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It's frustrating--there's no denying that. --This post originally appeared on the The Muse. Try to correspond with that colleague using email as much as possible--that's a surefire way to confirm that you have important things in writing. i considered her a really good friend. So, rather than acting on assumptions and jumping to conclusions, make sure that you have your facts straight. Request to schedule a sit-down with him or her where you both can have some private and quiet space to talk--you don't need this to turn into a recess-fist-fight scenario. The wheels of favoritism may be in motion.

Since you've confirmed that this person is indeed insincere, engaging in office chatter by the vending machines won't do you any favors. Two of the guys I get on great with, we've become good friends rather than co-workers. Keep an eye out for colleagues that spend way more face time with their managers than usual. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. I work for a small firm, there are 5 of us including myself. They have a disliking to two of us, they act like they are our best friend but then 5 mins later they are talking about us behind backs to the other guy, the other guy then reports back to us. You know the type, right? But, if your issue with this employee seems to be ongoing, it's time to have an honest conversation. Two of the guys I get on great with, we've become good friends rather than co-workers.

I work for a small firm, there are 5 of us including myself. Learn how your comment data is processed. What do you do? The guy going back and forth is the problem. ©2020 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. Tell the guy who's stirring it you are going to confront them for what they are saying, that should shut him up. Should you confront him head on? I hear coworkers dogging other coworkers and smiling in their faces afterwards as if it's all good. Do you sometimes feel as though people don’t take you seriously? Introducing the Soap Scoop podcast! Well, as always, a lot can depend on your individual situation. Despite her smile and friendly demeanor, she'll throw you under the bus the second you turn around. I work for a small firm, there are 5 of us including myself. i trained her. The pot stirrer is the issue here... this type of carry on goes on in loads of work places.. best thing to do is to be your self, honest and easy going and the one who is running around stirring up trouble will just run out of steam.. ok, so this chick started working with me. It’s been a few month now and I’m starting to see that she looks down on me a bit and seems a little two faced. You don't need to be blatantly rude or cold. It's the walking into a room and everybody in that room suddenly shutting up that gets me.

Divide and conquer comes to mind. This hub was very informative, I think some people act two faced toward nice people because they think the nice person has some ulterior motive for choosing to be good, some people are raised different and think that you think your better than them if you choose good.

Jot down the date, time, and a description of what occurred. When it comes to …

You will always have talking behind other's backs if you dont enter into it you will feel much better. As long as you're able to keep your distance, cover your own bases, have an honest conversation, and--of course--rise above, you'll be much more likely to handle that sticky situation with professionalism and politeness. Alright, so you know for certain that this colleague of yours is fake. Nobody wants to be a tattle-tale, but you also don't deserve to have to keep tip-toeing around this person. I know how you feel, I work with a bunch of women, all different personalities, a few in their own little "cliques" it winds me up, and unfortunately I sometimes get dragged into it because I'm too nice.

All Rights Reserved. After years of experience I would never count on work colleagues being friends. Instead, make your best effort to have some space. Two of the guys I get on great with, we've become good friends rather than co-workers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

we talked about everything. One day they're really talkative and seem happy to see me. If everybody is OK to each other's face and the bad feeling is because some are making comments and one is passing them back and forth it's him causing the problem.

eventually, i noticed she started brown nosing my boss like crazy!

I have heard not so nice things said about me by other coworkers.


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