theme of the cabuliwallah
When she had gone, Rahmun heaved a deep sigh, and sat down on the floor. I really believe that in all her life she has not wasted a minute in silence.

On a charge of murderous assault, Rahmun was sentenced to some years' imprisonment.

", Now most small Bengali maidens have heard long ago about the father-in-law's house; but we, being a little new-fangled, had kept these things from our child, and Mini at this question must have been a trifle bewildered.

It was not the first or second time, I found, that the two had met. Both of them became best of friends; they’d tease each other asking when one will go to their father-in-laws’ house and the next will ask if they’ll go with them, too. But he smiled, and I knew him again. Kabul became the capital city of Afghanistan in 1773. New companions filled her life. He had no bag, nor the long hair, nor the same vigour that he used to have.

"When did you come, Rahmun?"

The window of my room overlooks the road.

Could you perhaps come another day?". ", Before I could explain to her the differences of language in this world, she was embarked on the full tide of another subject. . But she would not show it, and with ready tact replied: "Are you going there?".

Why does the Cabuliwallah ask the little girl the same question every time they meet?

The accustomed work in the accustomed place was ours, and the thought of the once free mountaineer spending his years in prison seldom or never occurred to us.

I sent for Mini immediately from the inner apartment. "Why did you give her those?" The Cabuliwallah had overcome the child's first terror by a judicious bribery of nuts and almonds, and the two were now great friends. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is a euphemism for jail, the place where we are well cared for, at no expense to ourselves. There was no end of hurry and excitement. ", And then, darting off anew, while I sat still making ready some reply to this last saying: "Father! Read the next short story; The Castaway.

It was to take place during the Puja Holidays. Partly from one, partly from another, I gathered that a certain neighbour had owed the pedlar something for a Rampuri shawl, but had falsely denied having bought it, and that in the course of the quarrel Rahmun had struck him. To see Mini quiet is unnatural, and I cannot bear it long. I tried to laugh her fear gently away, but then she would turn round on me seriously, and ask me solemn questions:—. With Durga returning to Kailas, the light of our home also was to depart to her husband's house, and leave her father's in the shadow.

Years had passed away. He looked wistfully at me for a moment, then said "Good morning," and went out. But still, there are some parts that aren’t still convincing.

Many years have passed and it is time for Mini’s marriage. The idea had suddenly come to him that his daughter too must have grown in this long time, and that he would have to make friends with her anew. The man's face fell.

This story ‘ The Cabuliwallah ‘ kind of changed my concept about the peddlers. My Mini was to be married that night.

I remembered the day when the Cabuliwallah and my Mini had first met, and I felt sad. There were blood-stains on the clothes of the Cabuliwallah, and one of the policemen carried a knife. He also was a father. One day she calls a peddler to her house who happens to be a man selling dry fruits. The words struck harsh upon my ears. Four Levels of The Cabuliwallah (Rabindranath Tagore): The main theme of this story ‘ The Cabuliwallah ‘ is to show the readers the essence of the cross-cultural bridge and prejudice they hold about people. Filial love is the main theme of the story. She always asks various questions.

The marriage-pipes sounded, and the mild autumn sun streamed round us. "Ah!" But this was not enough, and her dread persisted. Even to me it was a little startling now and then, in the corner of a dark room, suddenly to surprise this tall, loose-garmented, much bebagged man; but when Mini would run in smiling, with her "O Cabuliwallah! And he would reply, in the nasal accents of the mountaineer: "An elephant!" At which exact moment the Cabuliwallah turned, and looked up at the child.

I am busy!". And already the corner of her little sari was stuffed with almonds and raisins, the gift of her visitor. Many difficulties were raised, but I would not listen.

It tells the tale of a poor man from Afganistan who lives in India befriends a girl who reminds him of his own daughter. I said, and taking out an eight-anna bit, I handed it to him. My five years' old daughter Mini cannot live without chattering. I, entering at the moment, saved her from impending disaster, and proceeded to make my own inquiries. I really believe that in all her life she has not wasted a minute in silence. I was sitting in my study, looking through the accounts, when some one entered, saluting respectfully, and stood before me. Before reading the story, I also held prejudice about them. Rabindranath Tagore’s Short Story ‘The Cabuliwallah’ -An Analytical Study ‘The Cabuliwallah’ is a short story written by Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), a world-famous Indian Bengali litterateur. Cabuliwallah!"

I think of her, and bring fruits to your child—not to make a profit for myself.".

Also, the story also shows the pureness of a child. The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett, Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe. To learn how to recognize each of these techniques, read more about characterization in the Handbook of Literary Terms.

He offered her nuts and raisins, but she would not be tempted, and only clung the closer to me, with all her doubts increased.

The Cabuliwallah then gives her some dry fruits. At first I did not recognise him.

Then, seeing that the reply did not amuse the child, he held up his fettered hands.

and the two friends, so far apart in age, would subside into their old laughter and their old jokes, I felt reassured.

Blog. how could you take it from him?". Video conferencing best practices: Tips to make meeting online even better; Oct. 8, 2020. The story is written in the first person. Cabuliwallah!" Amongst men of the Cabuliwallah's class, however, it is well known that the words father-in-law's house have a double meaning. Even after all these years of experience, she is not able to overcome her terror.

It was his belief that Mini was still the same. A father’s love for his child is one of the themes central to the story. I asked him. It bore the impression of a little hand. Characterization is the use of literary techniques to create a character.

When she saw this, overcome by terror, she fled to her mother's protection and disappeared. Cabuliwallah!" All at once I heard an uproar in the street, and, looking out, saw Rahmun being led away bound between two policemen, and behind them a crowd of curious boys.

The end of the story tries to suggest that the Cabuliwallah is a good man but isn’t the fact that the man just got out of jail for stabbing someone question his goodness? Clad in the red silk of her wedding-day, with the sandal paste on her forehead, and adorned as a young bride, Mini came, and stood bashfully before me. Shouldn’t the narrator heed some of the worries of his wife since it concerns his 5-year-old? Oct. 14, 2020. Bhola says there is an elephant in the clouds, blowing water out of his trunk, and that is why it rains! Cabuliwallah! The story’s narrator has a 5-year-old daughter named Mini who is a very curious child.

I cannot tell what were my daughter's feelings at the sight of this man, but she began to call him loudly. Seeing this Mini asks him if he’s going to his father-in-laws’ house and he replies by saying yes. Rahmun laughed and said: "Just where I am going, little one!"

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"What do you think, Father?

And besides, what might not have happened to her in these eight years? For the Cabuliwallah had given it to Mini; and her mother, catching sight of the bright round object, had pounced on the child with: "Where did you get that eight-anna bit?". The Cabuliwallah by Rabindranath Tagore. Characterization. Once a year in the middle of January Rahmun, the Cabuliwallah, was in the habit of returning to his country, and as the time approached he would be very busy, going from house to house collecting his debts. Her mother is often vexed at this, and would stop her prattle, but I would not. ", With a grave face I contrived to say: "Go and play with Bhola, Mini!

Time passed away and he was not remembered.

She had a blind belief that inside the bag, which the big man carried, there were perhaps two or three other children like herself. But to me the wedding-feast was all the brighter for the thought that in a distant land a long-lost father met again with his only child. Geography Connection. Even my light-hearted Mini, I am ashamed to say, forgot her old friend. The Cabuliwallah tells the narrator about his own daughter who might be the same age as Mini. The main theme of this story ‘ The Cabuliwallah ‘ is to show the readers the essence of the cross-cultural bridge and prejudice they hold about people. Characterization is the use of literary techniques to create a character.

Her father shows her that there are only dry fruits in the bag so she is no more scared. Not much cause for merriment, perhaps; but how they both enjoyed the fun! He came close up to me holding out his offerings with the words: "I brought these few things, sir, for the little one.

What topics did you talk about. Now, in the heat of his excitement, the prisoner began calling his enemy all sorts of names, when suddenly in a verandah of my house appeared my little Mini, with her usual exclamation: "O Cabuliwallah! Theme. Describe a friendship you have had with an adult.

Rahmun's face lighted up as he turned to her.

Alas, on my return an hour later, I found the unfortunate coin had made twice its own worth of trouble! They had many quaint jokes, which afforded them much amusement. It was chilly weather. This is an amazing story highlighting the friendship between two people who are different from each other in their culture, age and maturity level. She flushed up at the question, and stood before him with her bride-like face turned down.

Since early dawn that day the wedding-pipes had been sounding, and at each beat my own heart throbbed. "Last evening," he said, "I was released from jail.". What underlying theme is highlighted by the change in Mini, as seen by the Cabuliwallah, at the end of the story?

Then the Cabuliwallah, not to be behindhand, would take his turn: "Well, little one, and when are you going to the father-in-law's house?

"The Cabuliwallah gave it you!" The little girl Mini is from Bengal and the Cabuliwallah is from Kabul, their cultures have so many differences but also it couldn’t bring any change to their friendship which was built through the bridges of their culture in spite of their differences even in their age and maturity level.


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