the pines frankston crime

I HAVE LIVED HERE FOR 10 YEARS WAS BETTER WHEN FIRST COME TO FRANKSTON HAD AT LEAST 2 HOURS PARKING NO EYE SORE BUILDING BLOCKING THE WHOLE BAY LOOKS LIKE A PRISON BRICK WALL REFERRING TO THE SOUTH EAST WATER THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN BUILT IN INDUSTRIAL AREA TAKEN ALL THE GOOD LAND WOULD RATHER SEEN APARTMENTS GO UP WHERE PEOPLE COULD ENJOY THE VIEW AND ON TOP I DONT SHOP IN FRANKSTON AT ALL CAUSE OF PARKING AND BEING CHARGED AT SHOPPING CENTRE WALKED AROUND FRANKSTON LAST ABOUT 2 MONTHS AGO ALL THE SHOPS ARE CLOSING. Bayside location undergoing massive gentrification, Up and coming area - very pleased I moved here, The future of beachside living is frankston. You probably live with the bogans in Frankston North - in which case yes do get out! Good. Frankston North where the homes are a litte cheaper because of the Hoons, etc. Those that write poor articles probably need to assess their own decision making and choices. I have always raised my children to understand that there are consequences for your own actions in every scenario and what you experience is of your own making. All due respect but you are not even close to the kind of professional I would seek advice from. Neater, Cleaner, Friendly & Vibrant This suburb has changed for the better, much much better infact! How found everyone to be very friendly and that old stigma Frankston used to have when you mentioned the word is slowly turning around! Eliza. great place to buy an investment property. The ONLY Bayside suburb in Melbourne that you can buy a house with a large block for under $350,000. There is a great University, Hospital and schools. would not live any where else in melbourne . Fantastic street quiet and good neighbours will be sad to leave, "Frankstons hidden gem - convenience and amenities", "Lovely neat and tidy family environment", "Lovely quiet court, surrounded by nice people. What daytime activities does the senior citizens club in Frankston run? When location is everything, Frankston has it all. You should always choose carefully the street you live on as every suburb has their nuisances! It is a suburb where a lot of really nice people live: teachers, nurses, principals. Frankston South seems to be the complete opposite of Frankston Nth. Frankston City improved so much! Not very safe. We are now finding that a lot of young professionals are moving into the area and there are good facilities for shopping and recreational pursuits and the transport system is great as well as the added attraction of the beach [a leisurely stroll of 15 mins] All in all this is a great place to live and I highly recommend the lifestyle here! Frankston is an amazing area, I've only been here 10 years, but could never go back to the suburbs. Your experience does not represent the whole suburb of Frankston. Poor. Will Frankston suffer or benefit after the Peninsula Link segment is completed? Lifestyle location with sought after schools at good value. It's always useful to hear about people's experiences and how that impacts upon their view of a particular location. I have been lived in Karingal for 11 years. Hey steady on there, no need to generalise about the residents of Frankston.

Half the price of the Peninsula and Twice the bang! Extremely safe. I never walk alone at night. which is a very small part of frankston... Also not the part I would recommend as thats where all the derro's used to live that gave frankston a bad name! Having just brought in Frankston, I am so pleased we have got in now, before its too late! U really do get a lot for your money. more police needed - ecspecially after school, near Frankston train station. The new station has really cleaned things up and the beachside areas are simply beautiful. So much to do and very liveable. There have been many changes since 20 years ago in the CBD area alone. I always thought Frankston was somewhere to avoid but it is much cleaner than it used to be and well protected, especially the beach. If you don't need to live near the CBD it's ideal. I have lived in Frankston for the past twenty years and have seen Frankston go from strength to strength.

Higher means more crime, U.S. average is 274.0. I was pleasantly surprised when i attended the open home on how friendly the neighbors and local residents were, the area encompasses a mixed bag of elderly long term residents who have raised their families and stayed on in their family homes, Tenants and owner occupy. Hopefully in time these issues will be fixed but it is nothing different to what other suburbs struggle with. Frankston High School is one of the highest performing public schools in Victoria, seems you are living in the past Sandy22, theft can happen anywhere, if you don't realise this you are plain ignorant. Great place! Bayside Shopping Centre, 9 mins drive from our place, that has everything you could ever ask. There are very little suburbs in Australia where within 2 mins you get 6 ovals, I mean seriously, the walkability (is this a word, haha?) We have owned our 'renovator's delight' in Frankston central for six years now and have seen an amazing transformation occurring throughout the City. There are 3 parks within walking distance, and I'm close to sports centres and a small pool. Do you feel safe walking alone at night in Frankston? Some parts of the older shopping centre are dated but it will soon be so cheap that a lot of developers will move in and bring it right up to speed. Today I went to specifically buy from a shop in Frankston Quayside/Bayside.

Melbourne is rated as one of the most overvalued cities in the world. The entire area seems optimistic, friendly and safe! The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual reviewer and not those of People need to be careful, i've had one too many bad experiences, tried to study here but my and my friends were continuously harassed. In 7 years we have not heard of one burglary or trouble in our neigbourhood. Discuss Frankston, Texas (TX) on our hugely popular Texas forum. Yesterday I stoped on the way through! Oh, I forgot to mention medical services, hospitals, and all the other important stuff - no having to travel 30 or 40 minutes in an emergency. Frankston ticks all the boxes for us. We inspected so many beautiful properties once I'd had my reality checked and knew what the lifestyle could offer, but at such competitive prices?! Adam, you lonely poor little boy.. Last time I drove thorugh was 15 years ago, and it was simply just that, driving through! I have lived in Frankston off and on for over 20 years. We were shocked, and the choice was then made for us - I am ashamed that I disregarded Frankston right off the bat and now enjoy a comfortable routine only 15 minutes from work in a lovely, quiet street with no qualms... We know it's only going to improve from here and they're doing so many great things in and around where we call home now. It is such a shame. I love Frankstopn South. does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of any information on this site. Frankston really is 5 different suburbs. I was disappointed that to rent in my beloved town was going to cost more than my wage, and between us we would be living on rations with no gym membership or dinners out on the town, etc. Awesome infrastructure with new peninsula link adding to the already diverse facilities.

Frankston is a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, in the local government area of the City of Frankston.


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