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Paul G. Allen Center, Box 352350

The Direct to Major process primarily impacts freshmen entering UW in autumn 2019 and beyond. The expansion of our Direct to Major admission program is in response to unprecedented demand for Computer Science at UW.

Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering Consistently ranked among the top computer science and engineering graduate programs in the nation, the Paul G. Allen School offers our 300 full-time graduate students a collegial and supportive learning environment; research opportunities of the highest quality; and the chance to collaborate with entrepreneurial faculty who are recognized leaders in their fields. It's just not that important. r/SeattleWA. Bill & Melinda Gates Center, Box 352355 Paul G. Allen Center, Box 352350 First, there is a cutoff. In addition, a growing number of majors now offer a data science specialization.

I got admitted to both and picked UofT CS but after knowing about the lies they said, I awfully regret it and would have picked UW CS instead. Things we look for from kids still in school or recent grads.

The Combined B.S./M.S. What was your reasoning? Do you want lively open discussions, upcoming events, local … Press J to jump to the feed. Graduate (Ph.D.) Advising: grad-advising at cs.washington.edu, Copyright © 2017-2019 University of Washington - Seattle - r/starcraft2: Welcome to the subreddit for the popular Blizzard Real Time Strategy game StarCraft 2! Please go to contact, open positions or Professional Master's Program Advising: masters at cs.washington.edu I picked uoft cs just bc it was cheaper (didnt have to pay for res, my commute is usually 40 minutes or so) ... also, it still has PEY (12-16 month internship) so you're not really losing that work experience opportunity. Co - op was appealing, but in the grand scheme of things I thought I would be happier at UofT. Through educational leadership, research and development, intellectual partnerships and community outreach, we seek to measurably improve science scholarship, commerce, and society.

Additionally, coming to UW as a pre-major transfer student often extends the amount of time until a student can graduate. engg.) The Allen School’s Direct to Major process considers these same holistic criteria. User account menu. HOWEVER when you get into second year (and then 3rd then 4th) you pay 16k+/yr, which is awfully alot. Check with advisor first though. Thats my reasons on why I went to UofT instead of UW: because of the misconceptions that I wished I knew before I accepted my offer. 185 E Stevens Way NE The majority of Allen School operations, including classes and academic advising, are currently online only. Since he may not even have an undergrad degree of any type, you may have skipped over hiring Bill Gates. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Welcome to the unofficial subreddit of the University of Washington! Design and development of online discussion systems and computational techniques that enable users and communities to customize their online experiences and control the flow of information. Visit our contact page for more information. You don’t have to be an extrovert. What are my chances? University of Washington, Main Administrative Offices: Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. University of Washington, Main Administrative Offices: Second, in first year, you pay only $8k. At one of my internships (in Seattle) most of the other interns were from the East Coast (Ivy League, MIT, etc), some from the Midwest, some from the Bay Area (Stanford, Berkeley) and they had no idea UW in general had any sort of reputation in the CS field. Third, it is very hard to get an internship in first yr. Please read the rules before submitting content. CSE 390l: Leadership Seminar Series The UW CSE Leadership Seminar Series, CSE 390L, is a one-credit (CR/NC) seminar series, primarily targeted at undergraduates, that brings CSE alumni and friends to campus to describe how to be effective in a startup, small company, large company, or less common environment. For both majors, we are proud to offer a rigorous and engaging curriculum that prepares our students for successful careers in industry, academia, and public service. At all levels, we are committed to promoting diversity in our community and in our field — offering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, including international students, women, and other underrepresented groups. (Students need to keep in mind that many of these computing-related majors are capacity constrained; students should speak with advisers from those majors to understand the individual program details.) Most staff are working remotely and available via email. Directions, Student Services:

Are the satellite campuses UW Bothell or UW Tacoma perceived as significantly different? We also offer lifelong educational renewal opportunities for employed professionals as well as a robust postdoctoral research program for Ph.D. holders interested in building their academic research credentials.

Also, how hard is it to declare CS and by which year do people generally declare it? waterloo's program seems like it's better suited if you want to just get into the industry. As for applying to computer engineering, the admissions are pooled across computer science and computer engineering so that isn’t any easier to get into. Obviously some of that is embellishment but how much? btw keep in mind that uoft has a POSt avg cutoff for cs and it seems to be rising every year... tldr if you're worried about paying that extra 8k or so for res fees, don't. UW offers more than 180 majors, including a number of technology-related majors other than CS which are popular choices for many students and can be a great fit for your future plans. I am a full time software engineer now and I don't know where any of my coworkers got their CS degrees if they even have them. Out of tens of thousands of programmers that Amazon (not to mention Google, Microsoft, etc.) Hi, so I got into udub for pre-sciences as an intl, although I wanted CS.


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