V III", "Golden V", 5th Logo (December 1, 1985-May 24, 1987): "V of Calm”, "Viacom V IV", "Friendly V", "V of Happiness", 6th Logo (1985-1986): "V in Space" (opening only), "V in the Big City" (closing only), "Early V of Steel", "Silver Viacom V", "Viacom V V", "Silver V", 7th Logo (September 13, 1986-December?

ViacomCBS today confirmed Paramount+ as the new brand name for the company’s CBS All Access streaming service. 2nd logo: Here are the main music variants used on this logo: 3rd logo: The opening and closing themes of the syndie promo or none. 8th Logo: On a shaded blue background, a silver "V" flies from the bottom left and then backwards.

There is a version where the LaFontaine voice-over cuts in earlier. As the screen fades to purple, the letter "V" slides in. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Dieses Logo besteht nur aus einfachen geometrischen Formen und Text. This airline was founded on 16... Singapore Airlines Font. 5th Logo: On a black background, we see a still image of the Viacom "V" logo in blue.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. 7th Logo: We start out with a screen, divided half black/purple gradient on top and half silver on the bottom with a bright light flare shining between. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. The logo of ViacomCBS Networks International. There is also a warp speed and ultra warp speed version of the standard (one wipe) and the four wipes version. A synthesized whoosh is heard first, leading into a jingle played on a flute being heard as the line uncurls. Find logo fonts used in Company, Film Industries,TV, E-commerce website and more.

As the logo finishes, a faint choir is heard in the background.

Telephone-like "wigga-wigga" sounds are heard as the line zig-zags. Apart from these, this is still fairly tame, compared to the 2nd logo. A still version of the network version exists. It's usually seen on PAL prints of Viacom-distributed shows and movies with this logo. Sometimes, the "V" shines three or four times. 5th logo: None. Either way, it's still a nice change from the "V of Doom". 6th logo: None. Even after the logo faded (or cut) to black, the timpani's echo could still be heard. The music shares a similar musical key as the "V of Doom". Underneath "\/|/\CO/\/\" is the text "PRODUCTIONS" in Futura Extra Bold font moving up ala the "Float In" animation of the Microsoft PowerPoint with a line and the byline "a Paramount company" (in the text used for the Paramount Pictures logo) fading in below "\/|/\CO/\/\ PRODUCTIONS". The very first version of the normal 1976 music had a slightly faster tempo/low-pitched version of the usual music, used on the same logo with the very dark blue/black "V" logo, and it was also used in tandem with the standard filmed variant. On network TV productions from 1998-1999, we see the "VIACOM" text already formed, but a line slides in from the right and forms into "PRODUCTIONS" in Futura Extra Bold font, after which the "C" and the "O" in "VIACOM" shine. 6th logo: Opening: Against a space background with twinkling stars, a metallic steel outline of the Viacom "V" and "Viacom" in its familiar Palatino like font zoom back with a metallic steel trail effect. In any case, it looks pretty cool for a modern-day simplistic logo. The word "Viacom" flies in from the upper-left of the screen and places itself under the "V", and the "V" shines. Air Albania Font. Size of this PNG preview of this SVG file: Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents, (SVG file, nominally 1,000 × 124 pixels, file size: 5 KB), User:Magog the Ogre/PD ineligible/2019 December 4-7, User:Minorax/PD textlogo (SVG)/2020 August 11-13, User:Minorax/PD textlogo (SVG)/2020 October 1-2, User:OgreBot/Uploads by new users/2020 October 02 07:30,, SVG logos of companies of the United States, SVG logos of companies associated with entertainment and leisure, SVG logos of companies associated with mass media, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Closing: Against a city skyline with a purple night sky with most of the building's lights switched on and twinkling stars, the metallic textured "V" forms out of light particles. This is a beautiful logo, and a refreshing change to the standard "V of Doom" fanfare of the 2nd logo. The completed logo, which kind of looks like "\/|/\CO/\/\", shines. When the word "ViACOM" is formed, the camera quickly pans outward and the words "A" and "PRESENTATiON" are seen to the left and right of the word "ViACOM", over a blue background. Klicke auf einen Zeitpunkt, um diese Version zu laden. At the end of the reel, we see the "V" with the word "Viacom" in blue and the word "from" above the "V" and they all zoom in towards the viewer. 4th logo: We start off in outer space.

4th logo: None to minimal. After that, the "V" flashes to bright cerulean and the word "Viacom" in the same color flashes in with the word "presents" below. 3rd logo: On a black background, we see the "V" rotating to the center in a rainbow streak.

Then "iA" slides in, changing the background to green. 3rd logo: Minimal. ", "PRIVATE LINK PLEASE?!

Then, the rainbow streak lines out of the logo. Durch nachträgliche Bearbeitung der Originaldatei können einige Details verändert worden sein.

This variant is also known as the "V of Pinball". Now that the remerger between the CBS Corporation and Viacom, Inc. is announced and will be complete by the end of the year after 13 years as separate companies and Star Trek and Mission: Impossible are once again being placed under one same corporate roof, here is what the new ViacomCBS logo would look like with that name in the Viacom 2005 font. The first 3 bring up the letters to "ViACOM", and the last, which plays over the zoom-out, has a zap-like "WHOOSH" that blends in with the last bell, combined with a synth chord and gurgling/telephone-like sounds.
Now that the remerger between the CBS Corporation and Viacom, Inc. is announced and will be complete by the end of the year after 13 years as separate companies and. 10th logo: The closing theme of the program or none.

It may surprise some people who are expecting the "V of Doom", but is much, much tamer compared to the "V of Doom". 10th logo: None, though it may surprise those expecting to see the Spike Originals logo.


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