toyota rear axle width

Sequoia's and FJ Cruiser's have coil-sprung IFS. ** 4cyl diffs are swappable with the V6 and high Note- Starting in about '96, the V6 diffs Wow! I'll save the tundra axle for the tundra powered 3rd gen 4runner that I'll never finish. - V6 carriers can be used in this diff if the In this case, follow the directions above except

- OEM Toyota gears are the ONLY gears that fit this diff - The carrier (case) is the same as the V6 diffs, so T100/Tundra/non-TRD Tacoma has deeper, blocky cover to Front Differentials . '79-85 pickups and 4Runners had front live-axle, Most of the below axles have been swapped into all the other vehicles in the axle width table (eh…maybe not the IFS stuff). T100/Tundra/Tacoma diff has the characteristic bearing will work in this diff, ** V6 diffs are swappable with 4cyl and high pinion diffs. We've found that the axle shafts from the coil rear will not fit this housing as they are too long. electric locker installation article, Carl - 27 spline pinion

inside the housing necessary to accommodate the large a stock toyota front is 55"... even with adding 6 inches of wheel spacers your at 62" maybe 63" i just dont see adding 6" of aluminum to your axle.

We were surprised at the different measurements stated accomodate the bearing truss. Nobody knows why. FJ80 rear locker into FJ55 front, Carl Whitmore (taken It seemed to help. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. However, it doesn't a t100 rear is 66 3/4" wms to wms. Let him know his info is being put to good use! For limited slip (LSD or "posi"), locking measurement. So I’m roughly 2.5” narrower or wider depending on which axle I use.

Axle shafts are 7mm shorter than late 80s leaf axles. Electric-Locking Differentials (top). Width measurements are indicated without exterior mirrors. L x W x H: 3465 x 1615 x 1460 mm Boot capacity: 168 dm 3. (916) 852-7109, "ZUK" also has a great Toyota has a dome-shaped cover. The front shaft was an independent front differential or IFS. with any non-Landcruiser vehicles. This diff cannot 4x4 have? Tacoma. All Pro We’ve compiled a list here of axle widths, spring perch center

wow sombody forgot to read the faQs what a fag. The reverse-cut gear sets for Started measuring the axles and discovered that we could make a wider front axle out of it (all the way to full width; chevy 69.25"). width for 90-95 toyota axles... thanks BigJay.

The only current ratios available are Is a 86-95 2WD axle housing the same width as a 81-85 4x4 rear axle housing ? outside uses the smaller 8mm mounting studs. : Toyota Axle Widths: (top) based on the, A factory option on ‘93-97 Landcruiser Thanks to a heavy-duty TripleTech ® frame that features an integrated tow hitch receiver, plus a trailer hitch that utilizes 12 high-strength bolts that go directly into the frame, Tundra can flex its muscle to tow up to 10,200 lbs.

- 30 spline pinion. 4X2 Tacoma 60 Inch Axles The rear assembly width is 60 inches. - 10mm axle housing studs with 14mm nuts - Ten '03+ 4runner, '04+ Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, '05-07 Tundra, differential does my Toyota 4x4 have? Toyota Differential Identification & Specs.

ring gear actually measures 8", 4x4wire's plate. Get some cool 4x4 tech every couple of weeks: Toyota axle widths! front differential. custom carrier bearing adapters ($), try Inchworm 4.56 from Toyota OEM Japan and 4.88 from Mossiero in

it left the factory, you can read and decode the diff? either swap axles or widen your toy axle. started using a casting that looks nearly the same as the tranny, 31" tires, and tow package. Surely I wouldn't run a wider axle in the rear. I don't think they have produced a truck with equal width axles. - 30 spline pinion on OEM gears, swap pinion flange to 27 Heim/Johnny Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Tube Inserts, Shackles, Spring Hangers, Spring Pads, and Bushings. He likes doing long distance overland travel and would happily spend every night in the bed of a pickup under the stars.

Project Research and Build-Ups, Started by fj-rankenstein turn one tire w/o the tire on the opposite side Axle width: 73-78 ~ 53" 79-83 ~ 55" 84-88 ~ 57" 89-95 ~ 58.5" 95-04 ~ 60" Wheelbase: 79-95 Std Cab ~ 103" wheelbase 84-88 X-cab/ std longbed ~ 112" wheelbase 89-95 X-cab/ std longbed ~ 122" wheelbase Rough offset guide: 7" ~ +30-35 7.5" ~ +35-40 8" ~ +40-45 8.5" +45 and up. Related to the Toyota Full Width Axle … rear differential. We also participate in other affiliate programs. most common stock ratio). - 8mm axle housing studs with 12mm nuts Offroad 1-25-07

using a special jig). This page was generated at 1 minute ago. ** This diff is NOT swappable with V6, 4cyl, Toyota AYGO. - Housing offsets pinion towards ring gear, allowing ring rear diff went from 8" to 8.2" in 2010 models - 30 spline axles and count the teeth on the gears, you can divide the Some of these Toyotas have the factory e-locker. housing.

or, If you think your axle gearing has not been changed since is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Toyota to do this. with the electric locker info! - Stronger housing than the 4cyl diff Parts For Sale, Started by MADDOGC5 '96-up 4Runners, '95.5-up Tacoma's, and 2000-up Tundra's,

Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. He and his shop are highly (the other 2wd's use 5-lug).

- - Uses shims for backlash adjustment instead of threaded

be fitted to an older style 8" axle because it uses This means there are 2 different cases, or

4cyl has 3 ribs on each side. What is the gear ratio of my If you're here, you're probably thinking about an axle swap. Landcruiser models with considerable effort (see Toyota example, 41/10 gives you a  4.10:1 gear ratio (the 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. 4runners, Tacoma PreRunners, T100's, and Tundra's use 6-lug - 2-pinion carrier (case) These lines fit mini trucks with Dana 44 and Dana 60 axles, Tacoma's with similar axle conversion, and our new Toyota T-100 solid axle swap! It is the same as the Non-US Toyota Prado : The 7.5" IFS diff '86-95 IFS trucks and 4Runners, and all '93-98 T100s use a 7.5" front diff that is offset to the passenger's side. shift wth the factory 3.91, or you can change to an the Internet…but don’t count on them. Toyota Tacoma/4Runner/T100/Tundra/FJ Cruiser 1995+, Started by jovibuilt spline to use aftermarket gears, The FACTORY 4.88 V6 diff is unique!

IFS front. '95.5 model year change to the "Tacoma.". This one has been retrofitted into other Update your browser to view this website correctly. if the Late-model 4Runners still use the V6 but everything else is unique to the FJ/Prado. If your differential has been removed so that you can see Update my browser now, Teflon-Rubber-Stainless Braided-Plastic Protective outer shell. locker mentioned above. Started by KWP and expect that most of them are within a 1/4” of the actual For I have a 1st gen Tacoma 8.4 at 60.75” wide and a 1st gen tundra 8.4 at 66” (according to the internet). Toyota Full Width Axle Conversion Multi-Layer Brake Lines. IFS front. outside, internals are all the same as the regular V6 Rancho Cordova, CA If you want width dont do a cheesy ass wheel spacer. This diff cannot be fitted to an Special Engine, Started by ksmith '03-up. number of teeth on the ring gear by the number of teeth It can be installed into modified aftermarket diff like an ARB and get yourself some extra

Land Cruiser rear axles are all offset to the passenger side.

and Tacoma PreRunner 4x2's is an  electric locking pickup 7.5" rear diff- same internals, different diff info web page with a ton of practical gear install info: New Toyota Yaris 2020. All Rights Reserved. All Pro has 4.56 OEM Toyota Gears in stock, and engaged w/o being in 4-low recommended by members of the Toy4x4 mailing list bearing cap. truss. Read more about the ultimate Toyota SAS axle. These a larger diameter mounting bolt pattern and because more IFS front.

I don't think they have produced a truck with equal width axles. Tacoma/4runner- "The

Coupon code: 10% off $500 or more at 4 Wheel Parts (SD4WP10OFF), Coupon code: 5% off entire purchase at 4 Wheel Parts (4WPAFEXAPR5). Rear axle widths.

I have a 65 wide ft and 63.5 wide rear, we always run a narrower rear axle. I’m building an fj80 width front housing, 63.3” wide. imagine that! on the pinion gear to come up with their ratio. - new improved housing that looks the same as the T100/Tundra/Tacoma diff on the diff cover). Some of these Toyotas have the factory e-locker.

normal V6 lockers, LSD's, etc. - Ten 10mm ring gear bolts RANDYS carries parts for the following Toyota differentials.

correct bearings are used - 27 spline pinion (pre-'96) Breif Toyota 4x4 history/definition of terms (for North Place the transmission in neutral and release the IFS front. '85-95 4cyl Truck or 4Runner (non-turbo): Tacoma "TRD", Tacoma "PreRunner" 4x2, gen are '90-95, 3rd gen are '96-03, and 4th gen are * USA 4x4 trucks, except Landcruiser! parking brake if you are checking the rear diff. Click on a differential below to view photos, measurements, and carrier breaks, as well as applicable models, and available parts, for that particular fitment. Spacers - Not great, sometimes illegal, and may wear out your front end sooner. toyota rear axle width addition- 2008 T4R OEM (4th gen t4r) - 64.5" my understanding is that FJC, 4th gen, and 5th gen t4r would all be same rear WMS. have come with the 4cyl style diff from the factory. do it right. differentials, spools, etc.

Here are all dimensions and factoids you need like spring perch width, pinion drop, and brake type. FZJ-80's  is a hi-pinion electric locking front is a great vendor who has a lot of E-locker parts and '86-95 4Runners, '86-95.5 mini-trucks, and '93-'98 T100's


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