top 10 scariest kirby enemies
There is a memorable scene early on in Kingdom Hearts 2 where a simple Nobody takes control of a friendly character and enters a competition… how the hell did it do that? At first sight these enemies seem very cute and innocent, in fact, they don’t even attack you. What time is it? Please disable your adblock, or consider subscribing to our Patreon! If that doesn’t make you reconsider blindly charging in, then nothing will. she's beautiful, Chases Kirby during it's second phase with a creepy expression, he's married to his sword (no pun intended). Creepers don’t die in sunlight, they have plenty of health and they can ruin a perfectly good shelter without even trying. she is completely the opposite of creepy. Take the power of the Fighter ability and the raw, unhinged bravado of a professional wrestler and you have the Suplex ability. No, I mean WORSE than Marx Soul. However, the shitty writing actually makes the Nobodies scarier.

In the distance you see a friend walking around, he’s not paying attention and walks into his house without closing the door behind him. not creepy. This glitch occurs when you finish the last objective of a level, but forgot one of the goals that appeared along the line. Now this is the story of an eight year old boy, enjoying Pikmin and Mario Sunshine on his purple Gamecube. Video games are all so colorful and fun. The NOVA thing is creepy. It’s also used during the iconic battles between you and Meta Knight. Most regular enemies are swatted away like gnats with a single hit and bosses are easily crushed. While not too difficult to kill with any other ability, the Scarfy still gets this spot for the initial scare they give you and their tough nature. But this boss fight also proves how epic HAL is when it comes to final bosses. You’ll walk into the once cheerful Market Square, which was the official safe-zone of the game, and find that all the characters are gone, replaced with these undead foes. It wasn’t until Banjo & Tooie (the sequel) that I started approaching each and every single Jinjo with fear.

Perhaps that would be better too, because then I won’t see the Reaper Splitters and I won’t scream like a little girl. You’ll be going around the world with this ability!

now what will happen if the random food is made by him? Mysteriously vanished, my ass! Because of the inconsistent writing you can never really figure out any sort of tactic to deal with them, there is simply no telling what Square Enix will come up with next. September 18th, 2012 at 2:16 pm; by Casper Bronmans; ... That might be the reaction of an outsider, but those who play the games know that Kirby titles tend to have some pretty out-of-place stuff. What also sells these enemies is their timing in the story. A joke that wasn't funny when it popped up and wasn't funny when it returned. Note: Opinions are that of the author and do not reflect the opinions of as a whole. TRUE FACT: void soul has watched over Kirby for thousands of years, gaining more and more info of Kirby, this is why he knows (almost) all of Kirby's faces. However, sometimes a game doesn’t have to be part of the horror genre in order to scare you, sometimes scares can come from the most unexpected places. They look exactly like their cute counterpart, but when you come close they start twitching and chase after you. I like how chef kawasaki is on the list but meta knight and dark meta knight arnt. You are essentially replaying the first level, doing the same things as before, but instead of the regular supportive commentary, you’ll be hearing the Narrator put all your actions in a bad light. Rely on Horror is a free fan site with a dedicated team of content creators. Thankfully it’s returning in a big way with Kirby Star Allieson the Nintendo Switch. All of the copy abilities are awesome, but here are 10 of my personal favorites.

That, along with a tough enemy to fight, makes this the most memorable scene in the entire game. It doesn’t sound too bad, but there is a glitch that happens all too often. It’s fire breathing capabilities are a force to be reckoned with and often combines with it’s powerful cousin Burning as its dash attack. The enemies in question are Doppelgangers or copies of the player’s character. Then his dad comes home and hands him a game, a game called “Time Splitters 2”. Thanks to the Splitters, I can now play this game blindfolded and still find my way to the end of every level. These freaky aliens (displayed in the picture, because where else) can turn invisible, shoot devastating lasers and teleport all over the place.

A giant killer robot that probably isn't even under the influence of Dark Matter is terrifying on it's own. Nick finds the scariest enemies to count down for Halloween. It also says that you can HEAR his last bit of his soul scream in pain as the heart breaks up. Games should stimulate your mind and nothing is as stimulating as a good scare.

He’s very hard to follow because of how fast he is and the only weapon that really works on him is the crossbow, a weapon for which ammo is very hard to come by. Hiding doesn’t work either because that is not part of the game mechanics, so that means you have to take the abuse and try to race towards a solution.


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