touching spirit bear essay prompts
In this essay, the student should pick several characters that interacted with Cole (including his parents, Peter, Edwin, Garvey, and others).

In Ben Mikealsen’s novel – Touching Spirit Bear, Cole is a 14 year old juvenile delinquent from Minneapolis. Windy Morgan Touching Spirit Bear Cole Matthews is not an uncommon young man that one would find in today’s society. Although, good answers will relate the literal and figurative meanings with a good argument. These are the best essay questions on Touching the Spirit Bear when you want to prove a point to readers. The key to an ideal response is first to explain the symbolic message found behind them. Read the Study Guide for Touching Spirit Bear…, View the lesson plan for Touching Spirit Bear…, View Wikipedia Entries for Touching Spirit Bear….

Brannagh seemed to stress the political aspects of this more than the love and the honor of the family. This forms a central aspect of the coming of age story, as Cole decides to demand the respect of an adult. After recovering from his injuries, he is again sent to the island and the first improvement he made, was that he did not try to escape from the island when he was not monitored. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Question 3: How did Cole’s anger influence him? Please check your question and rephrase. Question 7: How does the author use flashbacks and third-person narration to affect the character, mood and setting of the novel’s development?

“There is one way to help him,” Cole blurted, but his voice was drowned out as Edwin revved the engine to steer the boat out away from the rocks. Shortly after they get there Eleanor starts hearing noises in the hallways, and paranormal phenomena start to occur. Good answers will analyze the placing of Cole’s mindset in different points to help them understand the Circle Justice, and main aspects of the novel.

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Explore how Cole's personal growth was connected to that of three other characters, and how their relationship both helped and impeded healing and forgiveness. Although, the best answers will connect the three symbols together and demonstrate their evolution over time and this shows a deeper level of analysis. Question 9: Why is the Circle of Justice important in Touching the Spirit Bear story? The key to a good response is first to explain the symbolic message held behind each one. Pen Pal He is taking charge of his feelings and learning to connect with nature, he is facing his inner struggles head on, and he is learning to forgive. He aims the spear at the Spirit Bear. "Touching Spirit Bear Essay Questions". Touching Spirit Bear study guide contains a biography of Ben Mikaelsen, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. They will also explore the crucial symbol of the bird nest and the thunderstorm. Everyone is in the process and this includes their victim.

Character Analysis – Cole

Women in most cultures are looked at as subservient, obedient creatures that were put on this world for very few reasons, mainly to bear children and do what their husbands require of them. The best answers will explore the ways in which the obstinate father's unwillingness to change contrasts with Cole's humble submission to circle justice.

Touching Spirit Bear Explain why the author might have chosen a different cultural context for Cole's healing rather than a setting in Minnesota with other Americans, and use specific examples of how he uses cultural traditions as symbols and in plot development. Question 8: What kind of approach can be done to analyze the Circle Justice? While in the first half of the novel, Cole's healing in the circle is partially shaped by the desires of Peter and his parents, Cole's healing in the second half of the novel seems to be accompanied by Peter's own decline into depression and suicide attempts. Who or what is most responsible for Cole’s transformation?

When writing the essay, the student should pick three Question 6: Touching the Spirit Bear is an interpretation of what? Windy Morgan

Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. This unique blending mirrors the mélange present in African Diaspora culture in general and in a whole range of music – jazz, blues, gospel, mambo, and reggae, to name a few. “I can help him!” (Page 202) He apologized to Peter and shows that he feels sorry for all the problems he had caused to his life. James Joyce, a modernist of this revolutionary era, Macbeth's Responsibility for the Murder of King Duncan

Key scenes from this development include flashbacks of his father beating him, interactions at the circle, and accounts from his mother of his dad's status towards the end of the novel.

Eleanor and Theodora (Theo) are invited by Dr. Montageau to Hill House, and Luke is there to supervise them. What does it mean to "touch the Spirit Bear"?

Most of the time, Cole states the explanation in the paragraph. The best answers will explore further how placing us in Cole's mindset across different points in time helps us understand Circle Justice, native rituals, and other key aspects of the novel. Tlingit Indian traditions, particularly as explored through the character of Edwin, form a central part of Cole's healing. In your essay you must prove that Cole is dynamic and explain what prompts the change in his character by providing three examples from the novel that show changes in Cole’s character. *Totem Pole Activity: Cole Matthews, the main character, goes on a journey of self-discovery and ends up creating a totem pole to explain what he

Animals and nature greatly impact the experience of Cole in healing while he was still on the island. The relationship between father and son is crucial to Cole's healing. However, the best answers will link the three symbols together and show how they evolved in meaning over time to Cole, demonstrating a deeper level of analysis.

The main cause of his anger is his own angry and alcoholic, As a result, he has learned to forgive, tell the truth, and has also realized all the mistakes and discomfort he caused to people, especially Peter, and decides to do his best to make up for it. Wang, Bella ed.

This is an alternative prison and it is meant to heal instead of it being a punishment. What role does the Spirit Bear play? Explore the symbols, details, and devices that the author uses to convey an image of psychological transformation in a person so clearly physically immobilized.

Touching Spirit Bear Essay 865 Words | 4 Pages. After Cole learns the value of life, he wants to make up for every mistake he had done in the past and looked to improve. Touching Spirit Bear Changes “‘It doesn’t matter what other people think or believe,’ Cole said. Students should explore the author's descriptions of Cole's pain, helplessness, and acceptance of possible death.

          When the Knitting Pins you is abreast,

A good answer will first define the terms in the question and then use specific examples to demonstrate the foreboding mood and suspense created by the flashbacks, the troubling insights into Cole's thought processes, and the ability for the reader to empathize with Cole and view the story from his perspective. The disagreements during the circles, both as seen through Cole's flashbacks and after the failure of Cole's first banishment, could be great starting points for reflections on the weaknesses of a process that involves raw emotions and human judgment. I didn’t get the sense that there was any emotions displayed between these two characters. Fill out the order form step-by-step. The objective is to take some responsibility for the person’s act.

It can symbolize forgiveness between enemies, the link between man and nature, man's search for healing and meaning in life, and more. After Cole is mauled by the Spirit Bear, several chapters follow in which he is immobilized on the ground, and yet these are some of the most symbolic and psychologically harrowing moments of the novel. “You’re usually too drunk to know your own name!” Cole knew these words guaranteed, List of books and explain their symbolism.

Question 1: What are the symbols that students should pick when writing an essay about Touching Spirit Bear?

He’s right” (Page 130).

Cole does not seem to have any control of the unforgettable emotion, anger.


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