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Nous avons résolu ce problème en concevant le GSD pour se garer verticalement, de sorte qu'il occupe à peu près autant d'espace qu'une plante en pot - parfait pour les appartements urbains et les ascenseurs. The updated frame geometry with a slacker seat tube angle and higher handlebars also means the GSD doesn't just fit—it's more comfortable too. Just plug it in and you're good to go. Nous pensons que le GSD vous aidera à laisser votre voiture plus souvent qu'autrement. No worries. © 2011 - 2020 Mobility Holdings, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Equipped with Bosch dual-battery technology, the GSD is wired from the get-go to accommodate two batteries—meaning you can get a second battery when you're really sure you need it, without having to worry about rewiring your bike. Carry two little ones in child seats and watch as they grow into (and out of) the Clubhouse. Built-in dual-battery technology lets you ride all day, while space-saving features like FlatFold and Vertical Parking make the GSD incredibly easy to own and use. We reserve the right to make component changes without prior notification, which may cause discrepancies with the information listed on the web. Tern’s flagship utility e-bike GSD has been setting the benchmark for ultra-convenient utility/cargo e-bikes since 2017. A super-premium internally geared hub with lighting-fast electronic shifting. With a faster folding system, and stronger components. Updated frame geometry makes the GSD comfier for riders of all sizes. Expected delivery is … Loading heavy cargo or kids on and off a bike can be tricky business, so we created the Atlas Lockstand. Sign up for updates below. Suspension seatpost and premium lighting system. A one-touch high/low beam puts even more light at your fingertips.

Assistance électronique au toucher naturel avec jusqu'à 85 Nm de couple et 400% de soutien. À l'arrière d'une fourgonnette ou d'un petit SUV, sans avoir besoin d'installer un porte-vélos. Les situations de conduite quotidiennes soumettent les vélos cargo à un stress énorme. in the back of a minivan or small SUV, no heavy-duty rack required. Here are the best ways to carry kids of different ages, or even adults. Nous vous dirons tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur la façon dont nous testons nos vélos - de ce que nous faisons en interne à la façon dont nous collaborons avec des laboratoires réputés comme EFBE pour trouver les faiblesses de nos conceptions. So it likely won’t be a surprise that the new bike is really good: everything that was likable about the original bike is still there. Nous utiliserons les informations que vous fournissez sur ce formulaire pour être en contact avec vous. Le GSD réduit sa taille à un tiers de son volume en quelques secondes. Un vélo qui peut supporter autant de choses nécessite une capacité de freinage sérieuse, et ces freins sont efficaces. Everyday riding situations place cargo bikes under enormous amounts of stress.

Il vous permettra de transporter deux enfants ainsi que des produits d'épicerie, ou beaucoup de marchandises, mais c'est la même longueur qu'un vélo ordinaire. e-bikes, electric bicycles and folding bikes by Tern Bicycles. Smooth, silent, clean, durable, and maintenance-free—so you can spend more time riding and less time cleaning and lubing your bike chain.

The frame has been beefed up considerably: the main tubes are now internally reinforced and the bike is rated for a 200kg load. Vous avez vraiment une grosse charge? With the ability to fit two child seats, the two GSD models from Tern offer a real green alternative for the school run. Custom-designed to withstand the 200 kg max gross vehicle weight of the GSD. La technologie intégrée à double batterie vous permet de rouler toute la journée. Ajoutez les Side Kick Wide Decks pour plus d'espace et encore plus de capacité de charge. The 2020 Tern GSD electric cargo bike is the premier option in the growing market of alternative transport vehicles. Tern would have to do quite a lot of work to make the next-generation GSD into a bad bike, considering how good their first effort was. Min: 690 mm (27.2") Max: 1120 mm (44.1"), Tern GSD, 7005-Al, patented MultiTruss design, Tern GSD, 1.5" Taper, Boost Thru-axle, 110 mm, 7005-AL, Tern Physis 3D (G2), 3D forged, 5 patented technologies, 12°, 290 mm, Tern Andros (G2), adjustable, forged construction, patented technology, Tern Flux Pro Taper, 1.5", angular contact bearings, Physis integrated, Tern Sweep, 27 degrees, 6061-AL, Tern Andros adapted, Magura MT5, 4-piston hydraulic disc, 180 mm rotor, Tern Atlas, Boost thru-axle, Syntace X-12 standard, ebike reinforced design, Tern Atlas, ultra wide 36 mm, dual reinforced joint, Tern x Schwalbe Super Moto-X, 62-406, Green Guard puncture protection, Reflex, Tern GSD custom, forged 6061-AL DH crankarm, 10 spd, DHT for eBike, GST corrosion resistant coating, Urban with non-slip surface, sealed bearings, Jagwire LEX-SL, slick treatment, alloy ferrules, Bosch Performance, 36 V/250 W, max speed 25 kph (EU); max speed 20 mph (US), max torque 63 Nm, Bosch Dual Battery system, 400wh or 900wh, Bosch Purion, 4 mode selectable, walk assist, 400 Wh: 50-110 km (31-68 mi), 500 Wh: 60-140 km (37-87 mi), 900 Wh: 110-250 km (68-155 mi), Tern Valo Direct, integrated, 41 lux/150 lumens, Bosch dual-battery system (400Wh or 900 Wh) for a range of up to 250 km, Magura® MT5 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, Custom 62 mm Schwalbe® Super Moto-X tires with puncture protection, Wide range of accessories, including the Cargo Hold Panniers, Andros stem for handlebar height and reach adjustments, Fits two Thule Yepp Maxi child seats, or one Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi seat—no adapters needed. The advent of electric bikes has opened a wide variety of uses, and the GSD is the king of the hill. Our ecosystem of accessories includes a wide range of cargo-carrying gear designed to keep your loads secure and stable for wobble-free hauling. Touted as the bike that grows with the family, the GSD offer’s enough customization to suit the needs of the 21st-century family, and geometry of one size fits most. Equipped on GSDs with the LX package. Our ecosystem of passenger-carrying accessories fits your family—now, and five years from now.

Since it's located on the frame itself (and not the fork), you can load it up without sacrificing proper steering. Inscrivez-vous aux mises à jour ci-dessous. Tern’s flagship utility e-bike GSD has been setting the benchmark for ultra-convenient utility/cargo e-bikes since 2017. Nous considérons qu'il est de notre responsabilité de vous transporter, vous et votre famille, en toute sécurité, c'est pourquoi nous avons rigoureusement testé le cadre et la fourche du GSD. Automatically downshifts as you come to a standstill—perfect for stop-and-go traffic. © 2011 - 2020 Mobility Holdings, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Un faisceau haut / bas à une touche met encore plus de lumière à portée de main. Doux, silencieux, propre, durable et sans entretien - vous pouvez donc passer plus de temps à rouler et moins de temps à nettoyer et à lubrifier votre chaîne de vélo.

Still, there are times when using a car and a GSD together is the best solution. They can quickly bring a fully loaded GSD to a strong, confident stop. Pour réussir le Tri-Test, le cadre GSD a dépassé 10 fois les cycles et 3 fois les forces d'un cadre de vélo typique. We'll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about how we test our bikes—from what we do in-house to how we partner with reputable labs like EFBE to find weaknesses in our designs. [...] You just grab your keys and hop on the bike: everything that you need is already there. A powerful motor that's cut out for heavy loads and hilly roads. Un moteur puissant conçu pour les charges lourdes et les routes vallonnées. La potence Andros unique vous permet de changer la hauteur et l'angle du guidon en quelques secondes et sans outils, créant une position de conduite confortable, que vous soyez grand ou petit. The best-in-class Atlas Lockstand features unique Auto Lock and Remote Unlock features for safe and simple loading and unloading.

By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. Veuillez cocher la case ci-dessous pour nous autoriser à vous contacter par e-mail. © 2011 - 2020 Mobility Holdings, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Équipé des GSD S00 et R14. An upgraded version of the original GSD, this bike is perfect for those looking for the ultimate in urban transportation, without the bulky size of most cargo bikes.

[Tern] has just launched an updated version of its family-friendly GSD, promising a sturdier frame, easier step-through geometry and a few new bells and whistles. The added stiffness prevents side-to-side motion, even when heavily loaded. Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seatpost for an extra-cushy ride. Les lower decks intégrés et robustes offrent un support intégré pour le chargement et les pieds des passagers. Rentrer à la maison après la tombée de la nuit ou par mauvais temps? Having spent so much time on the previous generation, I’ll say that all of these changes are music to my ears. These electro assist bikes might be small and nimble, but can also hold a fair amount of delivery stock and could be part of the answer to making high street shops more accessible.Read more, The days of using bikes exclusively for recreation are over. The frame has been beefed up considerably: the main tubes are now internally reinforced and the bike is rated for a 200kg load. And now the company has just announced the new Tern GSD G2, the latest iteration of the GSD with significant updates to the design.Read more, When you go out to drive your car, all you need is your keys. Fixez les racks avant à l'aide du robuste support combo. Tous les modèles GSD sont désormais équipés du moteur Bosch Cargo Line, qui fournit jusqu'à 85 Nm de couple pour une conduite douce et naturelle, et un soutien de 400% pour affronter les pentes graves. When you go out to drive your car, all you need is your keys. Make the most of the frame-integrated rear rack's enormous strength and the robust Combo Mount for front cargo accessories. The rugged Integrated Lower Decks offer built-in support for cargo and passengers' feet. The GSD has an adjustable cockpit that resizes in seconds and without tools to fit riders 150 - 195 cm tall (4'11" - 6'5"), so you can easily share it with your family. And now the company has just announced the new Tern GSD G2, the latest iteration of the GSD with significant updates to the design. Compatible with Thule, Burley, and Weber trailers, no adapters needed. Always on, day or night, with enhanced side visibility. A bike that can carry this much calls for some serious stopping ability, and these brakes deliver. La géométrie du cadre mise à jour avec un angle de tube de selle plus lâche et un guidon plus haut signifie également que le GSD ne s'adapte pas seulement, il est également plus confortable.


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