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Though I have been absent for a few years, I will tell you that has a wealth of information, and knowledge that is right at the Veterans Fingertips.

Can a 100 percent Disabled Veteran Earn an Income? Your obligation to respond is required to obtain, or retain benefits.

I am now 70%. For my first FDC for PTSD, I was scheduled for a C&P Exam & attended it on 07 April. I don’t believe I would have gotten as far as I have without the words of encouragement and the wealth of knowledge that has been afforded to me here. I salute each of you and thank you for having my back. By law, you actually have one year to file the F-9 from the initial denial in spite of the sixty day suspense date following issuance of a SOC. H��V�n�6}���z��]2��"�.\t/M���/�D[�J�+Jq����-;��/MH��3sf�9�M�\�J�2����W�n�w�‡7w�ภ��s��*��'v++�� ϡ��U���A�q�%�?�%��ڙ~�[>y�}s�?a���O��o8�$�B؃?��'�2Y H)�[email protected]�(��6�j�#|��UΣ���H��xq!>H��7/ ��6�"&�; I����d��F65�E It is an awesome feeling. I HAVR NOTHING FROM MILITARY. Again, do not wait until Day 29 to act and be sure to use  certified mail to satisfy the common law mailbox rule if you choose to play this kind of poker game. l am service connected for: and I have successfully, helped at least 40 other Veterans get service connected and most of them is a 100% service connected and I credit 95% to and I think is the best help website on line, and I want to personal thank, all of the moderators, and Carla for all there expertise in helping disable veterans, in negotiate a very complicated Veterans Affairs claim process. has been sitting on Hypertension, Monoconal Gammopathy and Bladder Cancer for long time now, not doing a thing except waiting for more of us to die. I wanted to write a short brief story. Thank you Theresa and all those here at who have supported and helped to give the Veteran such a place of refuge and help. Submit your SUPPLEMENTAL CLAIM request to the local VA office or processing center identified on your decision notification letter. Use this form to request a SUPPLEMENTAL CLAIM of the decision you received that you disagree with. I never received a dime from his death.

send you this notice through the mail or other electronic communication. The traditional appeal path doesn’t get this treatment although VA would hotly deny it. I am not a vet, but if I was, i’d Be appalled at how they basically don’t care about these elderly sickly men and or women who sacrifice their lives for their country. If the holder of the evidence declines to give, it to VA, asks for a fee to provide it, or otherwise cannot get the evidence, VA will notify you and provide you with an opportunity to, VA will make every reasonable effort to obtain relevant records not held by a Federal facility that you adequately identify and, authorize VA to obtain. By joining the modernized process, Veterans and claimants will receive more choice and control over their disagreements, and more timely decisions. Trying to make this as short as I can! A few win! form to opt into the modernized review system for any issues decided in the SOC or SSOC, you must provide notice to VA of your decision to leave the legacy appeals system for those issues. Your selection of the SUPPLEMENTAL CLAIM option does not prevent you from changing the, review option under the modernized review system (in accordance with applicable procedures) before VA renders the supplemental, Please note that by checking the “OPT-IN from SOC/SSOC” box in item 13 you are acknowledging the following: I elect to participate, in the modernized review system.

The VSO’s were very friendly and accommodating, but really did not go beyond helping me fill out paperwork. Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 9:00 amAugust 19, 2019 Posted in Benefits by VAntage Point Contributor 17k views. I know you said you don’t have SSN or ID, how about his family? Rapid denial system, the VA hasn’t changed anything for the better, still stuck in the half reviews they conduct of the data submitted. Try to learn as much as you can as you have a powerful tool here at The new process provides more options and a faster decision without changing their date of claim. What kind of bs is that?? If you do, you or your representative must fill out this form and file it with VA. "Filing" means delivering the completed form to VA in person or by mailing it based on the instructions you received with your SOC. Then I checked again, and found out that I was granted 100%. I won 100% in 1999 thanks to this site. These may include records from State or local governments and privately held evidence and information you, tell us about, such as private doctor or hospital records from current or former employers. In 1994 or so, they renumbered it as simply Form 9. I cried and was depressed for at least a month. Contributor advice and content is appreciated and free. Consult with the appropriate professionals before taking any legal action. Even so, there are still outstanding problems created by the VA’s claims system and it’s improper handling of claims and flawed decision making process. Thank you so much and God Bless!!! Rest are waiting, Richard Torres   She stated clearly” we really screwed this up”, however when I got the results there was no mention of her findings. A Supplemental Statement of the Case (SSOC) is a decision that comes after a Statement of the Case (SOC) and a VA Form 9 has been filed on the SOC. Six months later, if we have filed a Fully Developed Claim (FDC) we are given the “You lost” briefing. VA promptly changes it into something else and off we go. Hi Barbra, I’m a 30yr retired Vet USAF.

I submitted a CUE request and am waiting for the VA to review and hopefully revise my initial ratings. There is one special kind of case, called a "simultaneously contested claim," where you have 30 days to file this form instead of the
You are not required to respond to a collection of information if this number is not displayed. They never contacted me at death and after. The SOC arrives eventually but usually takes about a minimum of 13-15 months. I have not posted much here since originally signing up about three years ago. PENALTY: The law provides severe penalties which include a fine, imprisonment, or both, for the willful submission of any statement or evidence of a material fact, TemplateRoller. It’s very helpful when these conditions and issues we deal with are so debilitating as well as overwhelming at times. CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS (Number, street or rural route, City or P.O. Keep the good work up. This form has several key components, which. There was no evidence of record to support it but, more importantly, VA simply refused to even discuss my legal theory. I am starting to believe that VSOs are in on this as well, David W Gray   NAME OF VA AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE (Please Print), ALTERNATE SIGNER CERTIFICATION AND SIGNATURE, 17. For state agencies and organizations that use VA forms. I can’t say enough about how great it feels, thanks to all the great folks who have educated me on the process.

Thank you TBIRD and HADIT. So I submitted a request to re-open my sleep apnea claim due to new evidence that included lay letters, articles, and a NEXUS letter. What is the difference between an SOC and an SSOC? VA will retrieve relevant records, from a Federal facility or VAMC, that you adequately identify and authorize VA to obtain.


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