underrail psi shotgun build 2019
A subreddit dedicated to the discussion and news surrounding Underrail. Guaranteed stun too so long as enemy takes 1 electric damage (so make sure their shields are down). With 2 point specialization, its a 4 second CD for basically free AP cast on any psi ability.

Another new player friendly class would be stealth tranquility psi. Stasis (70 skill points, 15 ap, 40 psi, learned from random psionic mentor from doctor stores/loot) - locks anyone including yourself in place, cant be damaged or act, but cooldowns still go down while locked. Shell Strap Belt, Hand

Some psi abilities such as Cryostasis do not scale at all with the invoker's skill. However, high impact abilities can run you out of psi quickly.[1]. personal rating 5/10- very situational, super cheap however slightly unreliable, last line of defense against enemy ranged. But I can try to give some advice. Gray Officer Armor

(base ability gives you 2x15 so 30 ap, with perk its 3x20 so 60 ap, the perk DOUBLES the overall ap you get from this ability). Use it at beginning of every fight unless I'm saving it for more enemies that are off screen that I know are going to come. This penalty can be altered with either Psycho-neural Flexibility or Psycho-neural Optimization feat. Well hopefully this helps alot of new players or even old players that never looked into psi out. Or use it to block doorways or surround yourself if you are in a corner/wall to recover CDs/heal up/reload etc.

There are three (four, counting this new one of yours) threads asking about shotgun builds just on the first page of the Builds subforum.

Psi regenerates every turn in combat and every 5 seconds out of combat, drawing from the character's psi reserves. That's way better than having some thought control that'll be resisted all the time since your skill is too low. Underrail: Expedition expansion adds fourth psi skill, Temporal Manipulation. Ice of Spades Høddurform, Tools Would a stealth shotgun + grenades char be viable? Crowbar Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Sørmirbæren Skærder Knife/Spear/Sword

Would drop it for barrel stare as it would be of far more use for your primary weapon.

Thats a lot use for 55 points and 25%hp. You basically trade 25% of your hp for 100 pool of psi points to get psi empathy.

I want to try out psi build but I don't have dlc. Mind control and meta schools are both great, almost required for pure psi builds since they are more dps oriented, they just are not great for support with low skill levels. Only thing I dislike about PSI is it is so mad overpowered it tends to make a lot of the game either too easy.


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