traditional children's games from chile
The Spanish word for these contraptions is emboques. Here an image of the market in Chile.

The team is mostly known as La Roja (the red team) because of their bright red uniform.

Be social. Instead of just a normal spinning top, participants wind the top around a string. The coastal mountain range are along the western coastline and the Andes mountains are located along the border with Argentina. Learn more ». Of course, no stay in Chile would be complete without some traditional dancing.

If you sponsor a child, have you ever wondered what kinds of games sponsored children play? Many thanks to the students and the 4th Grade teaching team for the comprehensive and insightful 'Chile travel guides' which were shared with us to be included here on our Corre, Corre la Guaraca This game translates as "Run, run, la guaraca," which is a nonsense word.

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The majority of Chileans (85%) live in urban areas.

Blue Whales and Macaroni Penguins can be seen off the coast in southern Chile. [vimeo= w=600&h=400]. Kids will play with their tops in the streets. Speed and agility are definite advantages here! I loved the balloon game– I am going to use that with my kids:), Your email address will not be published. The seated kid is out if the runner makes it around the circle before she realizes about the dropped handkerchief. [vimeo= w=600&h=400].

Learn what's going on around the world and with the families we serve.

In the end, she chooses one child to guess who has the ring.

The traditional Chilean top is made of wood and has a metal prong sticking out of the end. The tiny Darwin's frog can be found in the streams in Chile's forests. Contestants form two teams. One child holds a ring in her closed hands, and must pass them through everybody's hands.

Our page Ireland for Kids provides lots of fun facts about Ireland, about country and people, landmarks, animal, economy, geography and so much more.

"Corre, corre la guaraca" and other traditional Chilean games often involve groups of five or more children. Pudus are the smallest deer species in the world.

The objective of the game is to bounce and catch one ball in every cup.

She specializes in environmental issues, education and travel writing, with articles published in "The Ecologist" and "Marie Claire."

With a pre-determined sign, everybody needs to sit and the chair-less child tries to get somebody's chair. Vina del Mar and Alfonso del Mar are fantastic, as this is where you find the largest swimming pool in the world. Before the game begins, all participants have a balloon tied to one of their ankles. The runner puts the handkerchief on a child's back and keeps running. Images on Chile facts page: and own images, Return from Chile Facts to Kids World Travel Guide Homepage. Did you know, that these frogs grow inside their father's mouth? Chile is home to the world's largest dry desert: the Atacama desert. As a contestant, your objective is to stamp on all the other players’ balloons while protecting your own. If successful, she recites rhyming verses to the new chair-less child which mean "Who went to Melipilla, lost the chair.". These teams are among the major teams in the Chilean premier league which is called Copa Scotiabank.

There are competitions in this game. Soccer is very popular in Chile. Wow! It is important to note that there is another game called rayuela played by Chilean children which is really just hopscotch. Then there are many traditional games such emboque or trompo.

This isn’t quite a game, but it was too sweet not to include. [vimeo= w=600&h=400].

They come in solid wood adorned with a metal tip. The game of Rayuela most resembles the game of horse shoes.

Three out of four Chileans live in central Chile, in the region between Copiapo and Conception. The goal is to keep your chain from falling apart while trying to link up to the opposing chain, before it links up to you! The Atacama desert in the country's north is the largest dry desert in the world.

However, children often swap Sevilla for Melipilla, a Chilean town. Parents: 10 Fun Games from Around the World, Oreste Plath: Origen y folclor de los juegos en Chile-Corre el anillo, Oreste Plath: Origen y folclor de los juegos en Chile-Quien fue a Sevilla. Working side by side with people of diverse faith traditions in 18 countries, we bring people together to challenge poverty in new and innovative ways.

The Latin American country shares borders with the Pacific Ocean and the three South American countries: Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

The strongest earthquake ever measured happened in 1960 in Valdivia/Central Chile.

[vimeo= w=600&h=400]. The seated children are not allowed to watch and have to sing "Corre, Corre, la Guaraca who looks back will be bopped on his head!" Trompo is a popular game in Chile.

These aren’t just ordinary tops, either. On a recent awareness trip to Chile, sponsors got to observe and participate in games popular among sponsored children. This popular game was probably brought to Chile by Spanish colonizers, as its name mentioning the Spanish city "Who went to Sevilla..." suggests. We do this manually, so you will not see your comment immediately after posting. We hope you enjoy learning and watching these games as much as we enjoyed playing them!

[vimeo= w=600&h=400]. Really gives an idea of what the children do for fun.

We play some of the same games here in the US.

String or twine is coiled around the top.

Moon Valley in the Atacama Desert in Chile, Javiera Toro of the Chilean women's national soccerteam, Ireland for Kids | Ireland Facts for Kids | Ireland Geography | Travel, Landmarks in Asia | Asian Landmarks | Geography | Travel | Attractions, Facts about Hong Kong | Hong Kong Facts for Kids | China | Geography, © 2010-2020 | Created by Regina Gräff Many traditional Chilean games for children have their origins in Europe, and were brought to Chile by Spanish colonizers. Even boats can move in the 35 m/ 115 ft deep lagoon pool. A flight from London/UK to Santiago/Chile takes roughly 14.5 hours and from New York/USA a flight takes 10.5 hours. In Chile there are a lot of interesting games and sports.

Some games include trying to keep the top spinning in a defined circle.

Chileans eat lots of seafood such as tuna, bacalao (codfish), octopus, prawns and salmon. Participants get a stack of plastic cups, along with a handful of golf-sized balls. Here are some interesting Chile Facts which were chosen and researched by kids especially for kids.


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