terraria npc stairs
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Town NPC home assignments can be rearranged using NPC flags from the housing menu, where players can also check whether a room is a suitable house. Fixed bugs with the sign / NPC chat display again. For the purpose of calculating distances below, the position of an NPC's home tile is considered instead of the NPC itself, unless the NPC is homeless in which case its actual position is considered. A housing area can be created where all the NPCs can have their biome-specific items: During a Blood Moon, all female NPCs except the, The only NPC interactions required to reach the defeat of the. Yes Smart cursor can be used to place stairs without having to hammer the platforms into the correct state.

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1 Wood Platforms are an alternative to blocks that can be walked on, but which also allow movement through the space they occupy. Added an option that will pause the game while talking to an NPC in single player. The Old Man does not move into a house, but rather remains near the Dungeon's entrance, and respawns the following day if killed (while Skeletron has not yet been defeated). Is there any way to build stairs where they can either climb them or walk past them? Are there any background walls which are immune to explosives? In the following situations, the top acts as a solid block: Any burrowing monster trying to dig through it. An NPC-proof door. Wood Platform94 Hybrid biomes are not considered, meaning that biomes are evaluated according to priority, with the highest-priority biome the player is in being chosen as the current biome. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Only one platform can occupy a single block space, so you cannot have top and bottom platforms in the same space. These reductions are usually overridden by events like Blood Moons or Goblin Invasions, during which spawn rates return to normal or are elevated, and enemies will once again attack players and NPCs in the area. They cannot be attached directly to the background of the dirt or stone underground layers, since the backdrops of these areas don't count as "walls". Crafted At Players can use Wood Platforms to build an arena to effectively fight many bosses, as projectiles pass through them, striking the boss while offering plenty of vertical and horizontal space for the player to maneuver in.


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