the game: towards zero drama

The synopsis looks very good. To be honest this drama was good thanks to lim ju hwan . welcone back oppa, Dosheyan Jul 13 2019 2:08 pm ABC Feb 07 2020 6:05 am Fajrina Mar 29 2020 1:19 pm I feel like they still hold back their emotions as actors. Boy, you just never know what's going to happen in this drama.


So... they have all the information now. W4GRB.query_url=new Array();

I think the pathologist is the murderer, because he's way of burying his victims are similar of him as a pathologist. 3 & 4, it looks like the script is going down the drain. Everyone needs to stop saying this drama is dragging.

I love this drama.

The dramatic effect are too much though the plot are just so so. All rights reserved.

Despite his special ability, he is a bright person.

Good stuff. About | Privacy policy | Contact | Deals | Partners, New Episodes 'Available Across the Americas'. He shd be cast aa a lead role.

Still got 3 episodes left, I want this to end soon. “no matter how good you are, you gonna die infront of the police”, Who wouldn't be frustrated if he was told he was going to die in front of the police? Lets see who will be the female lead, It's not 2pm now Jul 08 2019 8:56 pm Unless there’s like a real twist and some unknown factor revealed in the upcoming episodes... I’m afraid the second half of the drama will simply be occupied by (unrealistic) police incompetence and repetitive interactions.

And maybe the reason why he cannot see the death of the girl because maybe the girl is the reason of taecyon's death in the scene where the death of taecyon where he is holding a necklace, where the necklace might be came from that girl. His father was accused of being a murderer, when he reported to police they didn't believe him, the reporter who kept chase him since he was a kid, his mother left him, when he wants to live as a good person the people around him keep teasing him and said This drama is not even as bad as everyone in the comments is mentioning.... Kiznaiver713 Mar 23 2020 7:23 am no dna in 17 girl nails? While Tae-Pyeong helps the police with the investigation, he is stunned when he meets Detective Joon-Young (Lee Yeon-Hee). He sees the vision about his death too. the detective so stupid until they don't know about chamber secret in inspection Ko Do Kyung house, they had a chance to shoot ko do kyung -when the girl detective face to face with him & in the roof top in case he's not push the button- but i really really gave Lim Ju Hwan standing aplause for his natural acting and making the drama vibes and ambient more dark. Drama: The Game: Towards Zero Country: South Korea Episodes: 32 Aired: Jan 22, 2020 - Mar 12, 2020 Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday Original Network: MBC Content Rating: 15+ - …

WTF !!! zzz Feb 06 2020 11:44 pm My taec yeon never seize to amaze me.

Pftt. Taecyeon was not so into his role and i couldnt feel the emotion towards his acting. Lim ju hwan is evil..i know it he always plays the evil person lol, Nia K. Haryanto Feb 06 2020 7:50 pm The actors are really good though. A girl is kidnapped and her disappearance may involve the notorious Midnight Killer.

I will wait until the last episode and watch only that. Not to mention ep 9-10 basically a recap and the scene was always been played in each episode. Am a fan of his since Let's fight Ghost.Looking forward to this one. Tae-Pyeong (TaecYeon) has a prophet like ability. Why must he acted alone and not just tell the detective everything. This show is not available in your region. The sad look of Tae Pyung, turned into anger", will be the twist plot?? the acting of leads isn't really bad like what people said.

She is the first person that he can't foresee their death.

his past is really hurtful to the point makes him taking such measures to take revenge. Overall, a solid 7, for Lim Ju-Hwan's acting and the plot save the film, xxabixx May 19 2020 4:03 am He should get an award for his role. Download Drama Korea The Game Towards Zero Subtitle Indonesia.

I really can’t wait to watch this next week ❤️ ❤️. The Game: Toward 0 o'clock Before doing chest press, airway should be opened first, check for breathing and combined chest press with delivering rescue breath. He should have draw a picture of the actual killer... @Blunt Feb 06 2020 4:46 am Wasn't doing they job! Please Don’t Be Incompetent Feb 13 2020 8:36 am However, the ability of him doesn't work on Joon Young who is a detective at the Violent Crimes Department of Central Police Station. Tae-Pyeong lives in a mansion with Teacher Baek (Jeong Dong-Hwan) and Attorney Lee Yeon-Hwa (Ryu Hye-Rin).

Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Keep up the good work. Finished this drama so wan to write some of my opinion on this drama. you choosed the wrong scrip, Taec... T.T.

i don't say i can feel his pain, i agree him being a victim, but ever since he murders a person, he already becomes a perpetrator.

Karma. Also the way they build up their relationship is too cringe, which make me sometime wonder if they were really in love with each others or not.

32 episodes - Wed, Thu 20:55 (2x35min episodes per day) Synopsis "The Game: Towards Zero" is about a prophet named Tae-pyeong who sees the moment right before death and a homicide detective named Joon-yeong getting embroiled in a mysterious series of murders. Okay, I'm curios!! First, Lim Ju Hwan is Daebak!! Tags: The Game: Towards Zero drama 2020 kdrama romance drama mystery drama online free.

Camera close up for 20 minutes still no answer !!!

He didn't work for any bussines corp or make any consultation It aired on MBC TV from January 22 to March 12, 2020.[2][3][4]. This drama has so much potential but somehow it went plain. Why did she do exactly what he told her not to do so now look where she is, that's just stupid.

[warning! or am I mistakenly saw it?

His role was a success . so please, wait me ??


All the scenes between tae pyung and joon young for me a bit plain . Pfftt... Fiza Feb 09 2020 5:19 am He sees the vision about his death too. Lee Yeon hee i Miss you, TaecJung Aug 03 2019 7:55 pm Tae Pyung was born with the ability to see how one will die and what will happen to them right before the death when he looks them in the eye. Meanwhile, Tae Pyung finds it strange as he cannot see the vision about Joon Young's death only. 2/3 years for rape/pedophiles, 5/7 years for multiple murders, 13 years for small time thieves/embezzlement, life sentence for unproved/falsely accused crimes and death penalty for old women who killed lifetime abusers in self-defense. When he looks into someone's eye, he can see the moment right before they die.

The Game: Towards Zero The Game: Towards Zero Subtitle Indonesia. Fierce with criminal but considerate with the victim and their family. gi Apr 10 2020 8:18 am

I was very excited that this is Taecyon's come back drama BUT i dont know why it keeps disappointing me..and boring me. i don't know why people say bad things about this drama but i think it's great. Maybe because I'm not watch thriller much but also because how good this drama is. 7.5/10, Tai May 14 2020 10:10 pm mia Dec 23 2019 6:18 am He's dad know the answer why he cannot see the girl's death and maybe also, the reason why he is blind right now. I don't understand why does in kdramas they love to show the stupidity of s. korea detectives. I am super excited.

And seriously, does the male lead just brush off the fact that he’s gonna be the cause of female lead and not even hesitant to work together ? Sweemeys Jan 23 2020 11:56 pm i was waiting for plot twist, but i think it will not come. Jared Feb 07 2020 6:18 am He knows the "prophet" can see the clock on the table, but never has the idea of setting the clock to the wrong time, in order to mislead the police. He soon gets filled with fear, and finally, he's faced with the truth that he couldn't discover.

While Tae-Pyeong helps the police with the investigation, he is stunned when he meets Detective Joon-Young (Lee Yeon-hee).

What actually all the police detectives do ?

Ron Mar 20 2020 8:11 pm Mystery, serial murder cases ?? Hooked by the acting, writing, and filming. A must watched drama. Ron Mar 10 2020 2:25 pm

I think taecyon acting has improved so much.and chemistry btw him n lead female is good.storyline so far so good, Jjevoc Jan 30 2020 3:55 am dani Dec 31 2019 12:33 am The Game: Towards Zero: Episodes 11-12 by LollyPip. Not knowing what this might imply, he tries to avoid her. If this is even a slight representation of the real world, we need some serious reformations real fast.


Hang dong woo guy is very suspicious it might be a twist later on. Deo Geim: 0shireul Hyanghayeo BionicDreamer Jan 22 2020 5:54 pm

I also think you can’t change fate and if you do something worse will happen to the victim and probably involve more people. klover Feb 07 2020 2:45 am melodrama; She is the first person that he can't foresee their death.

He partners with Detective Joon Young to solve the string of murders. While furiously moving like a crazy person here hahahahahha. Feb 28 2020 9:16 am The female lead are pathetic to just willing depend on male lead although she’s a police officer who got experience.

W4GRB.average_rating[1]=88; The girl cd hv been saved if taecwon has given photo on time. Im Joo Hwan Goo Do Kyung / "Four Weeks" / Jo Hyun Woo Main Role For example, the "prophet" sees the killer's face in a vision. The following The Game: Towards Zero Episode 10 English SUB has been released.

The Game: Towards Zero trailer: Comments. The male lead ? yes he is a serial killer but who tore his life in shatters to begin with? Taepyung x Joonyoung's scene is really like moment of breathing in this fast-paced beautiful crafty plot-twisted drama. I just fast forward when I'm watching cause there's nothing new anyway, same repetitive script. of "The Game: Towards Zero" were really fantastic, and I respect all the actors, but now that I've watched eps. Amazing camera work with amazing cast and detail story, also mood BGM that made you glue on screen. Drama: The Game: Towards Zero; Country: South Korea ; Episodes: 32; Aired: Jan 22, 2020 - Mar 12, 2020; Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday; Original Network: MBC; Duration: 30 min. From Seo Joon-Young's point of view, Koo Do-Kyung is not nobody. But i guess that's who they are, i feel like they would have limited roles to play if they dont go out of their comfort zones.

The plot Is dragging on too much and I’m tired of it. The Game Welcome back Oppa... Can't wait for your drama. Because quite honestly, they could very easily just wrap everything up... plenty of evidence for both serial killer and Mi Jin’s case. But of course, I was kind of dissapointed about how the story focused on. He might be related to the main lead. } Kunur Apr 10 2020 2:42 am

they were the innocent ones.

His brain was warped by his hard childhood, trying to explain his actions is useless. So much excited for this drama, MBC the best!!!!! Itoy Apr 11 2020 9:03 am super cute in marriage blue hopefully she won't dip on him again lol, Hyun bin Aug 05 2019 3:36 pm anf Apr 06 2020 4:14 am im ju hwan really shows those painful, hurtful, loneliness feeling his character has. Koo Do-Kyung is more the victim than the villain. You're reading the news with potential spoilers, make them spoiler free, dismiss, View all 479 pictures for "The Game: Towards Zero", The Game: Towards Zero (더 게임:0시를 향하여) - Drama, Yup , lim ju hwan just save my time.

Episode 9-10 was literally a half an hour recap.... that footage time... not sure whether that was worth that footage time... deb Feb 06 2020 10:40 pm


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