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Here we showcase a selection of our readers, and encourage you to get involved. Here at Guardian Weekly we cherish our global community.

The Guardian Weekly editor Will Dean on the transformation of our century-old international weekly newspaper into a weekly news magazine, For almost a century, the Guardian Weekly has carried the Guardian’s liberal news voice to a global readership.

Get a round-up of the best farming and food stories across the world and keep up with our investigation as we track the impact intensive practices and meet those offering sustainable solutions to feed us all. Get out of your bubble and see things from another point of view.

© 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Sign up for Business View for weekly news and advice to help firms grow, Essential reading for SMEs, entrepreneurs, owners, employees and advisers. Newsletters may also display information about Guardian News and Media’s other products, services or events (such as Guardian Jobs or Masterclasses), chosen charities or online advertisements. The headlines, the analysis, the debate. A weekly preview of what's coming up in the Saturday Guardian and The Observer – plus competitions and discounts - delivered every Friday. The ‘non’ vote prevailed but with a reduced majority, In an age of social distancing, machines are being used for everything from cleaning to taking temperatures, This reader found the Weekly to be an ideal travelling companion, The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical concepts, Dominic Cummings: maverick or mishmash; Irish election fallout, The 27-year-old world No 9 dominated the $150,000 tournament and scored 9/11 while Magnus Carlsen prepares for three hours of speed games against rising star from Iran, A fall in commuting due to the pandemic is already prompting workers to move out of the major metropolises, Two women took Harare authorities to court to force them to reopen 42 maternity clinics, Security council resolution that many feared would weaken human rights is rejected by UK, US and other states, A compelling picture of Malcolm X’s journey from delinquent to revolutionary has a clarity that speaks volumes in the age of BLM, This ambitious, imperfect and unashamedly weird game attempts to simulate an entire population, In 1936, a school group from south London went on a hike in the Black Forest. Inside, the past seven days' most memorable stories are reframed with striking photography and insightful companion pieces, all handpicked from The Guardian and The Observer. Subscribe to the FT » The best of the week’s fashion brought to you with expertise, humour and irreverence, Entertainment delivered straight to your sofa. No tired cricket cliches, but it might bowl you over, The latest sports news, features and comment from Guardian Australia, Every genre, every era, every week. Our seven-day print edition was first published on this day in 1919, Our weekly print magazine is celebrating a century of news. And, to save a bit more cash, you can also try a four week trial for just £1. Subscribe to a clearer, global perspective on the issues shaping our world. Sign up and we’ll let you know whenever there's a new cartoon to see. Be part of the European conversation and keep track of what’s exciting the region as our international contributors share their views, hopes and challenges. Join us for news, views and advice on everything from course choices to gender politics, from student societies to tips for tenants. Guardian Students We lift the lid on student life. The Guardian Weekly takes time to review the previous seven days of news, giving you a considered perspective on major world events. Guardian Students is the space for students in further and higher education to share their views and advice.

Sign up to our newsletter below for highlights from the website each month. Plus we’ll bring you seasonal eating inspiration from our archive and our must-read restaurant reviews. Subscribe to The Guardian Weekly and enjoy seven days of international news in one magazine with free worldwide delivery. Subscription offers for students from this newspaper change regularly, but right now you can get a digital subscription for just £2.95 per week. Guardian Weekly at 100. Get the latest from the Guns and Lies in America series. We lift the lid on student life. Catch up on the fun stuff with this rundown of must-reads, pop culture, trends and tips for the weekend – from Guardian Australia's culture and lifestyle editors.

Available for everyone, funded by readers. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Catch up on the week’s teaching news and highlights from our network, plus the pick of Guardian Jobs listings for educators. Join our community of readers – and get involved in the conversations that matter to students. The Guardian Weekly magazine is a round-up of the world news, opinion and long reads that have shaped the week. Get a weekly taste of our best food writing, including the latest recipes from our star cooks. Get updates on our two-year series as we cover the challenges facing national parks, forests, deserts, coral reefs and seamounts. We hand-pick the best TV and box sets to binge on, games to get lost in - plus podcasts, books, music and more. As well as the the most recent edition of Guardian Weekly you can search for and access archive copies of the newspaper. The Guardian Editions app, Premium access to The Guardian Live app and ad-free reading on Square ones are better, Guardian Weekly letters, 28 February 2020, Chess: Wesley So wins US title unbeaten as Hikaru Nakamura's run ends tamely, The great rebalancing: working from home fuels rise of the 'secondary city', Study reveals world’s most walkable cities, Tell us about your favourite inner city outdoor spaces in the UK, Joggers and drinkers: what a day in the life of a Leeds park tells us about modern Britain, From garden streets to bike highways: four ideas for post-Covid cities – visualised, 'Lives have been lost': Pregnant women in Zimbabwe forced to pay bribes when giving birth, Russia loses UN vote over women's rights in conflict zones, Women Deliver racism investigation verdict described as a 'slap in the face', Russia makes bid to water down UN commitments on women's rights in conflict, Yemen on brink of losing entire generation of children to hunger, UN warns, EU accused of abandoning migrants to the sea with shift to drone surveillance, Satellite imagery of Aden indicates scale of pandemic in Yemen, ‘Old and unsafe’ cars sent to developing world fuelling air pollution, report finds, The Dead Are Arising by Les Payne and Tamara Payne review – the radical ascent of Malcolm X, Watch Dogs Legion review – fight fascism in a futuristic London, Not a Novel by Jenny Erpenbeck – refreshingly frank and incisive, A new website for independent bookshops is just what the industry needs, Oscar Wilde graphic novel reimagines author’s life in exile, Life during wartime: how west Belfast became the frontline of the Troubles, The fatal hike that became a Nazi propaganda coup – podcast, 'Try again next time': my three visa rejections, Vienna shooting: what we know so far about the attack, Tuesday briefing: America votes – and the world holds its breath, Fault in NHS Covid app meant thousands at risk did not quarantine, At least 54 killed in Ethiopia massacre, says Amnesty, T-cell Covid immunity 'present in adults six months after first infection', Russia's 'Sausage King' killed in Moscow in crossbow attack, China changes school curriculum to reflect Beijing's positive Covid narrative. The Guardian Weekly - A week in the life of the world. Explore all our newsletters: whether you love film, football, fashion or food, we’ve got something for you. Here’s how it covered the Apollo 11 landings; Northern Ireland’s Bloody Sunday; Hillsborough; the fall of the Berlin Wall and Rwanda’s genocide, Our weekly print news magazine is celebrating its centenary. Despite the heroic rescue attempts of German villagers, five boys died.

Expect original, sustainable ideas and reflection from designers and crafters, along with clever, beautiful products for smarter living, Uncover unconventional destinations and rediscover old favourites - let our travel editors guide you to trips worth taking, A weekly hit of style with substance. * Subscription will renew automatically, you can cancel at any time by contacting [email protected]

Weekly bulletin for professionals working in public services, with insight on issues including innovation and tech, policy, practice and joint working. We’ll deliver the day’s news and gossip in our own belligerent, sometimes intelligent and — very occasionally — funny way, Rugby union’s big stories, latest action and gossip from behind the scenes, News, rumour and humour from the world of cricket. whether you love film, football, fashion or food, we’ve got something for you. The Guardian’s newsletters include content from our website, which may be funded by outside parties. Keep up with today’s pressing issues in the US with the Guardian’s American edition of the opinion email, Each week, Arwa Mahdawi recaps the most important stories on feminism and sexism, An evening selection of the best reads from Guardian Opinion in Australia, Love First Dog? We look back at her first three years, The South Pacific nation went to a referendum for a second time in two years on Sunday. Observer Food Monthly serves up the tastiest culinary news, tips, offers, recipes and competitions, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Guardian Students is the space for students in further and higher education to share their views and advice. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Join the debate every afternoon and you might even change your mind.

Enjoy specially curated insights and analysis from the Guardian, the Observer … America's public lands are under threat. Join us for news, views and advice on everything from course choices to gender politics, from student societies to tips for tenants.

All rights reserved. Get music news, bold reviews and unexpected extras emailed direct to you from the Guardian’s music desk, Our film editors recap the day’s insider news and our latest reviews, plus big name interviews and film festival coverage, Kick back and relax on a Sunday with our weekly email full of literary delights.

It offers a unique blend of international news, politics and comment, drawing on the considerable editorial resources of the Guardian, with selected features from the Observer, the Washington Post and Le …


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