three things that scare me essay
and you are a big reason I started my own podcast. >we fear failure, others’ disappointment, shame I’ve made a conscious decision to stop reading—it’s improved my mental health. I now look forward to reading posts from you and your perspective rather than the hot new trend.

I have to admit that I stopped reading your blog regularly for a while when I stopped feeling a connection to you behind it. On #4, I almost have the opposite problem.

When I was at my both of my jobs and going thru treatment I would spend hours..sometimes all day readying your blog and many more. Why I like my town.

I definitely think I may be on the track of needing to deal with some anxiety. i also feel like i have this weird “too good to be true” syndrome.

I am scared of flying. Thanks so much for this honest post. On a personal note, I worry with the hypochondria thing too. Many people will relate, whether they tell you that or not.

I identify with many of the fears you wrote about especially around work and your personal life. have them as well make the world feel a bit more safe.

Yay, endoscopy friends, high five! ), and thank you for being so open. I did enough of the stupid ass things in my teens to put me off for life (thanks to my thrill-seeking bestie) and being that it’s school holidays there’s a very real chance my son may actually want me to partake in such life-threatening voyages. as well as the fuzzy feeling on the top of my head. I was JUST thinking yesterday about vulnerability/sharing/relating and how powerful the act of connecting with others can be and the difference it can make in the way you feel about those deep dark things. I just want to add my voice to the others who have applauded you for your courage and honesty (wow! Mim. Which is crazy! Sending a lot of love your way. Hi Grace!

I see that you have already received numerous comments, so one more from little old me probably won’t do much, but I know that you will read it. Wow, thank you for sharing this. You’re going through a big transition time with moving and maybe your body is just taking the heat for you? Keep up the wonderful work!

I’m afraid I’ll never start the food blog. Maybe it’s because I dont personally subscribe to the “women must be nice to each other at all costs” brand of feminism, but it feels a bit naive to suggest that the audience not be allowed to criticize a blog ANYWHERE. There are many layers to the work that you put out there.

I saw the move and all the beauty that came with it. I question the ethics of the design/furniture industry, my impact on the environment, and my contribution to society. It’s just as inspiring as the beautiful design content we’re used to. You are not alone with these anxieties!

What you’re feeling is perfectly understandable.

But what about those things that truly terrify us, those situations that may not even ever happen? Though my thread(s) aren’t terribly long, the harshest and most cutting criticism I have received has been at the more vulnerable points of my life that I have chosen to share with my readers.

We’re all just people, trying to make our way in our own little corners of the world. PS – I was born and raised in Colombia County so hope you are loving your new upstate life! the other night i felt a burning in my stomach and i literally thought to myself, “whatever, shut up” Yes. I have started to blog a couple of times and couldn’t keep it up. Thank you, Grace. just for some swollen lymph node that i surely thought was my demise. And that’s why I find GOMI so incredibly toxic and bewildering. It also said something about you’re here to learn and prepare for greatness that is around each corner.


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