united flight 553 cyanide

The documents are accounted valuable tor their blackmail potential and were first flashed by Chicago Congressman Daniel Rostenkowski in 1971 in order to force Mitchell to back away from Kerner. This was Metcalf, freaked to discover that what had hired him to poison her had hired someone else to destroy the airplane as a whole, and thus himself. d. The technically flashy theft of the securities and the Mitchell documents. Anonymously tipped they would not reach Chicago alive if they absconded with the precious papers, Blodgett and Krueger nevertheless boarded 553. [1]:15 The system had tracked the plane from a position of 55 miles (89 km) east of its antenna site to close to the crash site.[1]:15. [1]:32

Another of Skolnick’s points was that “there was a pinprick in the altimeter, making it malfunction.” While both altimeters showed altitudes that were off by about 100 feet, this was explicable due to the extreme nose up attitude of the aircraft which interrupted airflow into the pitot tubes; this error also was too small to have any bearing on the accident. But besides this Skolnick marshals a range of fragmentary detail around the crash sufficient for an argument that it must have been sabotaged, and from a speculation around these fragments the role of the Sarelli mob comes into focus as a logical and reasonable possibility. Burgess rejected this request immediately without explanation or comment. The plane then skidded across the street and slammed headlong into three more houses, which were reduced to rubble by the massive impact. By using and further navigating this website, you accept this. That left only a couple of bits of circumstantial evidence: the identities of those on the plane, some statements from unidentified informants, and a level of cyanide in Captain Whitehouse’s blood that some experts thought was too high to be from smoke inhalation. People scrambled over the backs of seats and over each other in a desperate attempt to reach the emergency exits, while the smoke plunged the inside of the plane into near total darkness.

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This dialogue will close in 60 seconds or you can click the exit icon in the top right corner to go back to the flight map immediately. "Dwight Chapin," SkolInick told me in a lengthy phone interview last week, "is exercising his and United's heaviest kind of clout to make sure this story doesn't get into the media.". Since the article was first printed in the "Phoenix," several new facts substantiating the theory that the plane was sabotaged by those wishing to permanently silence Ms. Hunt and the others have come to light. With the spoilers still extended, thrust was not enough to maintain level flight without losing speed. We can prove nothing from all this, of course; but I think we have sufficiently suggestive detail from Skolnick's work, from McCord's rich testimony, and from analysis of the unfolded event to support a speculation along the following line: Dorothy Hunt was making a break from Creep on December 8. Don't have an account? It was at this exact moment that several things happened at once on board flight 553.

This was believed to be part of a ‘hush money’ payment arranged by Fred LaRue, a friend of former Attorney General John Mitchell who had been tasked with providing funds to mitigate the expenses of the Watergate conspirators and possibly, buy their silence. Did you know that FlightAware flight tracking is supported by advertising? [1]:27 The status indicator for the spoilers would then be showing green: the same indication as for spoilers retracted but ready to deploy automatically immediately on landing, potentially misleading the First Officer when executing the final-descent checklist urgently.
Although most newspapers refused to touch Skolnick’s story, some smaller ones did, and their summaries of his testimony — while portrayed as credible by the reporters who wrote them — contained so many false statements that Skolnick’s conspiracy theory totally falls apart under the most basic analysis. the reader to the Report on the Southern Airways accident[15] which quotes in full an FAA Bulletin raising issues of training and culture. Skolnick says they do not show up again until two days after the Midway crash when their availability is reported on the underworld market at a price of $5 million. (2) United Flight 553 reported he was on the approach but not yet at the outer marker. “Recorder go off?” Captain Whitehouse asked.

It seemed after all rather strange that only Captain Whitehouse among the three in the cockpit showed cyanide and startling that he should have shown so much.


[1]:2 The area was overcast at the time: a pilot landing on that runway immediately after the accident later reported that the airport was only visible below 500–600 feet (150–180 m) AGL.
It also turned out that the FBI was on scene before the NTSB because the Chicago Police Department had requested their assistance, and they didn’t know Dorothy Hunt was even on the plane until after they had already ruled out foul play, 20 hours after the accident. It has been longstanding FBI policy to immediately proceed to the scene of an airplane crash for the purpose of developing any information indicating a possible Federal violation within the investigative jurisdiction of the FBI. 1.

None of these events could be corroborated by witness testimony from any of the 18 survivors. This one asked to be called "the board. After locating it, he added, “Don’t know what to say… I get a reaction when I pull the AC.”.

One such article by the Ann Arbor Sun listed eight points in support of Skolnick’s theory, of which the majority were blatantly false. Chicago police whom he trusts told Skolnick. The National Transportation Safety Board was quickly informed of the accident, and within hours a team of investigators arrived in Chicago from Washington, D.C. To my mind strangely, Skolnick thinks their presence with Mrs. Hunt I was a coincidence. Readers who similarly lack knowledge about the case might be inclined to think the story carried some actual weight, which has caused the Watergate connection to flourish in conspiracy circles ever since. United Airlines Flight 553 was a scheduled service from Washington National Airport to Omaha, Nebraska, via Chicago Midway International Airport. With the Northern Natural investigation simmering last summer (indictments came down against company officials last Sept 8, within a few days of which five more government witnesses died) Bottos drew a new and apparently disconnected assignment: to infiltrate the Joseph Sarelli mob. [17] He said that Hunt carried $2 million in traveler's checks and money orders stolen from the Committee for the Re-Election of the President, $50,000 in currency, and documents that may have led to the impeachment of President Richard Nixon. As the seven men faced trial on charges of burglary and conspiracy, President Nixon was privately worried that Hunt and Liddy, who also worked for a secret White House anti-leak task force, would reveal too much about his campaign’s involvement in the Watergate break-ins. [1]:7, When Flight 553 reached the Kedzie OMB, the aircraft was still at an altitude of 2,200 feet (670 m) MSL, a full 700 feet (210 m) above the minimum crossing altitude of 1,500 feet (460 m) MSL,[1]:26 1,160 feet (350 m) above the height at which the decision on whether to land must be finalized.

The Government Accounting Office says Creep spent $10 million in unreported funds. Recognizing that they were too high, Captain Whitehouse configured the plane to achieve a descent rate of 1,550 feet per minute, more than the amount recommended for final approach. As a result, the accident became known as "the Watergate crash. Although junior pilots on the ALPA seniority list at United, did have a "flight engineer" rating too, that was because that rating was required for them to operate the FE panels on planes like the 727, DC-8, B-720, DC-10, B-747. Today Skolnick kicks himself for being the funnel through which Mitchell leaked information on Rostenkowski which discredited and silenced him and evidently forced him to hand over the documents. Others were not so lucky: many passengers perished inside the burning plane after inhaling toxic gases from the smoke, including carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. [1]:36 First Officer Coble had more than 10,600 flight hours (including nearly 1,700 hours on the Boeing 737) under his belt and Second Officer Elder had close to 2,700 hours, with nearly 1,200 of them on the Boeing 737. “Okay, left turn to one eight zero — left turn okay?” Coble said to the controller. If Ms. Hunt and the others on the flight were, in fact, murdered, then no hearings into the crash or into the subterranean activities of the Waterbuggers can be concluded until those responsible for the murders and sabotage are exposed and made to answer for their crimes. The house exploded in a hail of flying bricks, and the left wing cleanly sliced half the roof off another. b6 b7C b6 b7C Interviewed on . I have been proposing that we regard McCord as an anti-Creep, anti-Nixon agent of a Yankee CIA who penetrated the secret group around Nixon in order to expose it, precisely as Skolnick says, by contriving the bust of the lot of them that night last June. The article also stated that the instrument landing system was “mysteriously” turned off prior to the flight’s arrival, and that this could have caused the crash, but this was irrelevant because trained pilots are perfectly capable of landing without the ILS. [7] This crash was the first fatal accident involving a Boeing 737, which had entered airline service nearly five years earlier in February 1968.[8]. However, Captain Whitehouse seemed to be unaware of the extra distance they had traveled during this time. AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATOR named Ann Koutso working with Skolnick from the East Coast phoned up the National Transport Safety Board in Washington last week and tried to check out the cyanide story. (If the 3.9 level is right, 553's pilot was poisoned.). We have already noted the two-day-long loss of 553's crashproof recorders in the nose and tail and their vastly improbable double failure. On the contrary, the direction of Skolnick's idea is that Chapin was one of the Nixon Creeps more than ever when he went to United, that he was in fact sent to United by Nixon in order to assert Creep influence if not control over United's potentially dangerous in-house crash investigation.


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