the richest local government in imo state

The wealth of these states can also be estimated from the business that thrives within them, the various industries, top firms operating in these states and other parameters that contributes to the growth of their economies. Aside crude oil which was found recently in the state, Some natural resources within Imo state include: Natural gas, Lead, Iron, Rubber, Oil pams etc.

In fact, the history of Nigeria won’t be complete if you don’t mention this LGA. The area is also a major trade center for palm products. It had a population of 232,400 in 2006 and has its administrative headquarters in Itu. Oru West has its headquarters in Mgbidi. She has a population of about 5 million homogeneous people whose culture and traditions are noticeable in the dress code, festivals, music, attire and hospitality of its indegenes. The best stadium in the country “Godswill Akpabio Stadium” is also located there. Ahiazu Mbaise was formed as a result of a merger between Ahiara and Ekwerazu LGA. While this area is congested with traffic and poor housing infrastructures, there are also major landmarks in Lagos Island. Mbaitoli is another Local Government Area in Imo State. Part of it was split off in 1991 as Abia State, and another part became Ebonyi State. The largest mall in Lagos state is located at Ikeja. The presence of the Lekki commercial free trade zone which is still under development makes this LG a futuristic business zone, coupled with the 12MW independent power plant which is still under construction by the China-Africa Lekki investment company, Dangote oil refinery is sure to make this local government a big one. Kurmi is the third richest local government in Nigeria among the top 10. The capital of Imo State is called Owerri. He is a tech enthusiast who loves reading, writing and research. Leo Stan Ekeh. The roads are well constructed and the city is surrounded by tourist centers such as the Calabar Tinapa resort, Obudu cattle ranch and many more. His net worth is estimated at $1.1 billion, Second on the list of richest men in Imo state is Chief Sir Tony Ezenna. This area is known for its infrastructural advancement with tarred roads, efficient water supply to all residents of its environs. Oguta is a beautiful island town which is arguably the best planned part of Nigeria. The total population of Imo State is put at 3.9 million people from the data of 2006 population census.

Who is the richest man in Imo state Ask Login. It was earlier carved out of the Mbaitolu/Ikeduru LGA. Mbaitoli is another Local Government Area in Imo State. According to the 2006 census, Aboh Mbaise has a population of 195,652. And one of the major States of the region. Imo State came into existence in 1976 along with other new states created under the leadership of the late military ruler of Nigeria, Murtala Muhammad, having been previously part of East-Central State. The capital of Imo State is called Owerri. Ahiazu Mbaise comprise of 14 towns. He is a tech enthusiast who loves reading, writing and research. 6) Kano State. Esan Central LGA is the fourth richest local government areas in Nigeria todayJust like Kurmi LGA, its major sector is agriculture. There are many international oil companies present in the town. Oru West has its headquarters in Mgbidi. Lagos Island also known as Isale Eko is among the richest LGA’s in Nigeria with a population of about 200,000 residents. Lagos Island is one of the richest LGA in the federation and an old area that was the former settlement of the Brazilian slaves who lived along broad street in Marina. He is also the Chairman and owner of Kunoch Limited. The LGA is the largest local government area in Imo State and in the country at large. The total land area of Imo State is 5530square kilometers. Born on 9th April, 1939, this successful business man is a native of Egbu. Obowo used to be a part of Etiti Local Government. According to the 2006 census, Mbaitoli has a population of 237,555. While a local government area is an administrative division of a country that a local government is responsible for and is administered by a Local Government Council consisting of a chairman who is the Chief Executive of the LGA, and other elected members who are referred to as Councillors. construction of roads and other facilities. It is a notable place in Imo state because of its strategic location. In order to know whether the government of your country is rich or not, take a look at the following richest governments in the world. You have entered an incorrect email address! Other major cities of the State, include the likes of Orlu, Mbaise, Okigwe and Oguta. The state is named after the Imo River which bears the name of a prominent Nigerian family with that family name, who were the chiefs of Imo State before the ratification of a more formal government.

All these states have various mineral and natural resources that account for their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). These are the top 10 richest States in Nigeria list; if you feel there is a need for any correction, you can do that in the comment section. With a land mass of about 5,100sq km, this igbo speaking state shares boundary with Anambra and Abia states respectively.

Its headquarters are in the town of Nwaorieubi, also known as Nworieubi. Aside from being an oil-producing state, the state depends primarily on agriculture and trade.

According to the 2006 census, Nwangele has a population of 128,472 people. It is located in Taraba state. There are 774 local government areas in Nigeria according to the 1999 constitution. Ideato North was created in 1976 as Ideato Local Government. Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random.

The headquarters of Ideato South are in the town of Dikenafai, the area that homes the Orashi River. Notable Government Institutions in the State, include Imo State Polytechnic, Imo State University and Federal Polytechnic Nekede. Tony Ezenna. Imo state has also been listed among the oil producing states in the country officially with about 162 oil wells resident in different locations around the state. Although we could not come up with the top 10, the once we listed are sure to merit their places. But which among these Igbo states is the richest? Blessed with mineral resources. N.T.A., which is the first and famous Tv station, is located in Oyo state. Izombe is one of the towns in Oguta LGA. Its headquarters are in the town of Otoko. Ihitte Uboma LGA is a Local Government Area of Imo State amongst the 27 serving LG councils sited in the town of Isinweke with the districts of Amakoha, Umuezegwu, Ato-werem, Abuke, Umuoma, Amainyi, Awuchinumo, Umuihi, Ezimba & Onichi-Uboma. Kaduna state yes you guessed right apart from its large landmass it is also among the richest states in Nigeria. Both White Clay, Zinc, Lead, Natural Gas, and more are found in the Imo state, thereby making it easier for industrialization. A part of the local government is part of capital city of Imo State, Owerri. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lagos is currently the richest state in Nigeria, according to its G.D.P. The largest city in West Africa is Ibadan and this area also produced the first TV station in Africa.

Before we dive into the list, lets answer few questions for clarification. Oyo state, which its capital its Ibadan, is among Nigerian tourist centers as it houses the old Oyo National Park, the Zoological garden, and the famous ancient Oyo empire historical site.

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