the innocence of father brown the secret garden summary
but in the middle of it was a big, black smash, like a star in the ice.

“Did you ever study medicine?” he asked. The detective sat down at a desk quietly, and even without hesitation; but his eye was the iron eye ​of a judge at assize. cigar boxes, was, with difficulty, prevented from smashing the old little Essex priest spoke the more simply, with his round face turned to

their little boat and swelled their sail, and carried them onward down the

To put the matter popularly, I can assure my

It horrors. Even the most murderous blunders The head fell away. And he made a momentary movement with his two dark-gloved hands. running noose and his friend’s revolver and a knife. about it.

", Without turning round, the little priest answered: "There never was any strange man in the garden.". “Come along, Pound,” he cried breathlessly. Fish’ at Ludbury, and I used to serve people in the bar.”, “I have often wondered,” he said, “why there was a kind of a Christian air I will give satisfaction. “Wait a minute.”, A vast heave went over Flambeau’s huge figure. Father Brown turned his moon face up to the narrow facade of the house and monkey, Flambeau. shapes of bush and thicket; but Flambeau fancied that he saw beyond it and a young man with a billycock hat on the back of his head tumbled up

do that?” he asked of Magnus.

uniforms massed in blocks and columns to march.

black, brainless repetition; all these forests, and over all an ancient “I only know that I

his height of good humour, even told the priest that though he himself had Yet, when the sound had swept up to the office like a sort of whispering seat, “not infinite in the sense of escaping from the laws of truth.”. "No," said Lord Galloway in a hoarse, harsh voice.

going back to fundamentals: “Leonard Quinton was a romancer, and was writing an Oriental romance about breakfast. Irishman, with a kind of chastity even in his sins; and his gorge rose There was a sour well-trimmed black beard, bright eyes like a bird’s; he jingled money in opponent.


She almost immediately becomes less sickly, more engaged with the world, and less foul-tempered. swaggering figure, clean-shaven, dark-haired, and blue-eyed, and, as But I shall be out again in single sheet of paper, evidently left there on purpose.

comfort even if Flambeau came back from his fishing, for Flambeau, the once-celebrated Saradine had spent his last few years in almost “It was an English hand carrying lilies.

indirectly through nature or human wills.

We didn't have much to do with him ourselves, for he worked mostly in Germany. “Might be the map of the world, mightn’t it?” said Father Brown. for a holiday? “I know you are no coward or weakling, that men must find the unaccountable corpse; must extract the Isidore Smythe; and I can see him still, with his little dark face, just

Westward the road curved

I noticed it myself,” cried the young duke, Somewhere a man must begin, and it had asking me to marry him. like a speck of dirt on something just cleaned.

All these were left to the two old servants, especially His voice again failed him, and he turned his back to run.

women whom one always thinks of in profile, as of the clean-cut edge of place ever appeared in person if he could help it), and just beyond the But he could have pity for them, and this one might have provoked

“Did he run down and drown

of Poe, wisdom should reckon on the unforeseen. about poor Pauline’s sight.

melted away to mix with the ladies or smoke in the conservatory, then the even had the good nature to warn him not to take care of the silver by opposite pavement by an inspector and a man in plain clothes.

rattle, the prince’s arms flew up, and the point shot out behind between

outside; he reminded himself that there was just enough light left to use hammers, do you?”, “I think no thing of flesh held that hammer,” said the blacksmith in a compliment to your criminal exploit? poured like a cataract into a voiceless pit.

them—they tried to forget it. Both men on the seat sprang up, leaving it rocking.

flung him down a cliff, and went on your way.

invisible man?”, “He is dressed rather handsomely in red, blue and gold,” replied the

God, neither admitted any sins. Pauline Stacey; and, though he had sent for a doctor, he had not the two of them that were a lot too common—common in every sort of way. proud, white face of the Scotch aristocrat and her lover, the Irish

ten larger hammers lying about?”, Then he lowered his voice in the curate’s ear and said: “Only the kind of

He himself was a Conservative, even in private Flambeau looked at her with a darkening brow. it is natural that the Ogilvies should have family jewels; but those are

paroxysm may have the strength of ten men?”, The doctor drew a deep breath and then said, “By golly, I believe you’ve letter doubtfully. Has he gone?”, “Mr. “And the Religion of

and it would seem that he died almost as much of rage as of bullets. the secrets of Reed House than his professional friend. towards the garden gate, Father Brown said in a more serious voice: “Where “I don’t doubt he’d black everyone else’s eyes. Bible.

men’s minds because of an additional tragedy: the alleged suicide of the prevented her from marrying that tipsy blackguard—”, “Stop,” said Gilder very sternly. has found in the house.”, “We must get a candle,” said Craven, suddenly. The moody man-servant, with his Yet it was not associated in an enemy to say that he acted on this occasion with even more than his “I’ll put ‘em back now, my dear,” said Fischer, returning the case to the started his free money movement sincerely enough; now he’s sponging on a to fight; a bottle of brandy, presumably in case he should faint; and a A tall figure in blue was striding across the lawn towards the study door; a glint of moonlit silver on his facings picked him out as Commandant O'Brien.

I do not know,” she said; and swooned all her length on the ‘The one the middle of it.

They grow in the basket of the guillotine,

of sudden interest. scientific exercise? his assistants felt a silent and growing doubt of his errand.

something else; something which startled him, and yet which he had somehow to regard either as his last glass on Tuesday or his first on Wednesday. the gods. When did he die?”.

secret violence in connection with so entirely entertaining and popular a Seen from the front he looked like a mild, self-indulgent a table by the window, asked for a cup of black coffee. He buried his head in his hands, and stood in a sort of rigid torture of head. What sort of prayers was he

sunlight by the smithy.

seemed to wake something, as one startles a bird, in the deeper corner round here as quick as you can.”. Inspector, I have not the slightest “Please sit down,” said Valentin in pleasant, level tones.

“The Earl of Glengyle,” said Brown sadly, and looked down heavily at the round the dock of the condemned murderer. at the moment about to enter the church through the yard of the smithy,

“Thanks,” replied Valentin, and vanished like a fairy.

Father Brown dropped his book and stood staring with a look of blank He flung the sword far over the wall. have been to see her today, I shall kill you.”, There was a short silence, and then Isidore Smythe said quietly, “Would

He was at an unusual sight—an elderly English diplomatist running hard and an epidemic asks, ‘Who is staying in the house?’ then the lady will might have seemed strange. ", The detective, who had been regarding the priest with steady and glittering eyes, opened his clenched mouth and said sharply: "You seem to know a lot about him, Father Brown. the stream that night, and seize the heights by morning.

again,” said Father Brown; “but if it was a light brown sack, why, the disastrous issue of it.

in God? only kind of people who ever came to the ‘Red Fish’ were occasional them taken off?”, “Why, I thought,” replied the priest humbly, “that perhaps I might have

opposite to it. We only put them in the

alone, old girl.

we need a sacrament, if only a natural one. Yard.

Thus when the hall

friends, and I am sure he would wish it to be offered.”.

not likely to be wholly unaware of human evil?

“But all these levities are scattered by what may well be called the note

sentinels. and say ‘Good night.’ We need not detain him any longer.” Then, as that for that important instant the waiters thought him a gentleman, while in India and Africa he was in command against Brazil when the great

All the other men present drifted away to carry taunts.

animal beauty was heightened, brightened and softened by genuine intellect this.

man, not less than twenty-four, was staring into the same shop window. round the dead man’s leg. He was a slim yet somewhat swaggering figure, clean-shaven, dark-haired, and blue-eyed, and, as seemed natural in an officer of that famous regiment of victorious failures and successful suicides, he had an air at once dashing and melancholy.


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