twisted wonderland leona story

The "scholar" portion of his last name is a reference to "Scar," and a pun that only works in Japanese: in Japanese, the "スカ. Damn it, both of them are totally fired up. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

This time it’s the first part of Leona Kingscholar’s SSR. Try as I might, my constitution is somewhat poor beneath this sunlight. But I got no need for a team, I can handle you myself just fine. Even though he’s still a fresh meat first year, he has such an attitude. disney, floydleech, jadeleech. If we hadn’t been paired up with Epel, we wouldn’t have made the deadline today. Leona wears a wide diversity of accessories, such as a loose beaded choker, he also has a golden necklace. I can’t let them get away with that kind of shameful cowardice…. If I’m a kitten what does that make you? Fufu. Are you planning to show a shameful display this Inter-dorm competition, like you did last year? Other Name Yes, (Y/N) (L/N) and Leona Kingscholar were sleeping around together. Dorm

Oi, don’t just go deciding on our enthusiasm as you please.

Then it’s not cowardice or anything like that. … Alright. Right Leona: In the first place you guys looked like you lot could’ve lost to that “fresh meat first year”, stop being so patheticI feel embarrassed just seeing it. I’ll score a goal just like this.

This unusual line-up will certainly be interesting. Thank you for all the help Rin and Rui, …

What bothered her were the feelings that had been growing inside her chest, feelings that lent themselves towards being actually feelings, not just a mutual attraction and need for stress release. This follows the biology of many savanna animals, such as lions and hyenas, wherein the females are hunters and typically dominant in nature.

According to Sebek, Malleus frequently approaches Leona.

The guy always lacks motivation, but he can really do it if he tries, huh.

Jack: If you think you can then come at me! The defense you showed me earlier was splendid.

This time it’s the first part of Leona Kingscholar’s SSR.

Come on- Lilia, didn’t you just tell me that you weren’t feeling well.

How about I amuse you with a wag of my tail, hm. Savana Claw Dorm Member A: What are you doing you bastard! Leona often commands Ruggie to get things for him, such as when he requested him to get a menchi katsu sandwich from the cafeteria.

Only you would pull of that kinda thing-, Two determined players, force meeting force… It’s really, Here and there… you’re pretty good for a youngster… how about you show me how you get serious.

So easily..  Like I’d just hand it over!? Chocolate Brown ... (n.)a vision seen in sleep; a dream Twisted wonderland x reader oneshots and Scenerios Started on: 1st of March. He has thick, messy brown hair with two braids on either side. Leona's Unique Magic is "King's Roar. I’ll show you serious. Do I have to show you some pain first before you get it? The sun has taken refuge behind the clouds. If you think you can get it, why don’t you try to take it. I’ll stop that weird shot no matter how many times you sent it my way.

Some lil’ bat ripe for hunting?

Savanaclaw Dorm Member B: In any case, you’re just a puppy who hasn’t even been in this school for a month, you think you’ve got something worth saying to us?

I’ll be watching from here…Yawns. He blocked that bullet-like shot with just one foot… As expected from the Savannah Claw prefect, incredible motor skills. レオナ・キングスカラー "[1] After doing a small chant, anything he touches turns into sand. Magical Shift Well, this result is just fine too, isn’t it?

Tilt your gaze upwards. A heel flick, that kind of flashy performance is just what you’d expect from Leona. Thank you for all the help Rin and Rui, as well as Kim for providing the RAWs! Incredible foot play! Hobby

Savanaclaw Dorm Member B: Us Savanclaw can’t lose to other dorms in Maglift.

Some story chapters are rank locked, and others contain a rhythm or battle section that you must pass in order to proceed.

How delicious… Here comes my super long shot.

There’s no way to predict the outcome of a match between those two. Had been for a while, actually, and while she was certain the whole school knew, she wasn't at all bothered by it.

Kufufu. Occupation Jack: Wh… Dorm leader, are you going to allow that kind of dirty tricks? It’d be like that thing with the two hares. It seems I stumbled. I’m not going to let go until you apologize.

We’re in the middle of class, so cut it out with the quarreling. The alchemy project was so hard.

Age Profile: Gallery: Cards: Relationships: Voice Lines: Personal Story: I didn’t even see how he did that. While he has great magic powers, he doesn't like using much effort, and constantly appears lax and leisurely. Least Favorite Food Game Debut I’m so lucky! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “Life’s not fair, is it?

3-AStudent no.13 You calling me a kitten? What are you grabbing my shoulders for. Prologue-2 Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Do you guys really have that much free time between practice?Try losing again in the inter-dorm competition like you did last year.…Do you know what’ll happen to you in that case? Kufufu… It’s no good to look down upon your opponents from the get-go. Who’s causing a ruckus?I can’t sleep like this.

Hhm. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hey, hey, both of you. Gender Read Leona Kingscholar X Reader- Babysitting from the story Twisted Wonderland Oneshots by tegaki with 5,622 reads.

Savanaclaw Dorm Member B: Let’s give him some pain one of these days hihihi. Isn’t this our long-awaited joint class? Leona is a muscular young-man with brown skin.

Leona Kingscholar is a third-year and the leader of Savanaclaw.

Yet another Twisted Wonderland translation!

Don’t you agree?” There’s no fun in tormenting a runt like this.

While he has great magic powers, he doesn't like using much effort, and constantly appears lax and leisurely. Savanaclaw Dorm Member B: What the! It’s a splendid strategy.When it comes to the rules, they did not cause any problems.You, who create issues within the pack is more of a problem to our dorm, Leona: If you understand what I mean then sit down and reflect on this.

Favorite Food Starsign He wears worn-out grey jeans, with faded brown chaps on-top; Leona also wears brown shoes.

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Height Alright, then come at me with all you got. You say that, but aren’t you hiding a splendid smile yourself there? Dominant Hand ( Log Out /  20

Wikis. A bold move that looks totally out of character! I don’t plan to be conquered so swiftly…. Across his belt, there is a variety of fabrics and a yellow bandana with the Savanaclaw logo on it. Let’s hurry and turn in this completed potion! Dislikes Savanaclaw Dorm Member B: It’s this guy’s — first year Jack’s — fault. Hair Color *. Chess I was a little confused on how to translate the title, but settled on “Let Me In On This” after a suggestion.

Even so, senpais, you attacked me earlier not with a disk but with magic didn’t you?Striking unnaturally, tripping my legs…You keep playing rough, toeing the rules, Savanaclaw Dorm Member A: Hey, hey Jack, the referee didn’t say we broke a rule right? This should be just right. Sorry, but football? Birthday His Ceremonial robes once accidentally got swapped with Malleus' robes.

Falling asleep in 3 seconds

185cm I was a little confused on how to translate the title, but settled on “Let Me In On This” after a suggestion. Leona: It’s “toeing the line” of the rules right? Though Leona is clever and possesses powerful magic abilities, his reluctance to put forth any significant effort into his studies (missing important final exams) resulted in him repeating two school years. Well then, let’s put the ball between the two of you and… Match… START! It’s a technique that really takes advantage of his small body size, huh. .. … Uh-oh-. Fun Facts

Haha, you look as pitiful as some newborn Gazelle and you want to play against me? Leona Kingscholar/Personal Story | Twisted Wonderland Wiki | Fandom.

leona Hmph.

Ancient Curses Kingscholar comes from "King" and "Scholar" referencing how Scar became king and was very intelligent.


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