turbowheel swift reddit

I just roll it around. The torque really kicks in if you adjust the P-settings (look up Zero 8 P settings, first link) and crank up the acceleration power. I weigh 120lbs~. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I just got mine today and my front wheels are a little noisy as well. I have not ridden this scooter yet personally, but feel free to ask me any questions about the Swift and I'll get any information you may need on it.

Compared to other variants of this scooter that we’ve reviewed (such as the Horizon), the suspension is stiffer, and therefore more suitable for heavier riders who might otherwise bottom out.

its a clear winner.

When you go up a hill for example, you're using more power so the voltage will drop.

Why choose one over the other aside from the front brake, trolley piece, handle? You can read more about our testing methods or find results from other scooters here.

I'd say the Swift is even better for people who are heavier because the suspension is stiffer with better springs. If this package doesn’t appeal to you or you need something with longer range, look at our alternatives to the TurboWheel Swift. At full charge, Turbowheel Swift will go 25/26mph. Was set to purchase the Swift but then came across the company Apollo. The Turbowheel Swift has folded dimensions of 39-inches by 7-inches by 14-inches, making it (along with the Zero 8 and Horizon) one of the most compact electric scooters on the market. Also, do you know if there is any advantage to increasing the battery voltage from 48V to 60V? The LCD is relatively easy to read, even in daylight, and displays current speed, mileage, battery level, and riding mode. Folding the stem is easily accomplished by pulling on a metal lever near the deck; once folded, the stem locks into position for carrying one-handed.

You definitely need an aftermarket to even consider riding in dark areas at night. The Turbowheel Lightning is an ‘Economy’ high performance dual-motor Electric Scooter.

But they won't light up the road if that is what you are asking. Suspension is pretty solid, build quality seems nice. We keep the site ad free with affiliates.

On a class with the Speedway III & IV but with better suspension, more motor power & a higher top speed potential, Ideal for urban commuter, needing a large tire robust scooter,  but is not too heavy for most people, to carrying up a flight a stairs, On a class with the Speedway III & IV but with better suspension, more motor power & a higher top speed potential, 2.5 hrs The deck isn't exactly the biggest and if you're not careful you may stand on the mudguard without the handle.

Going down a hill and the asphalt was wet from sprinklers. I've also just received mine, but you say yours doesn't make any noise. Unbiased electric scooter news, safety, and reviews. These are manufacturer figures, and when they do these speed tests they test with a medium sized to light rider on flat roads in ideal temperatures. Quick connectors are a subtle but nice touch that makes the scooter more maintenance and repair-friendly. TurboWheel Lightning Manual v1.6 The Lightning+ is the latest development of the popular Lighting eScooter, with several upgrades for higher performance, now comes equipped with the Zoom (changed from Nutt) hydraulic braking as standard equipment. During our acceleration tests, we found that the Swift hit 15 mph in 4.7 seconds and 20 mph in 9.1 seconds.

BUT, I don't like the design as much as I like the M365 Pro. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms.

If you use public transit in your commute, the Glion is optimal if your willing to give up a little on braking and suspension. Traction has been pretty solid so far. See our performance testing page for real-world acceleration data on other scooters. The hanging wires (I know they are necessary) but kind of puts me off. I am part of the eWheels team and ride/promote electric unicycles. You are also less likely to get a flat in the rear because it has a solid rear tire and air front. This feature is especially useful for storing under a desk or bringing onto a crowded commuter train. When it comes to differences I don't think there is much to it to be honest.

LG 614 Wh battery pack, so a high quality brand name battery pack. Vs the m365 the Swift will certainly have more comfort, because it has front pneumatic tire + suspension front/back. M365 Pro: love the design, it looks fantastic to me, and that's it.

Both 500W, just so you know. The included dolly wheels (not shown in picture — we ended up removing them) wouldn’t contact the ground when installed, except at the steepest of angles (making them not very useful). You need to unscrew 2 screws on the bottom of the scooter, and then screw in the trolley wheels. Also the trolley handle is pre-installed on this vs the dart. The swift comes pre-installed with the handle. The scooter, at 40lbs, is pretty heavy. I'm still messing with the placement of them. The LCD display is visible even under direct sunlight and provides information about the riding such a speed and battery percentage.


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