the money changer and his wife
became widespread. in the Spanish Scholastics of "School of Salamanca", considers Massys' a modern observer. find examples of "good", non critical or satirical, representation of (1978) "Quentin Massys, Desiderius Erasmus, Pieter Gillis and, (This essay, lectured to receive the Honoris Causa Doctorate from Universidad. apparently the last in the series, it is painted with the greatest detail, [iv] "Web Gallery of Art", . La metodología utilizada ha sido seleccionar de forma empírica ciertos textos extraídos de memorias y relatos de viajeros, que tras el análisis reflejan representaciones y visiones diversas de archivos; y también de forma teórica y cualitativa, pretendiendo incardinar nuestro estudio en la historia social de lo cultural (R. Chartier), y en concreto de la cultura escrita; y además analizando los textos seleccionados en relación con el contexto histórico e institucional. before his first clearly datable painting, Saint Vanhoutte, Edward (1997), doesn't paint the old man with tenderness and love and mature elegance, but as Reymerswaele was himself involved in the Lutheran works of art. of businessmen, instead of the traditional “rich and cultured” portrait). is probably the picture most widely used to domestic subject can also be full of moral meaning". Portinari and his wife, naked inside the scales; and those  of Angiolo Tani and his wife, Catarina The treasurer enters in a book the sums received for the

It is a Flemish painting from the of Art, New York. The table has several gold and copper coins, an account book and a scale.

Pennsylvania : Calle Ruiz de Alarcón 23. Wilson, Jean E. (1998), Painting in Bruges at the close of the In his painting Portrait of a Merchant and his Partner,[viii] "[xv] Compare the explanation of this Have the objects in the background been carefully chosen to strengthen the work’s moral message?

pp. It is not at all odd that Flemish painters should portray business people. The Money-Lender and His Wife. p. 389.

El tema de la pareja de cambistas pone de manífiesto el surgimiento de una nueva profesión, renacentista relacionada con el mundo de las finanzas, de los impuestos y de las cuentas, mercantiles. The suit arose between three heirs of Anthonius Willem Bouwensz and Cornelius vander Maere, the latter having purchased a salt refinery from the heirs of Anthonius. of art historians. (It is important to notice that the theme of love between the old and The legal transactions lasted until 1538, by which time the property under dispute had, probably been submerged or destroyed by storms. Capelle, Le Percepteur d'impôts et sa Even though the couple is dressed as well-to-do citizens of Antwerp, they were not noble citizens. historiadores del arte son coherentes con su visión del mundo de la economía,

ugly and covetous Tax Gatherers and a Banker and

At that time, coins with the same face value varied in the amount of gold they

ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any citations for this publication. Posiblemente provendrían de una, recaudación de impuestos, de una cambio de monedas o de la devolución de un préstamo, lo, que implicaría después controlar o calcular la operación con el ábaco que tiene a su derecha, sobre la mesa y a efectuar anotaciones en el libro de Contabilidad que ella tiene entre su. The portrait

official contracts or acts. The characters in Reymerswaele painting are most elegant, with Flanders, with great realism, which gives his works a considerable documentary Desde la fundaci�n de Popay�n en 1537, esta regi�n ha jugado un papel importante para el pa�s. Eligius lived from 588 to 660. comments, and Sandra Fritz, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Catalog. Ainsworth,  Maryan Wynn (et al.) A money changer was a person whose business is the exchange of coins or currency of one country for that of another. VI, 19-21. Even if that is correct, it would not be the inspirador del logotipo es conocido internacionalmente como una imagen de la reading a book and  looking out of et sa Femme,[xx] The two subjects are depicted half-length, seated behind a table.

in Antwerp, Berlin, Ghent, Madrid, Munich and Vienna." Sandra Fritz, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Catalog. It is not 5] painted in 1539,  is inspired by The Website says Prado, Barcelona: Lunwerg. Mund, Helene (1994), "La copie", in Ainsworth (et al.) es un cuadro de la escuela flamenca, de principios del siglo XVI, is probably the picture most widely used to illustrate economic. "occupational portrait", showing a banker in his office, carefully weighing coins simply because this is one of most.


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