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This alliance included Tyr. [9], Besides his avatar, Tyr might send an intelligent war dog as a representative, or he might use a resounding gong, a choir of male voices, or a floating warhammer to express his will.

The two other gods who made up the Triad were Ilmater and Torm. [3], His trustworthiness is legendary; Tyr allowed the wolf Fenrir to bite off his right hand rather than break his word. 1st, 13th, & 22nd of every month [23], Among Tyr's worshipers were judges, lawyers, magistrates, the oppressed, paladins, and police. It is exceptionally deadly and especially harmful to evil extraplanar beings and chaotic creatures. Lawful good The Norse god Tyr is the primary inspiration for the god Tyr in the Forgotten Realms.

[9], The highly organized church of Tyr was strong in the more civilized lands of the Realms. Tyr's temple is a fortified wooden structure with battlements and watchtowers. Judges, lawyers, magistrates, the oppressed, paladins, police

Knights, bureaucrats, judges, merchants

Tyr’s blindness dates to the Time of Troubles, when Ao himself scoured his eyes for failing to witness the theft of the Tablets of Fate and for allowing discord among the gods of Toril.

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[40][41][42][43] Furious, Kezef bit off Tyr's hand. In many such cases, Tyrrans attempt to change the laws by working within the system. In Sigrdrifumal, the valkyrie Sigerdrifa advises the hero Sigurd to carve the name of Tyr on a sword to ensure victory.


The massive House of Tyr’s Hand in Thesk represents a more staid, traditionalist sect of the church, and shelters the Just Knights--clerics, fighters, and paladins who have honored the Maimed God in countless battles against their aggressive neighbors in Thay. 4e The doors are made of thick oaken beams, and the only windows are arrow slits.

Portfolio According to Old Norse specialist Jackson Crawford, the name Týr has the same root as Zeus and Jupiter. [36], In Calimshan, Anachtyr had been worshiped for far longer than Tyr had been in other parts of Faerûn. Worshipers have allegorized Tyr’s wounds as emblematic of the blindness of justice and the price the truly just must endure on the path of righteousness and stern defense of the law.

[7] By the late 14th century DR, however, Tyr had tired of appearing in the Realms and began limiting his appearances to cases with important repercussions that were not obvious to mortals. In some cases, Tyrrans act as agents of vengeance for those who have been wronged and who cannot afford or are no longer around to defend themselves.

Tyrrans tend to view all affairs in clear-cut moral terms, preferring to see the world ordered by just laws that provide the greatest benefit to all. Served By [2][7] Tyr hated duplicity, trickery, rule-breaking, and wanton destruction. [7][8][9] He wanted his followers to see themselves as a "perfect family", not made of perfect individuals but rather of members who tried and wanted to be perfect, who acted out of trust, courage, and love toward each other.

On the first of each month, Tyrrans celebrate Seeing Justice, at which specially chanted prayers elicit the appearance of a white-hot war hammer that glows with heat and light. Several weapon racks stand adjacent to the entrance. Theirs is a doctrine of justice through benevolent force and armed vigilance, a philosophy that makes the faith attractive to paladins and lawful fighters. Tyr's warhammer was especially disrupting to undead. Cleric 25 Fighter 38 [7][29] The colors blue, white, and purple were considered sacred to his followers.

[10], The first recorded instance of Tyr on Toril was in the Lake of Steam region, circa −2600 DR. A warrior known as Belaros and a group of priests were said to have met with Tyr in person in the mountains near the northern border of Turmish. He and the wolf Garm are destined to slay each other at Ragnarok. [47] Tyr's portfolio of justice was subsequently absorbed by Bahamut, who later became a subservient deity of Torm. Pantheon Before every criminal trial in civilized lands, good-hearted magistrates whisper prayers to Tyr(teer) the Even-Handed, asking that he guide their judgments with temperance and resolve. Together with Ilmater, the deities became known as the Triad, by which they are still referred to this day.

Realm Over the more than 1,600 years since his arrival, Tyr has expanded his dominance over the whole of Faerun--few are those who do not know his name or the enthusiastic ideals he represents. [1], As a deity, Tyr is immortal and cannot fumble. Tyr is a strong, bearded man with a missing right hand.


In the later Prose Edda, Snorri Sturlson describes Tyr as daring, stout-hearted, wise, intelligent, and the most brave of the Aesir.


Order, War

Tyr's priests follow a militaristic strictness in their everyday duties, as fitting the followers of the god of law. It was crafted with the aid of Mystra. However, not all deities were powerful enough to do this, and if one of his clerics found her- or himself in the presence of a cleric of one of these lesser powers, Tyr would only grant spells of the same power as those granted by the other weaker cleric. Served By

His is a civilizing voice, urging the construction of moral and legal codes and the administration of fair justice for sentient creatures in every land. [7] He likewise hated lies and the breaking of oaths and was disgusted by persons who earned from such things.

Worshipers He lost his hand to the wolf Fenrir. Good, Knowledge, Law, Patience,[19] Pride,[20] Retribution, Temperance,[19] War Holy symbol Lawful good [9], After the Time of Troubles, an entire decade passed where Tyr forbid specialty priests within his church. Uphold the law wherever you go and punish those who do wrong under the law. Tyr came to Toril in -247 DR in an event known as the Procession of Justice. Rank Faerûnian pantheon[1][3][4][5][7][8][9][10][12][13]Norse Pantheon[1][10][13][14][15]

All, Astral, Charm, Combat, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Law, Necromanatic, Protection, Summoning, Sun, Wards, WarMinor: Elemental They tend to view Tyr as something of a divine constant--they know that Tyr expects fairness, good judgment, and kindness toward the innocent from his followers, and hence afford Tyr’s clerics a great deal of trust. [10][14][15], Tyr was strong-spirited and noble.

Firstappearance Seven Heavens[1]Gladsheim[14] The so-called Maimed God lost his right hand in battle with the ravenous entity known as Kezef the Chaos Hound.

[4], Tyr can inspire a berserker rage in his followers.[1]. Titles Tyr is Lawful Neutral in alignment. "[34], Along with the Triad, Tyr was close to Lathander.

Tyr Tyr was a power before the time of Jhaamdath and over the millennia, was known by a multitude of different names such as Achanatyr, Anachtyr, Arrtyr Judge Of All, Iltyr the Blind but All-Seeing Eye, The Sword of Justice, and several others. He fiercely opposes deities dedicated to tyranny, evil, or lawlessness, and bears particularly enmity toward Bane, Cyric, Mask, Talona, and Talos. Tyr’s actions and sacrifices during the Procession (which lasted until -238) attracted the attention of the previously obscure Ilmater, who joined forces with Tyr in -243 DR. Years later, long after the Procession had ended with most of Tyr’s servants banished or killed and the deity himself taking interest in Toril at large at the expense of his initial, highly targeted campaign, Torm joined up as the Just God’s war leader. The Court, Lunia[7][10][13]Asgard, Ysgard[7][10][13][27]

With a warning that he would keep an eye on Conner and the scales of justice, he sent the heroes home, while Duum was left to face Justice himself. Iltyr was depicted as an entirely black, flying, weeping eyeball with a prehensile tail.

The Aesir subsequently chain Loki up in a cave. [9], Tyr lost his right hand to Kezef the Chaos Hound,[4][7][8][9][40][41][42][43] in a test of his honor and strength of will. [7][9], Tyr was at first more willing than many other gods to manifest in some form or other to his followers, because of his fierce feelings of fatherly protection toward them. Tyr is listed in the Player's Handbook (5e) (2014) in both the Forgotten Realms pantheon (page 294) and the Norse pantheon (299). A similar ritual called The Binding, which takes place on the twenty-second day of each month, involves an image of burning, crying eyes. Tyr, Tyr is a deity of the Norse pantheon. Balanced scales resting on a warhammer Gender Realm Tyr can inspire a berserker rage in his followers. [40][41][42][43] They would lift the ban on him if he could escape from chains forged for him by Gond. 3rd Edition Statistics[8][9][12][19][20][21][22][23] Home Plane Power Level

He is an exceptional fighter as well as a master of divine magic. 1e Avatar Finally, Loki claims to have fathered a son with Tyr's wife. Tyr (pronounced: /ˈtɪər/ TEER[1][7][8][9]) was the lawful good greater god of law and justice in the Faerûnian pantheon. The story of Fenrir's binding and the loss of Týr's hand is told in Gylfaginning, chapter 34.The gods perceived by prophecy that from the offspring of Loki and Angrboða great misfortune would befall them, so Odin had these children brought to him. His spells from the law sphere were three times as powerful as normal. 4th Edition Statistics[18]

War dogs While conducting religious ceremonies, the priests emulate their deity by covering their right arm with a closed leather sleeve. Among his many abilities, Tyr can alter his size, shape and form at will; see, hear and speak directly to anyone within 15 miles, and discern lies with perfect accuracy (although not against more powerful deities, including Odin and Loki).


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