tenaya masai vs anasazi pink

My understanding is that they're very comparable. The fit is absolutely glove-like, and this is coming from someone who no longer crams his feet into the smallest possible size. https://darkventures.co.uk/shop?olsPage=products%2Funparallel-lace-lv, I actually linked the LV there but here is the regular fit: https://darkventures.co.uk/shop?olsPage=products%2Funparallel-lace. Same size in TC-Pro and Kataki.

Once we get into slopers (and I originally got my Oasi’s for climbing on Grit) the shoe goes from being merely great to absolutely ridiculous.

Where to start? Additionally, does anyone have any advice regarding the stretch of Tenaya shoes? Tenaya circa 1 size down from street. Tenaya Masai.

Unparallel rubber. Former UK 8.5 (pink) is now UK 9.5 (for me). Full size up too! They are soft, comfortable and don’t take months to break in, perfect for beginners! The Tenaya Masai arrived also from Spain (fast). The upper is entirely synthetic, utilising a similar microfibre to that used by Evolv and Five Ten, whilst the lining is an antibacterial cotton. We DO NOT offer in-store purchase, only Click & Collect. United Kingdom. Free Shipping over £60, Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Max SV Regular (2019), Black Diamond HoodWire Quickpack 12cm (2019), By Pete O'Donovan | Oasi image courtesy of Tenaya. I have some Pinks in 8.5 which I thought were a perfect fit when I bought them, but have since stretched a tad too much, so I think a size 8 would have been better. I had to go a full size up in the new pinks. All the latest deals, new releases, blog articles and more. Settled with 9.5 (usually 8.5) They definitely feel narrower. Far better to go for a dedicated company like Tenaya that seem genuinely committed to raising the bar in terms of climbing shoe quality. Here, in no particular order are the 10 best rock climbing shoes for beginners! Maybe the Unparallel is a bit more stiff and less sensitive then the Tenaya Masia which is form wise very close to the former Pink’s, hopefully better. So if you can give an idea that will help a lot if I decide to mail order. £15.00 Close.

The firm was founded by Jose' Luis Garcia Gallego who has established numerous first ascents some of which are on the big walls of Fitz Roy and El Capitan, where he has established six first ascents. It’s good to have a sense of size direction because I have to mail order different sizes. ? It is a superbly balanced all rounder which copes equally well with the changing features of more technical routes, be it sharp crimps, sloping edges or smears. Sorry, this product is out of stock. A relatively narrow toe box is partnered by a low volume fit from heel to toe. Tenaya Ra might be another alternative. 154.95 $ rigidity. Btw ropes and the rest of Mammut is very ok. I am very anxious how sticky the rubber is and how size wise they do. Close. What I want to say is that even subtle changes in the design or material can make big difference or can’t be done at a price. I ordered three sizes to try. Thank you, yes Fashion is the word! (if i own a 42.5 VCS, should a 42.5 pink fit well (they don't have the lace version in climbing stores near me so i … Will order Tenaya Masai as an good alternative to the Pinks. That is actually my only beef with the UP-lace.. not quite pointy enough! Unparallel seems to know what they are doing. These are durable and might last longer than other shoes, taking you confidently from beginner to intermediate.

Assuming the fit and feel are similar, do you find the rubber to be as good as the 5.10 stuff? Great shoe for narrow feet and a very close replacement for the old "Pinks". May be Paul Sagar has an answer to your question. Muira’s VC and lace 8.5 UK. Quite a few shops seem to have new stocks of Pinks in now. Just like the Five Ten Moccasym the Scarpa Instinct is another soft shoe that you won’t need to break in. As befitting a ‘mid-range’ shoe, the Masai feels very well balanced. But no they don’t ship outside the US. I love 5:10 because their rubber is solid, you can stick to anything and in the Rogue you can also walk comfortably between routes in your local gym. The Tenaya Masai is the best selling shoe for the company and for good reason.

3.5. The fit is a little on the slim side, so Hobbit-footed climbers may need to look elsewhere (Tenaya produce several wider-fitting models) but in practice Masais seem to fit more people than not. ?Does any one know if the Anasazi Pink are coming back. However, through a combination of high visibility on the European circuit — Josune Bereziartu (first woman to climb 9a), Ramón Juliàn (prolific competition climber and 9th grader) and Alex Megos (new German wonderkind) — all wear Tenaya, and pretty decent performance for more mortal enthusiasts, Tenaya are finally becoming a force to reckon with. Although they’ve been around since the mid-nineties, Tenaya rock shoes have perhaps been a little slow go gain acceptance in the UK market, especially with brands such as Five Ten, Scarpa, La Sportiva and Boreal already being so well-established.

But the description sounds more like a white. Slightly stiffer, a bid more edgy too? All sizes including half sizes will be in the U.K. next week , I'm still holding on to hope that they reintroduce the Anasazi Guide - by the time I found out they'd been dropped it was too late to stock up on spare pairs, To bad I have also given up on the Guide Tennies like many others.


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